Have you been naughty or nice?

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas. Especially in our Hanbury Street window. 
It's that time of the year when Santa is finalising his lists. You know, the naughty one, the nice one. And because babies are booming and there are more of us than ever, how is the big guy meant to keep track of us all? 
So of course Santa came to us to ask for our help. And who are we to say no? Introducing: the NAUGHTY-OR-NICE-O-METER. The only machine in the world that scans your body, reviews your year and tells you if you've been NAUGHTY or NICE. 
For those of you passing the agency between now and when Santa sets off on his worldwide tour this Christmas Eve, come take a sneak peek at which list he's put you on. It's never too late to influence his decision. Maybe. 
Merry Christmas, one and all.

‘Tis the season for giving (isn’t it?)

On Thursday 3rd December we will play host to YTFN - that's the youth offshoot of The Funding Network – for spot of charity crowd-funding.
YTFN is a group that holds regular events in London featuring free booze, good-hearted folk and the opportunity to hear fantastic pitches from youth-orientated charities followed by crowdfunding, as those present donate to the organisations that have impressed them the most.
W+Ker Will is on the YTFN committee so is set to bring the next event to Hanbury Street where we'll be hearing pitches from Charis CoachesFind My Style and Reaching Higher.
Tickets to the event here at W+K London are available here.
Entry is £10 which includes booze (kindly provided by Kernel Brewery), nibbles and your first £10 to pledge.
If you haven't experienced the feeling of euphoria you get after getting slightly trollied and pledging £75 to a wonderful charity who've just bowled you over with their dynamite pitch then you need to try this.

On set with Honda in Kiev

We've already blogged about out latest work for Honda but please indulge us as we share some imagery from the making of 'Ignition'. 

Our team had an unforgettable experience working with our friends at Honda. 

We set up home in the Ukraine for a fortnight, shooting on the Podolsko-Voskresenskiy bridge in Kiev. 

These shots, captured by our very own Honda GAD, Nick Owen, depict the action from 'behind the scenes'.



The bridge of dreams:


Jenson looks focused as he prepares for lift off:


Soichiro Honda’s famous quote emblazoned on a helmet – ‘Without racing there is no Honda’:


Anti-gravity effect to the max: 


We built a custom studio on the bridge to shoot each night:


Scott, James, Nick and ASIMO relax between shots:

4 guys

We teamed up with Somesuch and Radioaktive to produce the spot, directed by the lovely Aoife McArdle:


And here are some portraits from the shoot… 





Other face



New Starters

Although the year is coming to an end, we're still welcoming some lovely newbies into our W+K family.

Victoria Smith

A big hello to Victoria Smith. She's joined us a Creative Producer. She has some ace fun facts: she once had a make up brush thrown at her by Naomi Campbell and has partied with Beyonce and Jay-Z without even realising it!


This is Flore Segal. She arrives by way of Unilever's brand strategy team and the Miami ad school. Things to know about her: she's French, speaks five languages and has an impressive array of creative-crafty skills… sculpting bronze statues, sewing, upholstering and antiquing furniture. Welcome!

We've also had a couple of freelancers take the plunge and go permanent in the last week. Hurrah.


Miles has taken the aforementioned leap having freelanced here on and off for the past seven years. Yes, seven years! He's now a welcome addition to the Design department. 

Indy Basra

Finally, Indy Basra. Another new permanent member of studio after a little freelance stint. He's previously worked at TBWA and Saatchi & Saatchi. A fun fact: he is a big Arnold Schwarznegger fan and does a mean Arnie impression.


To build on our latest campaign for Three, #SingItKitty, some of the great minds have created something we think is quite special: our very own #TapItKitty web app.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 20.07.00

Built from open-source code, the app celebrates one of the most popular and addictive mobile games of recent memory, showcasing Three's feline star in 8-bit glory.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 20.07.34

Some of us are ranking up high scores of, err, 9, although the current agency record is an impressive 118, held by Interactive Producer, Dom Felton, although he looks to have a few challengers.

To try it out for yourself, head over to www.tapitkitty.co.uk. Game on.

A whirlwind week

This week we welcomed the lovely Leah to spend a week with us, giving up some of her precious summer holiday before going into her final A level year. This is her own account of the last five days in E1:

Approaching the office door early on Monday morning was certainly daunting but the tantalising aromas of toast, toast and… toast put me at ease. Alex and Nicola warmly introduced themselves and I was later given a tour of the office which, at first sight, looked like an art exhibition. It’s that cool.


This past week has been filled with meetings for Cravendale, Finlandia, Honda and a top secret new business project. However my most memorable moment was going to Wave Studios with Matt and Ray for the voice recording of the new 3 advert as part of the ‘Pay As You Go’ campaign. After being served food and drinks at its luxurious bar, we awaited the arrival of Alistair McGowan himself in the studio. His presence in the booth was surreal but his playful and powerful voice made the ad really come to life.  What I found most interesting was the attention paid to different tones, volume and character of his voice, changing the flavour every time. A couple of hours of detailed note-taking and various different recordings later, a glossy ad starring a cute pug and a hilarious voiceover was complete.

In the midst of fancy studios and meetings in library booths, my involvement with various projects, such Tesco and Stride, were stimulating and enabled me to find out what the brands stand for, who their target audiences are and their competition with other companies.

On Thursday afternoon I was asked to take photos of Mark and Paddy at the ‘Artstart’ talk at the Rich Mix cinema in Shoreditch. The ‘question and answer’ layout gave young people a clear insight into advertising from a creative perspective and what it takes to gain a foothold into the industry given our current economic climate.

Tower Hamlets-20130808-01151
(Mark is on the far left. Paddy is on the mic.)

So now my journey has come to an end. The positive and fast-paced energy at the agency is amazing and everyone I’ve worked with has been so approachable and friendly. This experience has inspired me to seriously consider a possible career in advertising. I am really excited to see everything that I have been a part of presented as finished products.

Thank you for having me, Wieden+Kennedy!

The mothership

Hypebeast made a recent road trip out to Portland. There they had the pleasure of meeting John Jay who, until very recently, was co-Global Executive Creative Director for our W+K network.


John Jay has now venutred over to found W+K Garage but still found the time to give Hypebeast a guided tour of the Brad Cloepfil designed building which is home to our brethren in Oregon.

You can read more about the visit online and take a glimpse into the bespoke built Portland office via the video below.


What will you curate?

It isn't often you have the opportunity to collaborate with a high fashion brand and a beacon in the art world – let alone when they create something together for the first time. We did. And it was suitably fabulous. 

Fondazione Prada and the Qatar Museums Authority asked us to work with them to launch an award – the first of its kind – to recognize up and coming talent in curation.

The ambition is to appeal beyond established curators, instead opening the field to anyone wanting to creatively and socially define what the perfect exhibition could look like.

Could that be you? If so, click here to find out more and enter.

Here at W+K we designed and built the award website, created the hero 'call for entries' launch film, devised the look and feel for the award and created all promotional materials.

Entries are open until the end of the year but to punctuate the submissions period, we're releasing a series of Pinterest Boards. These are being curated by hand picked influencers from the world of art and culture. Their brief? To curate a board based on their idea of the most inspirational exhibition. Ever. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.02.10

The first sees the release of a Board from Vimeo's Lead Curator, Jordan McGarry. You can check back for more boards very soon.

‘Private Hear’ goes public

Creative team Toby and Selena recently returned to these shores – originating from Melbourne, detouring via Amsterdam. Having frequented W+K London once before, they understand UK culture, our people, our tastes…

But when invited by Campaign to critique a series of recent radio spots, they sought some advice. From experts. Those who constantly listen to the wireless. Who have plenty to say on this (and for that matter, every) subject. Enter our Hackney Carriage licensed London black taxi drivers.

Armed with the six radio ads to review, Selena set off to Liverpool Street Station's taxi rank around midnight one Sunday and patiently waited in line. Explaining to the drivers how she would love to hear their thoughts, they each duly invited her to pop in the back and play the ads as they ranked up waiting for their next job.

Selena has worked with some mega global talent in her time but possibly none as passionate, opinionated or self-assured as these men on the midnight shift. With the radio constantly blaring out, they know their stuff. And they know what they think about it: good or bad, but rarely indifferent.

Below is the excerpt from the latest Campaign. A little doctored (references to prostitution edited out) but with the sentiments of our capital's cabbies in tact.


Usually when we can't find people in the agency, our reception puts out a 'bing bong' tannoy. Going forward with Toby and Selena, we'll just head to the Liverpool Street taxi rank where we expect to find them conducting some more 'focus group qual'.