W+K hails the modern man in Style magazine

Last week, The Sunday Times Style magazine asked us to contribute to an article. The subject matter? Britain's modern man.

A topic close to many of our hearts so, with a second thought, we jumped into action.


The article had been sparked by Diane Abbott's comments late last month about the crisis men face in today's society.

Here on Hanbury Street, we wanted to defend masculinity 2.0. To flag some of the pressures on today's male. To highlight the expectations on his shoulders.

Our Wieden's words of wisdom ran in today's edition so, for those of you who who didn't pick up a copy or who don't subscribe online, here's our little snippet.


And for those of you, man or woman, without sensational eyesight, here are our words in regular-sized type:

"Grit and wit. Fit. Good with I.T."

Today's men wobble the same exhilarating, exhausting cultural tightrope trod by their mothers, the plate-spinning 1990s superwomen who had it all. Modern masculinity seems to mean being damn brilliant at everything. All the time. Serenely. The pressure to earn a crust may well be shared, but ditto housework and childcare. He must also ooze style, run ultramarathons, text back promptly, marinate, marvel at Strictly, open jars, crack funnies, know cool music, smell good, work tech devices, pick up his socks and, if necessary, chop wood. Let's hear it for modern man. Never has more been expected.

Calling all modern men: if after reading this piece, which was effortlessly penned by Beth Bentley, you identify with our thoughts, then we salute you.

And, if you're wondering who personifies this modern man for all seasons, well isn't it obvious?

SON: Adam Gnade – You Got Mean

After their provocative video shot on Vine, our very own
creative Katie Harrison and directing partner Charlotte Freeston are back with
an equally titillating teaser for American musician Adam Gnade.

Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars – You Got Mean from SON on Vimeo

Based on the game ‘seven minutes in heaven’ where two teenagers are dared to make out
in a cupboard, SON show us the darker side of human instincts. Primitive
psychological urges drive the teenagers as animal instincts are slowly
highlighted in their behaviour. SON hint at power of the ‘id’ in human psychology as a wilder force than our egos, and its
mirroring of the animal inside all of us. They also touch upon the vulnerable
side of being human, often something which can force our survival instincts to
the surface.

‘Of course human psychology is a pretty vast terrain, but through a fragment of it we wanted to create a playful, no-holds-barred video, where we explored the drive of the id, seeing our narcissistic, survival and primitive impulses at play.’ Charlotte 

You Got Mean 1

Through the intimacy captured in the video SON
have "managed to satisfy the human urge to play the voyeur, as well as creating a
space both intimate and awkward, personal and completely revealing, which
speaks to us as human beings. Sensing the actual tension, passion and violence
in the video is made possible by its truly up-close and personal nature".

You Got Mean_2

able to call upon friends in our community to make our shoots possible is
something we feel is very important, allowing us to capture things which are
very real and intimate, and something that this video embodies wholly.


The video premiered on the 405 last week and can currently be viewed over on Promo

“Look At My Doughy Fingers” – a bread making day with Lurpak

Hollie N writes…

Why have an all agency briefing, when you can have an all agency briefing IN A BREAD MAKING KITCHEN? That's the question we shall ask ourselves from this moment on.

For this week we decamped to The Underground Cookery School to receive an exciting and highly-top-secret brief from Lurpak, while learning to make bread.

There were highs. There were lows. There was flour all over my iPhone.

And some seriously doughy fingers.

Bread day2

Here are Theo, Ang, and Emma, learning the art of the Master Baker (LOL). Note Emma's particularly spoddy tray of perfect baps. What a teacher's pet.

I attempted to make a Vine of the whole process, but a pesky glitch deleted the first 5 steps. Darn it, Emerging Technology! Still, you get the picture…


And lo… after much kneading, rising, shaping, rising, shaping again, and baking WE HAD CREATED BREAD.

Bread day

No soggy bottom for Ang. Me and my wonky baps. (MEGA LOLZ) Emma and her Gails-worthy baked marvels. And… well… there's Theo. (THE GREATEST LOLZ OF ALL TIME).

Best. Day. Ever. 

W+K’s Hello Neighbour Project: The Ghost of 16 Hanbury Street

HELLO NEIGHBOUR is a creative initiative in which W+K
collaborates with local talent to create installations in our Hanbury Street
window. This Halloween we are launching our first spine-tingling interactive installation, inspired by East London’s dark past. 


Whitechapel was once a sprawling slum,
described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous in the whole metropolis”. To discover more,
we visited Bishopsgate Institute, which boasts a library full of wonderful
history, with insights into every corner of the area. Here we discovered that Wieden + Kennedy's building stands on the site of a former sewing school for women set up by
Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts.


When her father, founder of Coutts Bank, died in 1822
Miss Coutts become England’s wealthiest heiress. Appalled by the foul conditions
of the East End, she set her sights on improving the area. One of her first great works was to establish
the sewing school for young women who had “turned aside from a path of virtue”.
Here they could be taught, fed, and provided with work. Whilst her work was of notable success, sadly, she could not save them

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 16.47.40

The ghosts from this area have dark histories that still haunt the streets to this day. The Hello Neighbour Halloween Window evokes the atmosphere of a time much darker than ours but that can still be found, if we just look hard enough. 


Founded in 1895, Bishopsgate Institute is a hub for culture and learning. The original aims of the Institute were to provide a public library, hall and meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London. Today the Institute welcomes people with a thirst for knowledge on the local area with access to their library, collections, courses and cultural events. You can find out more HERE.

Developed in-house by our Creative Technologist Will
Hooke, the instillation is built using OpenFrameworks and uses
 sensor to track the movement of people in front of the window. Working with musician Rose Dagul of Rhosyn, we created a soundtrack to
evoke a haunting atmosphere and entice passersby. As you approach the window,
you might get a glimpse of our ghost.

Come for a closer look, if you dare. 


A huge thank you to Willam Hooke, Katie Harrison, Laura Vent, Ben
Hutton, Nico Engelbrecht, Lucy Pearson, Rose Dagul, Alex Rogers, Sophie
Bodoh, Karen Jane, Tony and Kim and all at the Bishopsgate Institute. A special thank you to our resident ghost, Chloe Roseman.


If you work or live within a one-mile radius of the
agency and would like to collaborate with us, the Hello Neighbour team would
love to meet you. Email: hello.neighbour@wk.com.

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 09.59.29

Facebook Incite

Last Friday, Sammy King (digital strategist) and Katie Harrison (creative) were invited to Facebook's shiny new offices in Covent Garden as part of their new Facebook Incite Series. Photo

This event focused on storytelling through the Facebook platform and alongside Facebook representatives they had an impressive line up of inspirational speakers:

Alice Birch – Playwright

Chris Sweeney – Video Director

Chris Mooney – Top Gear online editor

Dave Monyihan – Digital Spy editor

Luke Lewis – NME online editor



Facebook are really making an effort with these events, continuing to try and position themselves as human rather than just technological.

Facebook sweets, olive tree planting and a designer stubble DJ, helped make us feel a bit cosier with Facebook and we are really excited about the possiblities.


Sammy and Katie have written up their learnings which you can read here: 


‘harvest the day’: our carpe diem app in The Observer

This is the Carpe Diem app Wieden + Kennedy London created for Nokia in partnership with The School of Life. You can download Carpe Diem from the Ovi Store.

This is the Carpe Diem app Wieden + Kennedy London created for Nokia in partnership with The School of Life. You can download Carpe Diem from the Ovi Store.
Picture 1

From yesterday's Observer.

This is the Carpe Diem app we created for Nokia in partnership with The School of Life. You can download Carpe Diem from the Ovi Store.

Carpe diem