New Starters

Although the year is coming to an end, we're still welcoming some lovely newbies into our W+K family.

Victoria Smith

A big hello to Victoria Smith. She's joined us a Creative Producer. She has some ace fun facts: she once had a make up brush thrown at her by Naomi Campbell and has partied with Beyonce and Jay-Z without even realising it!


This is Flore Segal. She arrives by way of Unilever's brand strategy team and the Miami ad school. Things to know about her: she's French, speaks five languages and has an impressive array of creative-crafty skills… sculpting bronze statues, sewing, upholstering and antiquing furniture. Welcome!

We've also had a couple of freelancers take the plunge and go permanent in the last week. Hurrah.


Miles has taken the aforementioned leap having freelanced here on and off for the past seven years. Yes, seven years! He's now a welcome addition to the Design department. 

Indy Basra

Finally, Indy Basra. Another new permanent member of studio after a little freelance stint. He's previously worked at TBWA and Saatchi & Saatchi. A fun fact: he is a big Arnold Schwarznegger fan and does a mean Arnie impression.

welcome to optimism now available on kindle

  Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 10.12.45

People of the internet, rejoice! Your very own favourite blog about Wieden + Kennedy London (that's this one) is now available on your Kindle eBook device-type thing  via the Amazon store.

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 08.14.16

To be honest, it looks a bit crap on the Kindle and it costs £1.99 a month, whereas you can get it for free online. But I thought I would set it up just to see how the system works, rather than to establish a massive new revenue stream for W+K. And subscription does start with a 14-day FREE trial. After which, if your life and personal attractiveness have not been immeasurably enhanced, you can just cancel and return to your humdrum  existence. The choice, reader, is yours.

welcome to optimism app now available for free download in Ovi Store

The new Welcome to Optimism app is now available to download free from Ovi Store.

The new Welcome to Optimism app is now available to download free from Ovi Store.

The new Welcome to Optimism app is now available to download free from Ovi Store. Get news and other rubbish from Wieden + Kennedy London direct to your multimedia mobile device.

Because a day without Welcome to Optimism is like a day without sunshine. So don't leave home without it.