W+K’s week in wonderful Wales

W+K's Team Wales is this morning back in the office after our latest adventure to shoot in, err, Wales. We sped around 6 locations, over 5 days, experiencing all 4 seasons. We felt the true warmth of the Welsh welcome from Holyhead to Abergwesyn, Brecon to Cardiff, Laugharne to Saundersfoot and Narberth. Thanks to everyone we met, who featured and who helped us on the way.

There were many highlights to the trip; here are just three…
The sunset at South Stack:

The view from the top of Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons (from l-r our lovely client Sam, Ali, Michelle, Alex and Benny):

And the brilliant sunshine by St Brides spa:

It was a poignant time to be in Wales as the search continued for Machynlleth's April Jones. Now we're all safely back in our homes, we hope to hear news that the same will soon be true of little April as well.

Watch the blog for updates on the new spots due out in early 2013.

Wales Wants Piers Bramhall

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 21.35.44
Ray writes:

This is a strange job. And we’ve had some strange moments. But yesterday tops it off. Because I don’t think we’ve ever actually orchestrated strangeness like we have on the latest Visit Wales campaign. And I sincerely mean strange in a good way. Because this weekend we put the weight of one country, behind inviting just one unsuspecting man, on a proper holiday. One man called Piers Bramhall.

 The last holiday he had with his fabulous girlfriend Emma Foley was an all-inclusive job. A sitting by the pool and stuck to the sun lounger affair. Nothing wrong with that. Piers is a decent hardworking bloke who just fancied a bit of a rest. But we wanted to give Piers and Emma the chance to have a holiday together away from the lilo, and experience a proper holiday, courtesy of Wales.

This campaign is still about Wales standing for Proper Holidays. But we wanted to push even harder to help shift entrenched perceptions of Wales by acting in a different, more progressive way. This campaign will also see us opening up the conversation about Wales by giving the people of Wales and lovers of Wales a platform to talk about the stuff that they do or love best.

That’s the background. Here’s the mentalness of the day. A day that started in a park in Ealing at 7am with a Welsh choir limbering up their handsome vocal chords. Then the lovely Joanna Page joined us. And her lovely husband. And her equally lovely parents. Trust me. They’re lovely.

All 60 of us then tip-toed our way round to Piers’ house ready to make our grand invite. Then an IKEA van showed up so all 60 of us had to quickly tip-toe back again. Finally the choir assembled and sonorously belted out their version of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Wikipedia it). My goodness. Have you heard a Welsh choir? One that’s in front of you and not on the telly. It fills up your chest. It makes you stand a bit taller. It brings on goose bumps even if you don’t want goose bumps, damn it. These big voices flooded the street and sure enough brought Piers and Emma outside. I can’t explain the rest from here. No point. Just look.

Do you see what I mean? About the bonkerness? The choir. Twickenham. The newspaper. Ian Rush. IAN RUSH! Kelly Jones. Kelly Jones’ mum and dad. Kelly Jones’ mum and dad chatting to Joanna Page’s mum and dad. Enough already. You get it.

We really hope that Piers and Emma enjoy this trip. They are a brilliant couple who deserve a brilliant experience. You can see how it all unfolds here.

Follow the campaign on Facebook! www.facebook.com/visitwales

And on twitter! @wewantpiers

golf as it should be at the Ryder Cup

It’s Ryder Cup time! And Wieden + Kennedy London has created a portfolio of campaign materials for The Welsh Assembly Government to celebrate Wales hosting The Ryder Cup for the first time in the tournament’s history.

It’s Ryder Cup time! And Wieden + Kennedy London has created a portfolio of campaign materials for The Welsh Assembly Government to celebrate Wales hosting The Ryder Cup for the first time in the tournament’s history.

'Golf as it Should Be' spot

It's Ryder Cup time! And Wieden + Kennedy London has created a portfolio of campaign materials for The Welsh Assembly Government to celebrate Wales hosting The Ryder Cup for the first time in the tournament’s history.  The integrated campaign is made up of many elements, including films, TV idents, print and branding on the road to the tournament, at the host city Newport and at the course itself at Celtic Manor.

The campaign delivers a complete Ryder Cup experience, and features the people of Wales, highlighting what it means to them to host the world’s biggest golfing event.

The TV spot above, ‘Golf As It Should Be’, presents Wales’ unstuffy take on the game of golf. It was shot on the rather splendid coastal course at Nefyn. This film will run on NBC America and on Sky Sports in the UK for the duration of the tournament.

We have also created a three minute doc called, ‘Our First Ryder Cup’, featuring a range of people, young and old, who are involved with the sport. This was filmed around the many beautiful courses In Wales. The film also features Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales; Matthew Rhys, the actor who currently appears in the American series ‘Brothers and Sisters’; Lions rugby legend Gareth Edwards; and comedian Rhod Gilbert, who has been the voice of Visit Wales’ advertising in the past.  They all speculate on the significance of Wales being the host nation of this event for the very first time. The film is running at the opening ceremony at the Millennium stadium, on S4C and around the Twenty Ten Course during the Tournament.

'Our First Ryder Cup' film

We also created 42 (phew!) TV idents for Sky Sports, which again feature people from all over the country. And Goldie Lookin' Chain. The idents can be viewed here on the Visit Wales Facebook page.

The print element of the campaign includes posters on the Hammersmith flyover on the way out of London and an outdoor campaign by Newport City Council. On the way to Newport on the approach to the toll booths on the M4 there are huge branded flags for the European and US teams, as well as flags bearing the Welsh Ryder Cup logo.  Even the Severn Bridge itself has been branded, together with messages at the tollbooths, with barriers being dressed as golf flags that lift up and down.

Finally, The Welsh Assembly has created branded supplements showcasing Newport’s heritage which will run in The Times and The Financial Times.  The supplements include press ads created by W+K.