To build on our latest campaign for Three, #SingItKitty, some of the great minds have created something we think is quite special: our very own #TapItKitty web app.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 20.07.00

Built from open-source code, the app celebrates one of the most popular and addictive mobile games of recent memory, showcasing Three's feline star in 8-bit glory.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 20.07.34

Some of us are ranking up high scores of, err, 9, although the current agency record is an impressive 118, held by Interactive Producer, Dom Felton, although he looks to have a few challengers.

To try it out for yourself, head over to www.tapitkitty.co.uk. Game on.

A whirlwind week

This week we welcomed the lovely Leah to spend a week with us, giving up some of her precious summer holiday before going into her final A level year. This is her own account of the last five days in E1:

Approaching the office door early on Monday morning was certainly daunting but the tantalising aromas of toast, toast and… toast put me at ease. Alex and Nicola warmly introduced themselves and I was later given a tour of the office which, at first sight, looked like an art exhibition. It’s that cool.


This past week has been filled with meetings for Cravendale, Finlandia, Honda and a top secret new business project. However my most memorable moment was going to Wave Studios with Matt and Ray for the voice recording of the new 3 advert as part of the ‘Pay As You Go’ campaign. After being served food and drinks at its luxurious bar, we awaited the arrival of Alistair McGowan himself in the studio. His presence in the booth was surreal but his playful and powerful voice made the ad really come to life.  What I found most interesting was the attention paid to different tones, volume and character of his voice, changing the flavour every time. A couple of hours of detailed note-taking and various different recordings later, a glossy ad starring a cute pug and a hilarious voiceover was complete.

In the midst of fancy studios and meetings in library booths, my involvement with various projects, such Tesco and Stride, were stimulating and enabled me to find out what the brands stand for, who their target audiences are and their competition with other companies.

On Thursday afternoon I was asked to take photos of Mark and Paddy at the ‘Artstart’ talk at the Rich Mix cinema in Shoreditch. The ‘question and answer’ layout gave young people a clear insight into advertising from a creative perspective and what it takes to gain a foothold into the industry given our current economic climate.

Tower Hamlets-20130808-01151
(Mark is on the far left. Paddy is on the mic.)

So now my journey has come to an end. The positive and fast-paced energy at the agency is amazing and everyone I’ve worked with has been so approachable and friendly. This experience has inspired me to seriously consider a possible career in advertising. I am really excited to see everything that I have been a part of presented as finished products.

Thank you for having me, Wieden+Kennedy!

we won the Three pitch!

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 13.39.03
Three team

Celebrations at Wieden + Kennedy on the news that we had won the pitch for mobile network Three. They came in to tell us that we'd won and of course there was no champagne in the agency – Karyn had to nip out to Tesco so we could toast our success with something other than Coke Zero.

Despite the fact that on the night before the pitch we flooded the presentation room with toxic fumes, we still managed to come through in the end without poisoning any clients. And despite the fact that in the pitch Chesters said to the (female) client 'I want to do it. And I want to do it with you.' And Helen used the phrase 'two quarters' in conversation with Three's head of procurement. And the possibly excessive use of monkey imagery in almost every concept we presented at the tissue meeting. The client kindly indulged this simian extravagance with the words, 'I love the monkey world.' (NB – no monkeys likely to appear in final campaign.)

Three is the UK's biggest 3G network and has more than 6.2 million customers in this country. It's the UK market-leader for mobile broadband, having come first in the two most recent YouGov surveys of Mobile Broadband customers.

W+K London will now take the lead in developing brand communications and delivering creative work for Three in the UK, conceiving and overseeing the implementation of integrated campaigns and delivery of TV, radio, press, outdoor and digital advertising work as Three continues its push for growth in the UK market.

A splendid start to the year!