Hello, neighbour

A while back, KJ and Sophie had a vision for the WK window.
After lots of graft, this afternoon that is an idea that has become reality. 

Today we launch HELLO NEIGHBOUR, a creative initiative which sees us partner with local talent. The concept is simple: W+K works together with creative people who live, work or operate within a one mile radius of the agency. We collaborate on something to display in our window. This could mean working with local businesses or individual craftsmen from the area; whoever we would like to showcase in our space. 

This afternoon's launch sees the first in the series of HELLO NEIGHBOUR projects. 'A little piece of the kingdom' is a mass collaboration between us and 15 talented artists from the local area, three of whom we call our own: Joe, Bowtox and Anders. The wooden Union jack installation sees each of the 15 artists own a slice of the flag that they have customized in their own way, building on the topical Jubilee moment.


A word from Hello Neighbour curators Sophie Bodoh and Karen Jane:
“We want to maximise the use of this agency space and share it with the wider community. It shouldn’t just be a window into our day-to-day world, but also a display of the great creativity in our local area. There’s no better moment to spark collaboration in the East End than when the eyes of the world look to us for Jubilee and Olympic celebrations.”



A massive thanks to all fifteen contributors:
David Samuel         
Garry Milne
Josh Stika
Marco Lawrence
Josh Sutterby   
Vibes RT
Paul Bommer  
Daniel Brereton
Michael Bow
Joseph Haigh
Anders Stake with Kerry Ryan

With very special thank you to David Samuel for his huge effort on coordination of talent. Oh, and Matt Harriman for the hours of build and install.

If you’re in the area, do pop by and take a look at the work. And if you comment online, don’t forget to say #helloneighbour.

Future projects are already in the making but we are always open to new ideas. So if you work or live within one mile's radius of the agency and want to collaborate with us, Sophie and KJ invite you in for a cup of tea and a chat. Just email them first on hello.neighbour@wk.com.

Happy Jubilee from Team HELLO NEIGHBOUR
(KJ, Sophie, Ali Bobbe, Rory and Alex).