some examples of our recent work for Nokia

Last week we announced the decision to part company with Nokia after four years of working together. Here’s a small selection from the work we’ve done for them recently – these examples are all from the work done to support the launch of the Nokia N8 smartphone.

The world’s smallest stop frame animation:

The world’s largest stop frame animation:

Chromeo make the world’s shortest album to promote our ‘Own Voice ‘ app for Nokia.

The Own Voice app itself.

Gary Waite, a blind photographer, explores Blackpool with a Nokia N8 in this spot for Nokia UK.

Poodle Loop is a film we made to promote the Nokia ‘Loop’ music app we developed.

And here’s a demo of how the app works:

And this case history video summarises the whole N8 campaign.

how we made the world’s largest stop motion animation


'Making of' videos are all the rage at the moment and, as Adam Buxton points out in his ‘Ro.Me Behind the Scenes’ parody, they can be a little over the top. 

On the other hand, they can really add to an experience and give the viewer an idea of how much effort and craft it takes to make an idea become a reality. This is the case with Gulp, the word’s largest stop motion animation, which was shot entirely on a Nokia N8.

‘Gulp, the making of’ shows how much hard work went into shooting an 11,000sq ft. animation on a mobile phone, away from the controlled environment of the studio. No small feat.

A massive thanks goes to Nokia, Aardman, Sumo Science, Sand In Your Eye, Nico and Wrack @ W+K and all the volunteers who helped out. We hope you’re as proud of Gulp as we are.

Gulp. The making of. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

gulp! W+K creates world’s largest stop frame animation for nokia

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

‘Gulp’ is a short film created by Wieden + Kennedy with Sumo Science at Aardman, depicting a fisherman going about his daily catch. Shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales, every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot using a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. The film has broken a world record for the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet. More info here.

And here’s an article about it from today’s Metro.

Metro Gulp 3 August 2011 2

Nokia Gulp – another world record

Over the last few months the wieden + kennedy Nokia team has been working on something big – really big. So big in fact that it is world record breaking.

Over the last few months the wieden + kennedy Nokia team has been working on something big – really big. So big in fact that it is world record breaking.

Over the last few months the wieden + kennedy Nokia team has been working on something big – really big. So big in fact that it is world record breaking. 

Allow us to introduce Gulp, a stop-motion animation filmed on the largest ever stop-motion animation set.

Our most recent collaboration with Aardman, Gulp is the follow-up to last year’s record-breakingly small Dot



To give you an idea of scale, Gulp was filmed on a beach, with a crane and at its widest point spanned 46 meters (the width of a football pitch).


The Making of Gulp 6 

The Making of Gulp 2 

The Making of Gulp 1 compressed 
The Making of Gulp 3 compressed 
Filmed entirely on the Nokia N8’s 12 megapixel camera, Gulp shows how far technology can go when you are willing to innovate, adapt and play with it.

Gulp will be with us very soon but for the time being take a look at the teaser videos that have been released this week.

Focusing on individual elements of the shoot, the teasers give you an insight into the amount of craft and effort that is needed to make each frame come to life.

To keep up to date with everything Gulp, follow #NokiaGulp on Twitter.


The Nokia Team

Teaser 1 – Principal sand artist Jamie Wardley talks sand drawings

Teaser 2 – Human animation puppet Todd talks pixellation

Teaser 3 – Shooting on N8s


Alex loses her hack virginity @(H)activate

(H)activate hack weekend with Nokia produces apps for social change

(H)activate hack weekend with Nokia produces apps for social change

Last week saw the Nokia UK Developer Engagement team put on a hack weekend with Rewired State, our friends at the Guardian and BlueVia (O2 to us UK folks). (H)activate tied into the broader Guardian 'Tech for Social Change' conference, Activate, held on Wednesday.

It was the first time I had fully experienced a full two day hack: 70 developers in a room,  1 task (Develop web and mobile apps to change the world) and under 2 days to deliver. My first learning was you need to come with a fairly developed idea, otherwise you spend the first three hours panicking about what to do and what data there is available. Second learning is when a developer has a red bug on his computer you can't disturb him, he's in the coding zone. Third learning is that sweets and SodaStream keep the geeks coding like mad. Fourth learning is that sleep goes out the window in the quest for a fully functioning prototype – one bloke didn't sleep all weekend, he just hung out all night programming in Kings Cross station. 

So were the hacks any good after just 36 hours work? Yes, I was massively impressed with the 18 hacks, most of which were functioning and not just concepts. The overall winner was SafeTrip, a web & SMS solution aimed at human trafficking. The Nokia prize went to Interact(Your Opinon Matters), a great SMS voting framework that can be used for government polling (think the Census or a referendum) and just as easily for TV voting on X Factor style quizes. If you want to check out all the hacks pop over to the Rewired State blog.


TouchyPeely App: Uniting veggie detritus with hungry compost heaps to reduce waste & produce soil

Hactivate Twitter paper

(H)activate newspaper of all the hackers courtesy of Newspaper Club


PS Alex Rogers has asked me to point out she has nothing to do with this post. Twas written by Alex Franklin.


Wieden + Kennedy at Cannes Lions 2011 – indie agency of the year + results

So, the leathery old lags and hopeful young turks of the world's advertising industry have finished drowning themselves in a vat of overpriced rose wine and, as they nurse their hangovers, the results of the Cannes Advertising Festival are in. We did OK, maybe slightly better than we did last year.

Cannes independent agency of the year, for most awards accumulated across all categories – Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

And for the trainspotters, stat freaks and mothers of those who work at W+K, here are the individual awards for Wieden + Kennedy work. (I think I've got the full list here, but I may have missed one or two.)


Grand Prix – Nike ‘Write the Future’

Gold – Heineken ‘The Entrance’, Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’

Silver – Old Spice ‘Questions’, Nike ‘Rise’

Bronze – Cravendale ‘Cats with Thumbs’, Heineken ‘Date’, Heineken ‘The Entrance’, Nike ‘Throwdown’


Grand Prix – Old Spice ‘Response’

Gold – Nike ‘Write the Future’, Old Spice x2 (for writing and for viral)

Bronze – Nike ‘Black Mamba’, Nokia ‘Dot’, Nokia ‘Own Voice’


Gold – Old Spice ‘The man your man could smell like’


Gold – Old Spice ‘The man your man could smell like’

Silver – Nike ‘Write the Future’,  Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ 


Gold – Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’ (x3, for direction, script and music), Nike ‘Write the Future’ (x2, for editing and script), Heineken ‘The Entrance’ (direction)

Silver – Nike ‘Write the Future’ (x2, for production design and sound design), Lurpak – ‘Kitchen Odyssey’ (cinematography), Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ (x2 for script and cinematography), Heineken ‘The Entrance’ (Music)

Bronze – Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ (direction), Nokia ‘Dot’ (production design), Chrysler – ‘Born of Fire’ (editing), Nike ‘Black Mamba’ (editing), Nike ‘Write the Future’ (special effects).


Grand Prix – 2

Gold – 13

Silver -10

Bronze – 12

Big congrats to all the winners and their mums.

two people, two Nokia E7s and a campervan

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 17.45.07

To support the recent launch of the Nokia E7 in the UK and build upon the current ‘Success Is What You Make It’  campaign we’ve set Carrie and Clare from the Scottish craft store ‘Made In the Shade’ a challenge to demonstrate the phone’s on-the-go capabilities.

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 17.46.16
Armed only with their E7s and their van ‘Winston’, the girls have just seven days to open a shop. Not just any shop. A shop full of British-made things from all over the UK. And all those things need to be sourced, in person, by driving from the Outer Hebrides, all the way down to the shop location in London in 7 days.

No easy task.

We’ll be posting films like this one below each day on Facebook to see what they’ve been up to. You can follow the girls’ progress on twitter and also read their daily blog. The TV ad is on air from 23rd May.



The shop is open for one day only next Sunday from 10am – 7pm just round the corner from WK London at Dray Walk Gallery, E1. You’ll be able to buy any of the unique and eccentric crafts and delicacies unearthed this week on the road.

the truth behind that story in Campaign magazine

Contrary to rumours and reports, Wieden + Kennedy has not lost Nokia mobile phones business globally and there is no pitch underway or planned for Nokia smartphones.

Contrary to rumours and reports, Wieden + Kennedy has not lost Nokia mobile phones business globally and there is no pitch underway or planned for Nokia smartphones.

Contrary to rumours, Wieden + Kennedy has not lost half the Nokia account. Nor is the other half up for pitch.

What a day.

First you read on the front page of Campaign that one of your key global clients has given half the business to a competitor and put the other half up for pitch.

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 21.31.40

That story. (Above.)

Then a power cut closes down your server so you have no access to email, internet, hard drive…

Then the battery on your mobile gives out.


 The servers are still down but at least the story in Campaign was wrong. If you saw that article today you would have been led to believe that 'Nokia calls £90m pitch' for its global smartphones business. This isn't true. Nokia has confirmed that there is no such pitch.

In a double whammy shit sandwich, the article goes on to say "Nokia has appointed roster agency Fallon to its estimated £90 million global advertising account for its mobile phone range."

(Wow, so that's £180 million now? Or is that the same £90 million again? Can we just round up to £200 million?)

Anyway, Nokia has also confirmed that nobody else has won the global mobile phones account. And we haven't lost any business.

So, to be clear:

1. There is no global pitch for Nokia smartphones

2. We have not lost the global Nokia mobile phones business

So, how do stories like these get printed?

Journalists are keen to get a good story out there. They want to scoop their rivals, so they'll try to keep a story to themselves before releasing it. That may mean not having time to check it with all parties involved.

And agencies are desperate to get a good news story out there to raise their profile and boost or repair their reputation, so they may be tempted to enthusiastically massage a story into life.

What difference does it make? It's only a story in the trade press. Well, yeah. But it's a right pain in the arse when such a big bad news story is not true.

Reminds me of the time when Campaign ran a front page story about a 'forthcoming pitch' for the Visit Wales account that put Wieden + Kennedy 'under threat'. I posted a £1000 bet on this blog to the journalist who wrote the story that there was no pitch and we'd still have the business at the end of the year. That was four years ago. We still have the business. I never got my £1000. How we laughed.

Ah well, some days are better than others.


wieden + kennedy is Creative Review agency of the year 2011

CR 2011 AotY

The Creative Review annual 2011 is just out, with their selection of the best work in advertising and design of the last 12 months. Some of our work was featured and they named us their agency of the year. Which is very nice. They said, 'Our winner this year has really delivered in all aspects of modern advertising'.
CR 2010 Nokia Dot
CR 2011 Nokia Poodle
CR 2011 Nike Grid
CR 2011 Nike

what does success mean to you?


Wieden+Kennedy has worked with Nokia to create “Sucess is What You Make It”, a new global integrated campaign to support the launch of the Nokia E7 smartphone. With this device, Nokia intends to encourage people to define their own success, wherever they are. Success is what you make it. It is no longer about your latest car, your new house, or the amount of money you earn. It is more personal and human than that. It is about being able to connect to the people, places and things that are important to you, when and how you want. The campaign combines spontaneous and authentic images in combination with surprising surroundings and casting.

Here's the launch TV spot:

Print, activations, online creative, apps and retail materials created both by Wieden + Kennedy and other partner agencies will continue the campaign after launch.

In the words of Agency Spy:

Success comes in many packages. Whether it’s using your smartphone to navigate from a city to a pile of rocks or watching your naked buddy jump face-first into a snowdrift, success is measured through the eyes of an individual. And, cell phones are basically tiny laptops these days, this independent, “mobile individual” is the persona advertisers are increasingly trying to target.

Such is the case with W+K’s newest campaign for the Nokia E7 Smartphone, which will include TV, print, digital and mobile apps. These days, the mobile-savvy individual can define success as being “no typos” or “a meme” and actually mean it. Nokia’s tagline, “Connecting People,” means using your smartphone to watch a movie with friends or using a Hong Kong ferry as a makeshift office.