playing with platforms and introducing SON

What better way of understanding the possibilities of a new piece of technology, than playing with it? One of our creatives Katie Harrison has set up SON with the artist Charlotte Freeston to create music promos to do just that. Taking influence from the recent launch of the Vine app, SON used Vine as their concept and camera for their first promo for Rhosyn -Birds which premieres on Art Wednesday

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 17.33.59

Our lovely Katie says: “I am always fascinated by the creative tools that technology gives us, allowing us to become channels to tell wonderful stories. SON allows us to be nimble and daring and explore all these new possibilities. These learnings are applied back into my creative work at Wieden’s to help our clients push new boundaries.” 

 Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 17.45.09

On the lyrics, Charlotte notes: "The notion of becoming a bird is finding the freedom and independence from the normal ideals that have percolated into the collective cultural consciousness through the ‘cult’ of the media. We wanted to highlight our generations addiction and constraints with social media".

Inspired by Hockney’s Wolds series, Birds was shot simultaneously on four and nine iPhones housed in a makeshift structure. The Vines were then tweeted to a bespoke account using the #birds and captured on the desktop. The Vine loops were then manipulated and layered to highlight the notion of ‘cult’ through their repetition.

Stream Rhosyn's debut EP 'Elbow of Capture' here:

Kaiser Chiefs – a vote for progress

Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience by Wieden+Kennedy London

It's no secret that the music industry is having a tumultuous time as it tries to work out how to survive the digital evolution. So when one of our creatives hatched a plan with the Kaiser Chiefs to allow fans to create bespoke versions of new album The Future Is Medieval we were rather excited.

The Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience (catchy eh?) has already won August's IAB Creative Showcase award. Hopefully the first of many – and that's where you come in…

The winners of the ever-so-prestigious Adobe Max Awards are determined by public vote. Wonderfully democratic, just as the internet should be. And as our Kaiser Chiefs project is a finalist in the Disruptive Design category, we need YOUR votes to win.

It only takes a couple of seconds. So go on: vote for progress, vote to save the music industry!

The case study film can be seen here. And if you want to take a look at a simulated version of the experience, you can have a play here (thanks to our friends at Special Moves).

Kaiser Chiefs’ fans challenge W+K designers

W+K creates data viz to celebrate Kaiser Chiefs’ fan artworks

W+K creates data viz to celebrate Kaiser Chiefs’ fan artworks

Since the launch of the Kaiser Chiefs' bespoke album creation tool we've been massively impressed by the creativity and beauty of some of the designs. So we've worked with the band to create a data viz of the fan album. As you scan the designs the album covers flip over like record sleeves to reveal the user name of the fan who created the design. If you click on the cover it takes you through to the fan page where you can buy that fan's version of 'The Future is Medieval'.

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 18.03.26

A big thanks to Joao Wilbert for his uber programming skills.

make good music day at W+K london

We're doing a musical thing this week at W+K London: looking at new ideas and new ways in which we can work with musicians and the music business.

In the evening (with drinks, obviously) there will be a discussion about the future of the music industry and our place within it.

Our discussion panel is made up of some musical big hitters:

– Jamie Hodgson, New Bands Editor of the NME
– Jazz Summers, manager of The Verve, Klaxons, ex manager of Wham! and general music industry legend
– Simon White, manager of Bloc Party, Phoenix, Cassius and the most popular man in music
– Jane Third, who is equally big here and Paris through Because Records, whose roster includes Metronomy and Uffie
– Caspar Llewellyn Smith,  who runs music across The Guardian and The Observer

It's safe to say none of them will be shy about voicing their opinions.

We'll then crack out the steak sandwiches plus veggie option and the live experience will begin.

We'll be sampling the Truman Brewery's freshly minted new BEER and hearing from fresh new talent that Wieden's may one day represent and work with. To do justice to the bands, W+K Towers will be properly pimped sound-wise by Donna and her team of MASSIVE men.

Performances from:

Chad Valley – " As good as anything we've heard all year." The Guardian

Fiction – "Your new favorite band." Gigwise

Teeth – " The delicious side of vicious." The Guardian

Gyratory System – "Slightly maddening and totally compelling" NME

Unfortunately for the general public, this is a private gig. But if you have a friend at W+K you may be able to wangle an invite.