Honda celebrates its engineering ‘hands’

Nearly a decade ago the W+K London office opened its arms wide and welcomed Honda in for a big hug. Our goal was to humanise the brand and to make people connect emotionally with their global 'Power of Dreams' strapline.

It seems fitting that 10 years on we have launched a brand film that captures the company's 65 years of warm engineering in 2 tiny minutes.

We have simply called the film 'Hands' as a testament to the tinkering nature of the Honda R+D engineers whose curious spirit (or hands) has made Honda the largest engineering company in the world.

Last week the content launched as idents sponsoring the latest series of Channel 4 documentaries. The longer form film featured below is now flying round the internet. 



Honda idents shoot

Laura McG. Rich Hooker, Sophie Lewis & Anna Smith have returned from a Honda idents shoot to support the Tour of Britain race programme on ITV4 next week. They write:

3 birds and a bloke in a hybrid.
Over 1000 miles.
456 sweets.
16 idents.
13 Costas.

8 Honda dealerships
1 KFC and that was 1 too many.

Our own Tour of Britain well, when I say Britain, it was more like Somerset to Blackpool, but that’s kind of Britain, isn’t it?
Director travelled in, and shot from, the A Team van. We’d reach a dealer, a van window was removed, a camera was mounted, and the team drove by filming. Like a drive by shooting without the guns or the bad feeling.
Speeds of over 10 mph were reached.
Many things were learnt:
Honda Dealers are more than shiny suits and showrooms.
Rich wants a motorbike.
Sound recorders should not be left on top of moving vehicles.
Laura’s Dad is better than any Sat Nav.
Blackpool is cold even in August.
Lenny Henry was right – Premier Inns beat Travellodges hands down.
Pop-corn Chicken is the work of the devil.

TOB shoot photos 001

TOB shoot photos 032

TOB shoot photos 041

TOB shoot photos 044

TOB shoot photos 045