our latest Lurpak work: bon appetit, fridge foragers

Our new work in the 'Good food deserves Lurpak' campaign continues the theme of celebrating good, simple ingredients and what they can bring to the enjoyment of food and quality of life.

Post-work. 'Tis the hungry man's witching hour, and a dinner-in-a-box is calling. Think: what would the French do?

Bon appetit, fridge foragers.

The Hungry One. A force for good, reaching out to the peckish masses at their moment of dinner-in-a-box or crisp / sandwich weakness.

You can follow him on Facebook.

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And Twitter.

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 22.17.09

There are posters:

Salvation 48 Sheet
Empires 48 Sheet

And things that go on the foils on top of the butter inside the tubs:
Inner foil 1 Innerfoil 3