The domestic season may be over (yes, yes, well done Arsenal for finishing above Spurs yet again) but England midfielder Jack Wilshere was on important duty for his country this week. He popped back to his old school where his hopes and dreams of playing for England first took root. There at The Priory School in Hitchin he put the new England shirt on the back of a school kid, one who reminded him of himself at that age.


Not only was this the first time many of the kids had seen a professional footballer in real life, it was certainly their first chance to steal a glance at the new England home kit. Now sponsored by Nike, the shirt was premiered by Jason Kelly, the unsuspecting schoolboy chosen by Jack.  The shot of Jason lit up social media as thousands of fans and players retweeted Jack’s shot. Even Tinie Tempah, Gary Lineker and Andy Peters got involved!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.27.03 PM

“This is where my dream of playing for England started and it’s great to be back here to see a new generation playing with the same passion," Jack said. "I gave Jason the shirt because his commitment and work-rate really impressed me today. He showed that it’s what you do on the pitch that matters — from your first match as a nine year-old all the way up to the international stage.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 16.39.37

At first glance you’ll see the shirt is stripped back, clean and distinctive, taking it back to its roots in white and blue to celebrate the FA’s 150th anniversary. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice the iconic three lions surrounded by a golden border sitting proud on the chest, next to a World Cup-winning gold star and a gold ‘150 years’ ribbon. Sharp, stylish, innovative and crafted – this is everything Nike has put into making the kit and hopes the players will bring to life on the pitch.

follow us down the rabbit hole with Nike Football ‘My time is now’


If you're reading this blog, you're probably one of the 12 million or so people so far to have watched our new Nike Football campaign: My Time is Now. But you may not have explored the hidden tunnels in the interactive version of the film that lead to additional content. These include CR7 WORKOUT- Train with Ronaldo and download his exclusive football workout (above).
KITWALL: Explore Nike product and kit in a giant locker room (below) from which you can click through to buy online.



And FOOTBALL BRAIN (above): Test your football IQ and compare it with your mates'.

There are nine tunnels to find and explore. The interactive version of the film is here.

nike football – my time is now – the full story


There is a new breed of football player emerging. Younger, smarter, and scared of no-one. Driven by the hunger to succeed. Armed with new tools and product innovation. Ready to step out of the shadows if given the opportunity.

Our innovative new Nike 'My Time Is Now' campaign celebrates this next wave of footballers, whether it's the participants in The Chance, Nike's worldwide hunt for football talent (with previous winners featured in the spot), or elite athletes looking to make an impact on the world stage.

But more than simply reflecting the defining qualities of hunger and impatience, this new global campaign provokes and rewards these behaviours in the participating audience too.

To achieve this, the campaign flips the traditional AV model: rather than creating a film for TV and running it online, we created a film for the internet, a version of which runs on TV. Launched online first, with the TV edit following up in Saturday's Champions League Final, the film is driven by a variety of different types of content, interactions and experiences, as well as seamless extensions to the overall narrative flow of the campaign.

Produced in association with Stinkdigital, this interactive film tests and rewards the viewers’ desire to learn, their knowledge of the game, and their hunger to succeed, and those willing to dig deep – the defining qualities of a modern player.

Ed Elworthy, long-time client of W+K London and Global Director of Brand Communications for Nike Football said: “We really wanted to showcase the hunger and impatience of young players breaking into the game – inspirations that are shared not only by our audience but by the Nike brand itself.”

Interacting with the film not only proves challenging and rewarding, it also arms young footballers with information that will help them to go on to be better players, and to seize the chance to shine out on the pitch. And if you explore the tunnels, amongst other things, you can unlock a secret Sonic game…


And even get yourself a footballer's haircut…


Stuart Harkness, our Creative Director on Nike, said: “Nike has always stood for innovation. So we didn’t want to just make a football spot about the next wave of players trying to breakthrough, but instead reward those hungry enough to find what it takes to make it, online, via hidden content in the film itself.”

The film and interactive experience sit at the heart of Nike's 2012 programme to find and elevate unsigned players around the world. This ambition is crystallised in 'The Chance' – Nike's global hunt for the hungriest emerging amateur players around the world, which is run by our friends at AKQA.

As always, this was a collaboration from start to finish. Nike Football, ourselves, AKQA and Mindshare worked on the overaching idea for the campaign. The film and the interactive experience were conceived and created by W+K London and produced by Stink and Stinkdigital, and directed by Adam Berg. The list of all those involved goes on, and deserves (and will get) a post in its own right shortly.

Please have a watch of the film, and play with the interactive experience. There's a whole lot of stuff in there to discover…

Over the weekend, it was all rather popular. We'll post stats when we can – nearly 12 million views on YouTube at time of writing.


your chance to write the future on a south african skyscraper

Wieden +Kennedy’s ‘write the future’ football campaign for Nike continues as athletes become icons on the electric facade of Johannesburg’s Life Centre.

Wieden +Kennedy’s ‘write the future’ football campaign for Nike continues as athletes become icons on the electric facade of Johannesburg’s Life Centre.

Wieden +Kennedy's 'write the future' football campaign for Nike continues as athletes become icons on the electric facade of Johannesburg's Life Centre.

Each night the skyscraper comes to life through vibrant LED lights, highlighting who writes the future.

And football fans get to decide who makes it onto the big screen.

Using the Twitter hashtag #NikeFuture or the Facebook app send in your headline for the day's biggest playmaker.

If selected, Nike will send you a photo of your headline and hero lighting up the African skyline.

Submit your headline here.

‘ad gurus’ Wieden + Kennedy stepping up their game, says The Sun

‘Ad gurus’ wieden + kennedy are stepping up their game with the Nike world cup campaign, says The Sun.

‘Ad gurus’ wieden + kennedy are stepping up their game with the Nike world cup campaign, says The Sun.

Rooney World Cup_The#62D94B

Gurus? Us? Awesome double page editorial spread in The Sun today gives a blow by blow account of our Nike 'write the future' epic.

And on The Sun's website there's more coverage:


Picture 3
And they've also posted a behind-the-scenes video:


Now nearly 10 million views for the full-length film on Nike Football's Youtube channel.

Excited? I may even yodel.

wieden + kennedy and nike present ‘write the future’

Wieden+Kennedy, in partnership with Nike, is proud to present Nike’s new global football advertising campaign, titled “Write the Future.”

Wieden+Kennedy, in partnership with Nike, is proud to present Nike’s new global football advertising campaign, titled “Write the Future.”

Wieden+Kennedy, in partnership with Nike, is proud to present Nike’s new global football brand campaign, titled “Write the Future.” 

Currently creating something of a buzz round the world online is a three-minute film called “Write the Future”. The global TV premiere of the ad will be tomorrow during the May 22nd European Club Final on major networks in 32 countries.

 The epic TV spot, written by W+K London’s own seasoned veteran Stuart Harkness and fresh-faced youngster Freddie Powell, showcases a series of international football stars in their quest for victory and shows how one moment can be met with heroic achievement or defeat, sending a ripple effect across the globe. Some of the world’s best players, including Wayne Rooney (sporting a ginger beard), Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Franck Ribery, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Patrice Evra, Gerard Pique, Ronaldinho, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Thiago Silva are featured. Special guest cameos are made by tennis legend Roger Federer, basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and even Homer Simpson. To bring the film to life W+K partnered with renowned Hollywood director Alejandro González Iñárritu.

 “Although the futures we had imagined for the players are hypothetical, we wanted them to feel as real as possible,” explains Mark Bernath of W+K Amsterdam, co-creative director on the project. “When you watch Alejandro’s films, the experience is incredibly visceral and you suspend your disbelief long after the credits roll.”

 Iñárritu is best known for his work on Babel, which was awarded Best Motion Picture for a drama at the 2007 Golden Globes and earned him Best Director at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.  Other notable directing work includes 21 Grams, Amores Perros, and his most recent film Biutiful.

 Music featured in the spot is the track ‘Hocus Pocus’ by Dutch prog-rock gods Focus. For the spot, the music track was given a modern twist through remixing by Massive Music of Amsterdam. 

 “We needed a track that could not only keep up with the film, but surprise as well,” explains Eric Quennoy, W+K co-creative director. “Any song that can combine falsetto singing, yodeling and a flute solo and still rock is alright with us.”

 Enrico Balleri, Nike’s global football advertising director, said, “This film is an entertaining three-minute ride for our broad audience, and an invitation to young football players to be inspired by great athletes, interact with the campaign, and be able to write their own future.”  

Additional executions in the “Write the Future” campaign will continue to launch throughout June.


There any many small details in the film that repay close watching and here's just one to look out for: the beard worn by Wayne Rooney in the caravan scene was lent to him for the shoot by our top account man on Nike, Nic Owen.