Honda gets Adweek’s jingle of the decade

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Wieden + Kennedy's 'Grrr' commercial for Honda diesels has been named 'best of the decade' in their best of the 2000s roundup by Adweek magazine.

They say:

It's not often that you see cynical ad mavens shuffling out of the
Palais de Festivals in Cannes not only smiling about a commercial but
also whistling the jingle. But Honda's "Grrr"—created by Wieden +
Kennedy, London—is a special case. An unlikely mix of cute animals
frolicking in a CGI Eden, flying diesel engines and the
gravel-on-velvet voice of Garrison Keillor, the spot won a slew of
awards in 2005. It gets ours for the best of the decade, period.