Honda celebrates its engineering ‘hands’

Nearly a decade ago the W+K London office opened its arms wide and welcomed Honda in for a big hug. Our goal was to humanise the brand and to make people connect emotionally with their global 'Power of Dreams' strapline.

It seems fitting that 10 years on we have launched a brand film that captures the company's 65 years of warm engineering in 2 tiny minutes.

We have simply called the film 'Hands' as a testament to the tinkering nature of the Honda R+D engineers whose curious spirit (or hands) has made Honda the largest engineering company in the world.

Last week the content launched as idents sponsoring the latest series of Channel 4 documentaries. The longer form film featured below is now flying round the internet. 



bloody honda bikers

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'Blood Bikes' (below) is a new addition to our series of short films about people and their Hondas. We developed these as part of Honda's sponsorship of documentaries on C4. Shorter idents run on C4 and the full length films can be viewed on Honda's YouTube channel. There are quite a few now:

Screen shot 2011-10-03 at 09.25.12
And there is other related content at the Honda Stories Hub, like night riding tips: 
Riding tips
We're looking for Honda-owning volunteers to take part in the final one of these films.

How do you use your Honda? Have you turned your Civic into an ice cream van? Or perhaps you use your hedge trimmer to create outlandish creatures? Whatever your story, if it’s unexpected, and just a little bit daft, we’d like to hear it.

Simply visit the site here, upload a photo or two, (or a video if you’re feeling adventurous), accompanied by a brief description of what you and your Honda get up to. We’ll turn our favourite story into a mini documentary online, and also create TV snippets for our Channel 4 and More 4 documentary sponsorship. Closing date for entries is this week, so you'll have to be quick.

Here's the 'Blood Bikes' film: