Wieden + Kennedy at Cannes Lions 2011 – indie agency of the year + results

So, the leathery old lags and hopeful young turks of the world's advertising industry have finished drowning themselves in a vat of overpriced rose wine and, as they nurse their hangovers, the results of the Cannes Advertising Festival are in. We did OK, maybe slightly better than we did last year.

Cannes independent agency of the year, for most awards accumulated across all categories – Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

And for the trainspotters, stat freaks and mothers of those who work at W+K, here are the individual awards for Wieden + Kennedy work. (I think I've got the full list here, but I may have missed one or two.)


Grand Prix – Nike ‘Write the Future’

Gold – Heineken ‘The Entrance’, Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’

Silver – Old Spice ‘Questions’, Nike ‘Rise’

Bronze – Cravendale ‘Cats with Thumbs’, Heineken ‘Date’, Heineken ‘The Entrance’, Nike ‘Throwdown’


Grand Prix – Old Spice ‘Response’

Gold – Nike ‘Write the Future’, Old Spice x2 (for writing and for viral)

Bronze – Nike ‘Black Mamba’, Nokia ‘Dot’, Nokia ‘Own Voice’


Gold – Old Spice ‘The man your man could smell like’


Gold – Old Spice ‘The man your man could smell like’

Silver – Nike ‘Write the Future’,  Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ 


Gold – Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’ (x3, for direction, script and music), Nike ‘Write the Future’ (x2, for editing and script), Heineken ‘The Entrance’ (direction)

Silver – Nike ‘Write the Future’ (x2, for production design and sound design), Lurpak – ‘Kitchen Odyssey’ (cinematography), Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ (x2 for script and cinematography), Heineken ‘The Entrance’ (Music)

Bronze – Levi’s ‘Ready to Work’ (direction), Nokia ‘Dot’ (production design), Chrysler – ‘Born of Fire’ (editing), Nike ‘Black Mamba’ (editing), Nike ‘Write the Future’ (special effects).


Grand Prix – 2

Gold – 13

Silver -10

Bronze – 12

Big congrats to all the winners and their mums.

14 cyber lion nominations for wieden + kennedy at cannes

Wieden + Kennedy has scored 14 cyber lion shortlist nominations in the 2011 Cannes Festival.

Wieden + Kennedy has scored 14 cyber lion shortlist nominations in the 2011 Cannes Festival.


Some lions, recently.

I think I have the W+K total correct at 14 cyber lion shortlist nominations in the 2011 Cannes Festival.

According to the Cannes website, the W+K nominations are:

W+K Portland – Nike Better World, Old Spice (x4), EA Duty Calls = 6

W+K Tokyo – Nike Run fwd; Nike WTF = 2

W+K Amsterdam – Nike WTF = 1

W+K London – Nokia N8, Honda Jazz, Nokia Own Voice (x2), Nokia Dot = 5

Total = 14

Here's the little film that explains the Nokia 'Own Voice' application, a collaboration with Glue Isobar and Starcut, which has had two of those nominations:

And there are also a couple of other things in which we had a hand…

Nokia N8 'Dot' for best sound design (entered by Wave Studios)

Nokia N8 'Dot' for animation (entered by Aardman animation)

Nike Grid for game (entered by AKQA)


more lions than longleat

Wieden + Kennedy did pretty well at the Cannes Lions Festival this
year. (Wieden – "
Makes my
ancient chest swell."
) Particular congrats due to W+K Portland for their work on Nike, P&G, Levi's and more. For the trainspotters and stat freaks, here's the full run-down.


2nd place – Independent Agency of the Year
3rd place – Agency of the Year
3rd place – Interactive Agency of the Year


Grand Prix Integrated Lion – Nike Livestrong, „Livestrong Integrated


Grand Prix Film Lion – Old Spice, 'The Man Your Could Smell Like'
Silver Film Lion – Old Spice, 'Different Scents for Different Gents'
Silver Film Lion – Old Spice, 'Kiss'
Silver Film Craft Lion (Direction) – Old Spice, 'The Man Your Man Could
Smell Like'.
Bronze Film Lion – Nike, 'Nike Music Shoe'
Bronze Film Lion – Levi's, 'O‚Pioneers'
Bronze Film Lion – P&G, 'Kids'
Bronze Film Lion – P&G, 'You'll Never Walk Alone'
Silver Film Craft Lion (Best Use of Music) – Nike, 'Nike Music Shoe'.
Bronze Film Craft Lion (Cinematography) – Levi's, 'Go Forth'.
Bronze Film Craft Lion (Special Effects and Computer Graphics) – Nike,
'Human Chain'.
Bronze Film Craft Lion (Editing) – Brand Jordan, 'Slap'


Grand Prix Cyber Lion (Other Interactive Digital Solutions) – Nike
Livestrong, 'Chalkbot'
Bronze Cyber Lion (Digitally Led Integrated Campaign) – EA/Dante's
Inferno, 'Highway to Hell'


Silver Media Lion (Best Use of Ambient Media – Large Scale) – Nike
Livestrong, 'Chalkbot'


Silver Outdoor Lion – ESPN/Monday Night Football – 'Interactive


Bronze Design Lion – Selfridges, 'Future A-Z 2109 Window Installation'

3 grands prix for Wieden + Kennedy at Cannes Festival

Wieden + Kennedy took home three
Grand Prix trophies this week at the Cannes advertising festival, one for Old
Spice in the film category, the other two for Nike in the cyber and integrated


Nike ‘Chalkbot’ by Wieden +
Kennedy Portland was awarded Cyber Lion Grand Prix in Interactive. The campaign
was acclaimed as a
example of two themes that emerged from the best work seen during the judging
process: invisible technology and "real-time" interaction. The
greatest innovations supported "this notion that technology will reach its
peak when you don't even realize it's there," said Jury President Jeff
Benjamin (of Crispin Porter Bogusky). "The stuff that was so innovative
was the stuff that seemed magical. It had technology, but that's not what was



The Nike's Livestrong campaign, of which Chalkbot was a part, took home the integrated Grand Prix. The campaign incorporated everything from events, outdoor, online,
web films, and "Chalkbot”.
"We saw brilliant work
in every aspect of the campaign – print, broadband, an event and specifically
Chalkbot, that in itself showed true innovation in numerous channels,"
said Jury President Bob Greenberg. "The execution was flawless in every
way shape and form and we voted unanimously." And while
"Chalkbot" has been the most celebrated aspect of the campaign so
far, some jurors found the campaign's most brilliant component to be its
opening gambit — Armstrong's decision to return to the Tour De France in the
name of Livestrong.


"We have
to look at that as part of the advertising," said juror Rob Reilly, CCO of
Crispin, Porter & Bogusky. "That's where integration is going. It's
not just another TV spot. His coming back was a calculated move to start this
campaign. To me, that's the most important part. Chalkbot is an incredible
tool, but the decision to come back in the first place, as a marketing idea, is


The Grand Prix for film at this
year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival was awarded to a TV
commercial for Old Spice, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like", also by
Wieden & Kennedy, Portland.

"It took an old, sleepy brand and woke it up,
and overnight wove its way into popular culture," said jury President Mark
Tutssel, global chief creative officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide. He noted that
the commercial showed "the power of creativity to ignite a sleeping

We're on a horse!