‘Private Hear’ goes public

Creative team Toby and Selena recently returned to these shores – originating from Melbourne, detouring via Amsterdam. Having frequented W+K London once before, they understand UK culture, our people, our tastes…

But when invited by Campaign to critique a series of recent radio spots, they sought some advice. From experts. Those who constantly listen to the wireless. Who have plenty to say on this (and for that matter, every) subject. Enter our Hackney Carriage licensed London black taxi drivers.

Armed with the six radio ads to review, Selena set off to Liverpool Street Station's taxi rank around midnight one Sunday and patiently waited in line. Explaining to the drivers how she would love to hear their thoughts, they each duly invited her to pop in the back and play the ads as they ranked up waiting for their next job.

Selena has worked with some mega global talent in her time but possibly none as passionate, opinionated or self-assured as these men on the midnight shift. With the radio constantly blaring out, they know their stuff. And they know what they think about it: good or bad, but rarely indifferent.

Below is the excerpt from the latest Campaign. A little doctored (references to prostitution edited out) but with the sentiments of our capital's cabbies in tact.


Usually when we can't find people in the agency, our reception puts out a 'bing bong' tannoy. Going forward with Toby and Selena, we'll just head to the Liverpool Street taxi rank where we expect to find them conducting some more 'focus group qual'.

Wieden + Kennedy is Campaign’s network of the year 2010

Wieden + Kennedy is Campaign magazine's network of the year 2010.

Network of the Year 2
They say W+K ‘touched a global popular culture nerve in 2010 like no other. Wieden + Kennedy, the one time quirky alternative to the big shops, made its clients Nike and Old Spice the world’s most viral brands this year. The micro-network demonstrated true creative excellence and left bigger, older rivals in the shade.’

In other W+K-related news from Campaign, Nike ‘Write the Future’ was named campaign of the year.

“Only one brand won this year’s FIFA World Cup and that was Nike. This was thanks to a three minute film that mixed fantasy with football to such a degree that it became a global phenomenon and trounced rivals such as adidas in terms of positioning.”

Campaign of the Year 2
Nike also got best poster of the year and 2nd best TV ad of the year. One of our Honda press ads was named best regional press ad of the year and Nike Grid got number 6 in the ‘best poster’ charts while Lurpak ‘Pride’ was number 9. Nike Grid was also number 3 in best digital campaigns.  Old Spice and Nike were numbers 1 and 2 in top 10 virals.

Great results. Big congratulations to all!

Honda ‘campaign of the decade’ reel by wieden + kennedy

Here’s an edit we made to celebrate the recent naming of our work for Honda over the last few years as ‘campaign of the decade’ by Campaign magazine.

Here’s an edit we made to celebrate the recent naming of our work for Honda over the last few years as ‘campaign of the decade’ by Campaign magazine.

Here’s an edit we made to celebrate the recent naming of our work for Honda over the last few years as ‘campaign of the decade’ by Campaign magazine.They said ‘With a consistent combination of industry-defining, award-winning and brand-building ads, Wieden + Kennedy’s work for Honda took top spot.’

wieden + kennedy not about to go bust shock

If, like me, you have nothing to do but quaff champagne and sit in your wing-backed leather chair in your walnut-panelled corner office reading Campaign you'll see on the front page this morning that the main
story is 'Adland hit as billings collapse'.

'BBH, Ogilvy and Wieden + Kennedy among the worst affected according to 2009 Nielsen figures'

The article says:

Following a year in which figures
from The Nielsen Company show scarce instances of billings growth, even
Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and McCann Erickson – which held their
positions as number one and number two respectively
saw billings drop by £39.2m and £48.6m, compared with final 2008 figures.

BBH took the biggest knock of the top
20 agencies. Its slide of almost 25% wiped £59.1m off its 2008 billings
and pulled it down the rankings from fourth to 11th. Ogilvy slipped
four places to 13 with a £31.3m billings decrease, while Wieden &
Kennedy dropped six to 31 with a 41% billings fall.

As they say – pause, review, reflect…

These figures measure billings (what
clients spend on media). Not revenue (what clients actually pay us).
They only measure UK billings, whereas most of what we do now at W+K London is

The truth is that in 2009 we grew. We
lost no clients and we won pitches including Nestea, Fairtrade,
Lactofree and COI underage drinking. Yes, most of our clients reduced
their media spend. This is mainly because of the recession, also partly
because dramatic changes in
media and technology are diverting spend away from the 'above the line'
media media measured by Nielsen and into owned and earned media.

Yes, many of our clients did cut
fees in 2009. But the truth is that overall, our revenue (fee income)
increased in 2009 over 2008, and our 2009 profit also actually
increased vs. 2008. We did not, unlike many of our competitors, make
sweeping redundancies. On the contrary, we are hiring. Our business,
despite challenging times, is healthy and growing. We are independent,
profitable and we have no debt. We are not worried about the
future. We are (cautiously) optimistic.As the name of this blog suggests.

And while I'm on the subject of today's
Campaign, you can read on page 2 that 'Lurpak appoints Saatchis globally
after a shoot-out against W+K London'.

Some clarification on this.

We lose nothing. We retain the UK
business, which is 70% of Lurpak's global business. Our work may also run in some markets outside the UK.

Here's what Danny Micklethwaite, Arla UK VP of marketing said to me yesterday:

"The appointment of Saatchi
has absolutely no impact on the UK. We love working with W+K and they
continue to produce brilliant work for us.

The UK represents over 70% of the global Lurpak sales and since W+K started working with us the brand has overtaken Flora to become the
number 1 brand in the category for the first time in history."

Keep the faith, true believers.

Pick of the week for ‘Why Let Drink Decide’

Wieden + Kennedy’s new ‘why let drink decide’ work for the DSFC is pick of the week in Campaign magazine.

Wieden + Kennedy’s new ‘why let drink decide’ work for the DSFC is pick of the week in Campaign magazine.

Campaign 22 January POTW

Wieden + Kennedy's new 'why let drink decide' work for the DSFC is pick of the week in Campaign magazine. Nice. 

More info at http://whyletdrinkdecide.direct.gov.uk/