Take a Gulp

We've been squirreling away on a special project of late. Working with our friends at Arla on their new-to-market ready-to-drink milkshake, Gulp. Available in three lip-smacking flavours it's on sale NOW so you can all rush out, buy and try.

Our role has been to create the brand tone of voice and from that devise the package design. We've made a bespoke wrapping for each of the chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours.

Gulp isn't just a name; it’s an attitude. It’s a way of
behaving. The design is born from the fact that milkshakes need be to shaken to be enjoyed to the max. The typography literally shakes things up expressing Gulp’s
cheery personality. The stripes running through the design bring to life the
stages at which you should enjoy the drink to full effect – in big, bold

can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love a milkshake but Gulp is expected to be
of particular appeal to mums buying treats for kids. It is after all a fun way to
ensure kids enjoy the goodness of milk – something dear to Arla's heart.

We'll leave the final word to Bowtox who designed the packaging: We feel we've created something that’s really going to shake up the world
of milkshake! 


our latest Lurpak work: bon appetit, fridge foragers

Our new work in the 'Good food deserves Lurpak' campaign continues the theme of celebrating good, simple ingredients and what they can bring to the enjoyment of food and quality of life.

Post-work. 'Tis the hungry man's witching hour, and a dinner-in-a-box is calling. Think: what would the French do?

Bon appetit, fridge foragers.

The Hungry One. A force for good, reaching out to the peckish masses at their moment of dinner-in-a-box or crisp / sandwich weakness.

You can follow him on Facebook.

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And Twitter.

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There are posters:

Salvation 48 Sheet
Empires 48 Sheet

And things that go on the foils on top of the butter inside the tubs:
Inner foil 1 Innerfoil 3

new campaign for lactofree

Picture 1

Wieden + Kennedy extended its relationship with Arla foods (producers of Lurpak butter and Cravendale milk) in May last year when we pitched and won the Lactofree business. Lactofree is the UK’s only product range that has all the taste but
none of the lactose of real dairy. Lactofree is gently filtered to
remove the lactose – the sugar found in milk that can cause
digestive problems.

The new campaign is now being rolled out across digital
channels, TV, cinema and print/advertorials and will continue throughout 2010 in the UK.
The idea is all about encouraging dairy avoiders – people who have had to 'finish with' dairy because it didn't agree with them – to mend their
broken relationships with dairy.

Here are a couple of examples of the work: