wieden + kennedy is Creative Review agency of the year 2011

CR 2011 AotY

The Creative Review annual 2011 is just out, with their selection of the best work in advertising and design of the last 12 months. Some of our work was featured and they named us their agency of the year. Which is very nice. They said, 'Our winner this year has really delivered in all aspects of modern advertising'.
CR 2010 Nokia Dot
CR 2011 Nokia Poodle
CR 2011 Nike Grid
CR 2011 Nike

Wieden + Kennedy is Adweek’s agency of the year 2010

US trade publication AdWeek has named Wieden + Kennedy its agency of the year 2010. This comes in addition to the ‘network of the year’ accolade from Campaign magazine, Agency of the Year from Shoot magazine, and being named the UK’s #1 digital agency 2010 in a survey conducted by YouGov for Pitch/Marketing Week magazine.

US trade publication AdWeek has named Wieden + Kennedy its agency of the year 2010. This comes in addition to the ‘network of the year’ accolade from Campaign magazine, Agency of the Year from Shoot magazine, and being named the UK’s #1 digital agency 2010 in a survey conducted by YouGov for Pitch/Marketing Week magazine.

US trade publication AdWeek has named Wieden + Kennedy its agency of the year 2010. This comes in addition to the 'network of the year' accolade from Campaign magazine,  Agency of the Year from Shoot magazine, and being named the UK's #1 digital agency 2010 in a survey conducted by YouGov for Pitch/Marketing Week magazine.

AdWeek says:

Thanks to its breakout campaign for Old Spice’s Red Zone Body Wash—which broke with a Super Bowl weekend TV spot—Wieden is the agency your agency could smell like.

The work, a slightly twisted, tongue-in-cheek production starring a towel-wearing Isaiah Mustafa, was part of a concerted effort by the agency to strengthen its digital offerings. The results have landed the shop in its own version of Bizzarro World, a place where other marketers are looking to “The man your man could smell like” for ideas on how to run their own campaigns. The creative has garnered the brand a 2,700 percent increase in Twitter followers, 800 percent increase in Facebook fan page visits and a 300 percent increase in traffic to the Old Spice Web site. It’s also generated an estimated 140 million YouTube views.

According to Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand-building officer of Old Spice at parent company Procter & Gamble, it has helped the brand lead market share and is “growing sales in double digits.”

Indeed, the Portland-Ore.-headquartered indie has had one of its best performing years in its 28-year history. It saw client growth in both Portland and New York, and increased its U.S. revenue and billings nearly 22 percent (billings to $1.5 billion, revenue $145 million).

For the most part, it mined existing client relationships. Chrysler added Jeep, Target gave Wieden lead agency status, P&G added a corporate branding assignment as well as Ivory North America, Nokia added North America, and Coca-Cola digital assignments for Diet Coke and Coca-Cola targeting teens.

The agency has also produced some of its best work for Nike, a client Wieden calls “the soul” of his agency. (Its running business returned to the shop in 2008.) “We were born in that cauldron of the early ’80s, when [Nike] wanted to be the Saturday Night Live of the Fortune 500,” he says.

Wieden’s best Nike work this year was the stop-motion spot “Human Chain” and its “Write the Future” commercial directed by Babel’s Alejandro G. Iñarritu. The latter spot, which starred more than a dozen pro-soccer stars and debuted on Facebook, was also in play during the World Cup as a digital installation on a Johannesburg skyscraper. It received so much positive buzz that World Cup sponsor and rival adidas ended up looking as battered as England after being drubbed by Germany.

The creatives that led the effort, Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, were promoted to ecds of the Amsterdam office, which had produced the work with assistance from Portland. (And London.)

And this month, Wieden opened a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, headed by Icaro Doria, ecd, and Andre Gustavo Soares, managing director.

Improving the shop’s digital output took four years. To start on that path, in 2006 the agency hired Renny Gleeson, former managing director at Aegis Group’s Carat Fusion, as global director of digital strategies. He built up the shop’s digital production capabilities, adding digital creatives, developers, designers, coders—”folks who help iterate,” says Gleeson. He also worked on communications planning—what he describes as “changing the way the media team approaches what it does, how ideas evolve”—and community management.

“It’s not like we flipped the switch,” Gleeson adds. “It was a build. And we needed the spark to set it off. That’s where Iain comes in.”

Iain Tait, recruited last April from Poke London, which he co-founded, joined Wieden as global interactive ecd. Within months of  his arrival, the Old Spice team let loose its “response” campaign. For three days in July, the agency created nearly 200 customized videos starring Mustafa that responded to mentions of the Old Spice TV spots on blogs and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These videos spread virally and, in some cases, became ongoing two-way conversations, engaging participation from celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Ellen DeGeneres, not to mention a  random consumer who wrote in seeking help from Mustafa in proposing to his girlfriend.

This social marketing component generated 1.8 billion PR impressions for the brand.

Even before the Old Spice response campaign, Wieden was being recognized for its new digital expertise at Cannes. It won the Cyber Grand Prix for its 2009 Nike “Chalkbot” campaign—a collaboration with Deeplocal for Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong charity—and the Integrated Grand Prix for the Livestrong campaign of which it was a part. (Wieden also won the top prize in film, and a Best Commercial Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for its Old Spice work.)

With its global growth looking strong as well—it had a 10 percent jump in billings and revenue this year (billings to $2.3 billion, revenue $230 million)—the agency is especially optimistic about the future.

Update: Wieden + Kennedy also named agency of the year 2010 by OMMA Magazine. They say: OMMA’s Agency of the Year Awards celebrate the agencies that were able to rise above the rest over the past year, the shops that represented the best of class in the online advertising community.

Wieden + Kennedy is Campaign’s network of the year 2010

Wieden + Kennedy is Campaign magazine's network of the year 2010.

Network of the Year 2
They say W+K ‘touched a global popular culture nerve in 2010 like no other. Wieden + Kennedy, the one time quirky alternative to the big shops, made its clients Nike and Old Spice the world’s most viral brands this year. The micro-network demonstrated true creative excellence and left bigger, older rivals in the shade.’

In other W+K-related news from Campaign, Nike ‘Write the Future’ was named campaign of the year.

“Only one brand won this year’s FIFA World Cup and that was Nike. This was thanks to a three minute film that mixed fantasy with football to such a degree that it became a global phenomenon and trounced rivals such as adidas in terms of positioning.”

Campaign of the Year 2
Nike also got best poster of the year and 2nd best TV ad of the year. One of our Honda press ads was named best regional press ad of the year and Nike Grid got number 6 in the ‘best poster’ charts while Lurpak ‘Pride’ was number 9. Nike Grid was also number 3 in best digital campaigns.  Old Spice and Nike were numbers 1 and 2 in top 10 virals.

Great results. Big congratulations to all!

new (?) ad agency news aggregator: agencyrecord

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This site agency record is new to me. Which may mean it's been around for ages. Anyway, at the risk of seeming hugely out of touch, I'll draw your attention to it as it seems like it may be useful for anyone working in this business.

Here's how it describes itself:

Agency Record was created out of a necessity. Spend enough time in
advertising and you learn it's always best to keep an eye on everyone
else – creatively and from a business standpoint. We never had one
source for this, one place that just sort of kept an up-to-date record
of the agencies and what they are up to.

So we made one.

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content is syndicated to the site by dynamic crawlers that glean all
the best info from the most relevant sources. Additionally, we crawl
the twitter space, dynamically following the currently most relevant
twitterati in advertising. All this information is broken up into a few
segments – News and Agency.

News is news from all the best sources, syndicated here. Plus our own featured articles now and again.

Agency is the syndicated voices of all the players making the most noise.

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Planned Additions:

Galleries of the best and most current work.
Job boards

We hope you enjoy this, share it and use it.

Haven't had much time to explore it yet but it looks interesting. So, here I am sharing it.