Yahoo! Launches ‘Your Goals’

Yahoo! has launched a brand new product offering – ‘Your Goals’ – which delivers Barclays Premier League football fans’ weekend match highlights directly to their inboxes every Monday morning.

Yahoo! has the rights to HD-quality Premier League highlights to view online, and needed to engage with football fans in a deeper way for the 2011 – 2012 season.  Wieden + Kennedy has worked with the brand to help them target fans directly with personalized content, at a time when discussion and conversation around football are at their highest: Monday mornings – a time when Yahoo! could come to own the weekend post-mortem moments.

This new direction represents an exciting new space for Yahoo!: they now no longer compete with live broadcasters or established Saturday night pundit shows. Your Goals allows the brand to provoke conversation around the Premier League between the passionate ‘sofa fans’ – those who may not have attended a live match or had the opportunity to see the whole game on TV.

Your Goals launched on the first Monday of the season, and has already been picked up by more than 100,000 fans.  The launch is supported by an integrated campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy London that broke simultaneously to reinforce the timeliness of the product. The work, created by Darren Wright and Sidney Bosley, includes digital, escalator DEPs and DOOH and weekly press executions in the Metro.  The media and creative strategy have been woven together – media has only been bought to appear on Mondays.

Darren Wright, Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy said, ‘The Yahoo! Your Goals service of getting your team’s goals delivered to your inbox every Monday for free is amazing for any footie fan.  We wanted to relay this clear message in a very simple way and cement Yahoo! as a brand that not only understands football, but is part of football culture’.
W+K was appointed to Yahoo!’s creative agency roster in February 2011 on a project basis to develop communications around Yahoo!’s English Premier League content.  The Your Goals campaign is the first work created by W+K to break since their appointment.

Visit Wales We Want Piers Bramhall – Next Phase Breaks

W+K's next phase of the 'We Want Piers Bramhall' campaign has broken.  Six 10″ TVCs – teasers to this September's big trip when Piers and his girlfriend Emma finally set off on their first holiday in Wales – are running during ad breaks from Coronation Street through to the Jeremy Kyle Show for the next ten days.

The campaign launched in August when an unsuspecting Englishman, Piers Bramhall, was invited personally by Joanna Page and an entourage of 50 Welsh male choristers to take a holiday in Wales, all part of Visit Wales' initiative to get the nation to holiday there.

The teasers feature a ‘cardboard’ Piers who W+K took on the shoot to Wales last month. The films can also be found on video on demand, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The nation of Wales has been busy inviting Piers and Emma to enjoy what they love most about the country, including some celebrities who have been pledging what they would do there with the couple.

From 5th September Piers and Emma will spend 7 days in Wales enjoying everything the country has to offer, with Digital OOH, radio partnerships, online films, Twitter updates and Facebook hub live to keep abreast of the action.

Nokia Gulp

Nokia and Aardman Animations have set another Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’ with their follow up short film: Gulp, shot entirely on the Nokia N8, after having set a record for the ‘Smallest Stop-motion Animated Character’ last summer with Dot.

As part of Nokia’s on-going campaign to bring amazing, authentic uses of mobile technology to life, Nokia has partnered with Aardman Animations and Wieden + Kennedy once again to create Gulp, a new animation filmed on the Nokia N8.

After their success with the ‘Smallest Stop-motion Animated Character’, Aardman creative team Sumo Science directors Will Studd and Ed Patterson were set with the task of going large with their next film for Nokia. 

The film explores the life of a little fishing boat when the tide goes out. As the sea ebbs away oilskins and nets come to life manifesting a lone fisherman, out to find the catch of the day.

When he sets off across the sea he encounters an ocean vista of waves, gulls, clouds and fish all created using giant sand animation, carved in the beach itself. As the fisherman hauls in his sandy catch he is swallowed by a huge sea monster. Trapped inside the beast’s cavernous stomach, he accidentally sets off a chain reaction and is catapulted back to the surface, too late to save his catch from escaping back into the ocean.

Shot entirely on the new Nokia N8 smartphone, Gulp showcases the smartphone’s Carl Zeiss optics and its 12-megapixel photography capabilities. Three phones elevated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, UK, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters creating the ‘World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’.  The phones were mounted in a custom built rig inside a specially designed Peli Box and operated remotely by the camera crew in order to capture the huge images. 

Sand In Your Eye director Jamie Wardley, choreographed a team of sand artists and 30 art student volunteers to create gigantic sand drawings with precision timing that had to be smoothed over and re-drawn every 4 minutes to stay on the tight schedule dictated by the spring tide. The team were shooting up to 75 frames per day and each time the sand had to be raked over in order to create the individual drawings for each frame. The shoot lasted for seven days including one night’s shoot.

The huge set was made up of recognisable nautical objects, such as seaweed, ropes and nets. Aardman’s expert prop makers built a replica life-sized fishing boat that was light enough to carry around on set.  Both a half boat and full boat were constructed for the different perspectives.

Heather Wright, Executive Producer on the project and Head of Aardman’s Commercials and Branded Content department was delighted with the follow up challenge. ”Gulp is crazily ambitious.  We’ve never done anything even approaching this enormous scale before and it’s a massive technical, logistical and artistic learning curve – once again!  We’re working right at the edge of what’s possible in all areas,” says Wright.

Philip Hickey, Global Digital Marketing Manager Nokia, says, “We are extremely proud of Gulp and are delighted to have achieved yet another Guinness world record in film and animation. The creativity of Aardman Studios, coupled with the industry leading imaging capabilities of the Nokia N8 smartphone has resulted in a beautiful animation which will astonish all our advocates, fans and customers.”

Will Studd shared his experience of directing this ground breaking film, “The film was a huge test of planning and coordination with Mother Nature, we were incredibly lucky with conditions and tide times, sometimes we got our final frame for the day just as the waves crashed in around our set! Obviously the turnaround had to be so quick with such a short window, but working with the W + K team was fantastic as usual and we got everything we set out to achieve. The Nokia N8 stood up to the challenge and produced some outstanding images.”

Nokia and Aardman have been engaging fans by opening up the production process on blogging and social media sites, revealing the challenges and excitement of the shoot through photographs and behind the scenes video snippets.

Tom Seymour and David Bruno, Creatives at Wieden + Kennedy London said, “Attempting a Guinness world record was never going to be easy, especially the World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’. But with the right team of people, the right technology and a little optimism how could we possibly fail? The Nokia N8 produced some amazingly detailed photographs, both day and night. The result is a charming short film with a fantastic production story”.

Visit Wales – We Want Piers Bramhall

Visit Wales has launched a brand new campaign ‘We Want Piers Bramhall’ – the next step in its unique and interactive communications to encourage people to take their holidays in Wales.  The campaign has been created by W+K London, with direct and digital elements created by Kitcatt Nohr Digitas.

Visit Wales believes that the few days of holiday we have each year should be spent having real, involving experiences with lasting memories, as opposed to another identikit trip with hotels and attractions the same the world over.  They believe that fun should be spontaneous rather than organised; that countries should be explored and experienced rather than ignored from a lilo.

The new campaign launched on Saturday 6th August when an unsuspecting Englishman, Piers Bramhall, was woken at 8am and was invited personally by Joanna Page (of Gavin & Stacy fame) and an entourage of over 50 Welsh male choristers to take a holiday in Wales, all part of Visit Wales’ initiative to get the nation to holiday there.  Piers was then treated, together with his girlfriend Emma and some of their friends, to a brunch cooked in his own kitchen by Welsh chef Bryn Williams.  They then spent the afternoon at Twickenham to see the England v Wales match, where they enjoyed a champagne lunch and the company of some other familiar Welsh faces including Stereophonics front man, Kelly Jones, newsreader Rachael Hodges and footballer Ian Rush.

Visit Wales will be hosting Piers and Emma from 5th – 11th September for a special holiday in Wales. The duo will have a busy itinerary ahead of them – and can expect to see some more familiar Welsh faces entertaining them throughout their trip – experiences that will be shared: follow Piers’ adventures on Visit Wales’ Facebook page.

The stunt was arranged by Wieden + Kennedy following a casting of over 300 real-life women who were fed up with their men opting for the same summer holiday each year, and who were keen to catapult them from their all-inclusive sun-lounger. Piers’ girlfriend Emma Foley was chosen, unbeknown to her better-half, following further investigation into their holiday experiences, their personalities and their chemistry together to see how suited they’d be for the campaign.

Joanna Page, known for her strong Welsh patriotism, was keen to get behind the campaign: “Wales is such a beautiful country and there’s so much to do. Whether you want to take in the breath-taking scenery, have a laugh with the locals or try your hand at some out-door activities, our nation has it all! I just hope we’ve managed to demonstrate to Piers why he should come!”

Kelly Jones said: “What better way to show an Englishman how great Wales is than showcasing some of our key attributes – great singing, great rugby, great food and great people, with built in sarcasm, passion and grace. It’s God’s little green acre. If all else fails, try Wales!”

Hannah James, spokesperson for Visit Wales said of Piers’ invite: “We’re so excited the cat is finally out of the bag, and can’t wait to show Piers just how fantastic Wales is. Watch this space for more exciting developments – we have an excellent trip in store for Piers.”

W+K Creative Director Ray Shaughnessy said, ‘We are very excited to be doing something so different for Visit Wales. It gives us a chance to challenge people's entrenched perception of Wales by working with them to create such an integrated campaign. The invite day is just the start of it.’

W+K has created a series of online films that feature real businesses in Wales, from hotels to restaurants to outdoor activity specialists, all encouraging Piers to come to visit them on their holiday  Anyone can now film and upload their own invitations citing reasons why Piers should come to Wales and take advantage of all it has to offer.

Six 10” TVCs will break nationally on 25th August amplifying further what Piers will get up to on his holiday, together will other through the line media.

Kitcatt Nohr Digitas was responsible for the direct and digital elements of the campaign, including the creation of the Facebook hub, two direct mail pieces, inserts, rich media and standard banners and emails to the Visit Wales database.  Media was planned by M4C, and bought by Arena BLM.

The campaign will climax in January 2012 with a 40” TVC that will encapsulate Piers Bramhall’s Welsh holiday experience.

Milk Me Brian – New Cravendale Spot

Cravendale, the UK’s number one milk brand, is launching a new film in cinemas across the UK on Friday 29th July.  The spot will appear during screenings of family films such as Captain America and Cars 2.

‘Milk Me Brian’, created by Wieden + Kennedy, is the next phase of the Cravendale’s £12m national ‘The Milk Matters’ campaign – which dramatises the brand’s superior taste and quality in a familiarly light-hearted way. Cravendale is passionate about milk and the campaign has been created to remind consumers of this.

The new film, created by Freddie Powell and Hollie Sayers and creatively directed by Sam Heath and Chris Groom, brings to life the fantasies of a man at his breakfast-table, wondering who first thought to milk a cow – and how it was done. These musings transport Brian back to pre-historic times, and see him through the ages in a number of scenarios pondering the solution. Could the notion of milking have come to him by trial and error, or by divine intervention, or even whispered to him in a dream?  Whatever took place all those years ago – without the unhinged genius of Brian – there would be no Cravendale today. 

The launch of this film, the latest dimension of the Cravendale world, aims to generate further love for the brand following the huge success of Bertrum Thumbcat and his gang of polydactyl cats earlier this year.  Fans can still interact with Bertrum every day on Facebook and Twitter.

Sam Dolan, Cravendale Senior Brand Manager, said: ‘We’re over the moon with our new Milk Me Brian ad. It continues our mission to surprise, delight and entertain consumers brilliantly’.

Chris Groom, W+K Creative Director, said ‘One of the greatest oversights in human history is that no-one ever recorded the name of the first man to have milked a cow. It's time to right this terrible wrong.’

Further elements of the ‘Milk Me Brian’ campaign will roll out later in the autumn – bringing to life the specialness of Cravendale.

Honda Night Fishing

In June, Honda (UK) launched the next phase of its new sponsorship platform for Channel 4 Documentaries with a series of mini documentaries, an online hub, sponsorship idents and a ‘take part’ competition for all Honda owners.  The winner of the competition, and their Honda product, will feature in the concluding part of the campaign.

The first phase of the mini-documentaries featured Philippa, an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, who tends to the animals on her farm using her trusty Honda ATV.   This month, the ‘Night Fishing’ films feature fishermen who take their boat out at night off the coast of Brixham to catch their fish in the dark, with luminous lures.  The boat is called ‘Goldfish’ – a Cheetah Marine 9.95m catamaran powered by twin Honda BF135 marine engines.

This latest round of short films, created by Hollie Newton, creative at Wieden + Kennedy London, breaks on 20th July during the documentary ’24 Hours In A&E’ on Channel 4.

Carrying on from last year’s sponsorship campaign – which told stories from within the company – the new brand-led films, which carry the strapline ‘Documentaries on 4, sponsored by Honda’, feature real-life customers who use their Honda products in interesting and unusual ways.  They each carry a unique URL relating to their story which leads viewers to an online hub, designed and created by Collective. People can view the documentaries in full on the site, as well as a range of films, articles, and other interesting stories featuring Honda owners and their vehicles.

The ‘Take Part’ competition has been devised to encourage Honda owners to upload stories and photographs about the surprising ways they use their Honda products.  The favourite, as chosen by Honda and Wieden + Kennedy, will then be turned into the final mini-documentary, featured on TV as idents, concluding the campaign.

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing at Honda (UK) said, ‘”I am very excited that our continued relationship sponsoring Channel 4 documentaries allows us to focus on our customers, highlighting their warm – sometimes quirky – personal experiences of Honda products either for fun or as a necessary part of their daily livelihood.  We hope that this campaign will unveil further examples from our customers, one of which will be nominated to be brought to life on TV for a final set of idents later on in the year”

Chris Groom and Sam Heath, Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy said, “We knew there were all sorts of people using all sorts of Honda products in extraordinary ways. A documentary format provided the perfect platform to celebrate them.”

The next wave of creative ‘Blood Bikes’ breaks in September.

Nestea Launches Start-O-Matic

The interactive phase of NESTEA’s ‘The Start Of Something Different’ campaign launches globally this week.  The new work continues to position the NESTEA brand and its unique, refreshing blend of tea and fruit flavours as a catalyst for the start of new, unexpected and exciting possibilities.  This includes a new global website, the first phase of which launches in Canada first, at, created by Wieden + Kennedy and Amautalab. The global site will act as a central hub of information which will be localised for each NESTEA market.  It will tell the story of the brand and offers information about all NESTEA products – as well as housing the appropriate current campaign for its local market. 

W+K has also developed the ‘Start-O-Matic’ Facebook application in co-operation with the NESTEA brand team and other external partners. The app continues to play on the idea of NESTEA empowering consumers to embrace something new.  Whether it be learning to scuba dive, taking a photography course or learning to fly a plane, the Start-O-Matic provides the means for people to quickly and easily generate a film made up of video, photographs or written messages, that will live on the profile page of the friend they are hoping to galvanise into action and go after their dreams.  The films can be customised from one of four ‘themes’ – including ‘TV Show Starring You and Your Friends’, ‘Dance In The Sky’, ‘Anything Is Possible’ and ‘Kickstart’ – another playful element to help motivate people to take initiative, and take action.

W+K Interactive Creative Director Andy Cameron said, ‘We don’t just want to tell people how exciting it can be to make a fresh start; we want to inspire them to get on and do it for themselves. The Start-O-Matic Facebook app offers people a way to use social networks to playfully suggest their friends start something different. Ultimately it’s about the awesome power of integrating great storytelling with compelling social and interactive engagements in new ways.’

NESTEA – ‘The Start Of Something Different’

NESTEA has launched a new, global, integrated campaign, “The Start Of Something Different”.  The NESTEA brand's first fully-integrated marketing campaign initially broke in select markets in Europe and North America and will roll out across additional markets later this year.

“The Start Of Something Different”, created by Wieden + Kennedy, positions the NESTEA brand and its unique, refreshing blend of tea and fruit flavours as a catalyst for the start of new, unexpected and exciting possibilities.

“'The Start of Something Different' is more than our first fully-integrated marketing campaign for NESTEA, it's an evolution of the NESTEA brand identity,” says AJ Van Triest, Chief Marketing Officer for Beverage Partners Worldwide, the 50-50 joint-venture between The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé S.A. and responsible for selling NESTEA ready-to-drink tea in more than 70 markets globally.  NESTEA has always been a brand associated with natural refreshment, creativity and fun.  Our new “The Start of Something Different” campaign gives current and future consumers unique, innovative opportunities to interact with the brand and, at the same time, embrace new activities and ideas, big and small.

Through digital, television and print media, as well as outdoor activations, consumers are encouraged by the NESTEA brand to spontaneously make a positive choice that will lead to something new and unexpected. The campaign sets out the idea of a spinning bottle as a mechanism to start new things, which is integrated across all the new communications and marks the start of a fresh and emotional language, personality and purpose for the brand.  The Spin theme represents the spontaneous act of making a positive choice that will lead to something new and unexpected.

The 30″ TVC “The Perfect Day” brings the NESTEA “The Start of Something Different” to life. A young man is enjoying a day on a beach with his friends, and suddenly, refreshed after a big gulp of NESTEA, he puts the bottle on the table and gives it a spin.  Naturally he anticipates it landing on one of the pretty girls around him, but it stops on an elderly woman amongst them.  Despite being much older and silver-haired, her infectious warmth appeals to him so he spontaneously heads over to her, poised to embrace something different.  They then embark on a series of new and colourful experiences such as riding a motorbike, golfing from a roof and high-diving off some cliffs.

Rob Doubal and Laurence Thomson, Creative Directors at Wieden + Kennedy said, ëNESTEA is a great drink and a great brand.  We're really excited about the launch of “The Start Of Something Different” campaign and we've really taken it to heart.  In fact, we have decided to quit our jobs to set up a law firm.  Any enquiries to

The TV end-frame of the “swirl” graphic and spinning bottle ties in with the supporting print campaign which includes graphic executions of the different colours mirroring the NESTEA brand colours.  There also is an illustrative print campaign featuring the spinning bottle and swirl graphics, which have been created by famous, international artists and illustrators.  These include Supermundane, Alex Trochut and Cody Hudson.

The interactive element of the campaign will be breaking soon.

Guardian ‘Music Loves Summer’

Guardian News & Media (GNM) has today launched its biggest ever summer marketing season, called ‘Music Loves Summer’. Running from now until September, the multimedia marketing and editorial campaign will give readers more than four months of exclusive content, including unrivalled coverage of the biggest music festivals, from Glastonbury to Glyndebourne.

Launching the season today, Chris Lawson, Marketing Director, GNM said: “Summer is the perfect time of year to celebrate music, and our most ambitious themed marketing season to date will have something for everyone, ranging from showcasing new bands to the live-streaming of opera. Alongside our expanded editorial content, we will be supporting the season with a summer-long digital and marketing campaign, targeting music fans across mobile, online and in-paper.”

Music Loves Summer is designed to be the most engaging, collaborative and comprehensive guide to the summer’s music news, reviews and festivals. It aims to drive digital engagement and participation, and develop audiences who can discover and enjoy GNM’s music content across variety online platforms, including the mobile site – – and Music fans will also be targeted on a range of music-related channels, including branded Guardian channels on YouTube, Spotify and Facebook.

Throughout the season, readers will be invited to share their own experiences and photos from festivals and gigs, some of which will run in the Guardian’s Film & Music supplement and on

The season will also showcase new musical talent, with an exclusive gig bringing to life the Guardian’s popular New Band of the Day column. The gig will feature singer-songwriter Rumer, Britain’s fastest-rising rapper Wretch 32, and retro-modern indie-pop band Summer Camp.

Summary highlights of the Music Loves Summer season:
Music Power 100: a new Guardian list of the most influential people in the UK music industry.
Lady GaGa and the Arctic Monkeys: exclusive interviews.
Opera live-streaming: will be live-streaming two Glyndebourne operas – the first time a newspaper has done this.
Festival guide: More festivals than ever before, opportunities to win tickets and festival calendars distributed at key travel points.
Supplements: A seven-day in-paper music series about the history of modern music, a music photography print series and a classical music and opera supplement.
Music Loves Summer is the latest themed marketing season from GNM, and builds on the success of its Film and Start Happy seasons. It will be supported by an extensive media campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy, London, including radio, digital, consumer press adverts, digital rail and underground advertising and promotion across, the Guardian and The Observer.