New Foyles Christmas Campaign ‘It’s Thought That Counts’

With Christmas almost up on us, high streets will soon be twinkling with Christmas lights and festive window displays enticing shoppers to tackle their gifting lists.

Led by creative director Larry Seftel, Wieden+Kennedy's new Christmas campaign for iconic London bookseller Foyles (2013’s National Bookseller of the Year) is aimed at book givers and celebrates the true value of giving books as gifts.

The print and poster campaign builds on the success of last year’s Foyles Christmas campaign, which used the old aphorism ‘It’s the thought that counts’, by striking out the definite article in text to put the focus on the power of books to inspire.

In-store visuals will also reference the idea of books as presents, by comparing them to gifts which have become mundane.


A new interactive online film from Honda launches on 30th October, bringing to life the brand’s ‘other side’ ahead of the hotly-anticipated launch of the new Civic Type R in 2015.

Honda is renowned for its reputation of engineering excellence, technology and reliability. But it’s the brand’s other side, born from a racing heritage and thirst for innovation, which this campaign heroes.

During 2015 Honda will launch the all-new Civic Type R – promising to be the most extreme and high-performing model to wear the famous ‘Red H’ badge – perfectly embodying this other side of the marque. As the film asserts, Type R is the wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback that customers know and trust.

The Other Side aims to bring to life these two sides of Honda by putting fans at the heart of a high-adrenaline dual narrative. The story unfolds in two parallel tales, one set during the day and the other at night. The daytime story sees a father picking his daughter up from school in his white Civic and driving her to a surprise party.

By contrast the night-time narrative shows the father’s other side – an undercover cop driving a crew of art thieves to a police sting, in a head-turning red Type R. While very different in tone, the two stories mirror each other perfectly in their composition.

The Other Side opens with the Civic in the daytime, with titles prompting interaction as they roll. From here the viewer can switch between the Civic and the Type R narrative, simply by pressing the ‘R’ button on their keyboard. The effect is dramatic and heart-racing, a big enjoyable gear shift between stories echoing the sensation of pressing the new Type R’s ‘R’ button to activate ‘Race Mode’.

A press of the ‘R’ key puts the director’s cut into the viewers’ hands, allowing them to switch in real time between two mirrored story lines. Through sound design and seamlessly matched scenes, you can’t help but feel the power of Honda’s other side.

The Other Side launches on YouTube on October 30th, kicking off a pan-European campaign set to continue through 2015. See the interactive experience here: View the trailer here:

Martin Moll, Honda Motor Europe’s Head of Marketing, says, “This campaign marks a very significant time for our brand. The Civic Type R is one of four new car launches for Honda in 2015 and provides a powerful halo-effect for the marque. Just as our products are renowned for being innovative, our communications style will amplify this. By way of example, we are not aware of anyone else creating interactive user content in the same dramatic way, which should give it a very strong appeal.” 

Honda UK spearheaded the campaign, investing in large-scale media support across TV, digital and social channels throughout November. The campaign kicked off with a launch event for journalists and influencers, allowing them to discover Honda’s other side for themselves in personal interactive cinema booths and get up close and personal with the Type R Concept car.

The Other Side was shot by acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe, the creative force behind award-winning commercials, music videos and the recent Cannes Film Festival highlight ‘Catch Me Daddy’. Music was scored by Bobby Krlic of The Haxan Cloak, and the interactive experience was developed with the expertise of production agency Stinkdigital Scott Dungate, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London, says, “The beauty of this idea is in the simplicity of the interaction. The simple act of pressing ‘R’ empowers the viewer to drive the film, toggling between the two stories. It’s very satisfying and addictive jumping from the Civic day world to the high octane night world of the Type R. It’s like going into race mode, and putting your foot down. You get a sense of power and excitement. Through this we hope people will feel Honda’s other side as well as see it.”

Daniel Wolfe, Director at Somesuch says: “I love this idea, the raw simplicity of just one button. Type R. The user creates the cuts. Jumps between worlds. It was a joy to work on: create two dual narratives that weave in and out. Get to work with Jean-Philippe Ricci, Slimane Dazi and Mourad Frarema. Shoot on 35mm with Robbie Ryan. Create the two sides of the Honda world, and bring them into collision. Honda has a heritage of great advertising, and it was a pleasure to work with the W+K team on this project.”


All around the world, busy lifestyles and action packed schedules are resulting in people making less and less time for breakfast. Dairy co-operative Arla Foods wants to turn this trend on its head in one of its core markets with a playful new campaign reminding people to make time for breakfast.

Established in Sweden over a century ago, Arla’s range of dairy products has long been synonymous with good breakfast. The nation has a well-established reputation for a healthy lifestyle, but here the most important meal of the day is in decline.

Tid för Frukost, the next chapter in Arla's Let in the Goodness campaign, launched in Sweden on 26th October, the day when the country sets its clocks back an hour. Since the entire nation gains an hour in its day, Arla and Wieden+Kennedy asked, why not use this extra hour for breakfast?

From 13th to 26th October, two spots (Miss Clock and Backwards Talker) aired on TV, featuring all non-actors and interesting personalities bringing message to life. Stylised visuals echo a beloved piece of Swedish popular culture, the government public service announcement (‘anslagstavlan’), accompanied by a vintage jingle.

The subsequent part of the campaign rolls out after the clocks have been turned back, continuing to remind people to make time for breakfast, with with four films running on TV and VOD for a month from 26th October. This part of the campaign also uses non-actors to champion the power of a healthy breakfast to set people up for the day.

The TV campaign is supported by social activity, which includes short “alarm” films appearing on Facebook feeds between 7-9am each morning, reminding them to have breakfast with a variety of alerts including roosters, clocks and singing kettles.

Wieden+Kennedy’s Latest Campaign for Nike: CR7 in ‘Out of this World’

Champions League-winning, Ballon D’or polishing, record-breaking, all-round footballing megastar Cristiano Ronaldo stars in Wieden+Kennedy London's new campaign for Nike Football.

The campaign marks the launch of Ronaldo’s new boot, the Mercurial Superfly CR7, made from Nike’s innovative flywire material and built for explosive speed. And when the fastest boot comes together with the most phenomenal player on Earth, the results are truly ‘Out of this World’.

Launching in the build-up to his appearance in El Clasico on Saturday night, a motion book story portrays Ronaldo as the hero who discovers the new Mercurial Superfly CR7 has crash-landed on earth in a meteorite. When he arrives at the scene and dons the boots, he gains explosive powers.

He shoots around the world at supersonic speed. He beats fighter jets for pace, breaks cops’ speed guns, plays matches in several global locations and even trains at extreme altitude on a snowy mountain before zooming back to Madrid, all in preparation for the epic clash with Barcelona.

The spot fuses live-action with animation to reinvent the comic book genre for Nike’s core audience of digital-native, mobile-first football fans. Just like with the biggest superhero movies, we teased the film with mini trailer across Nike and Ronaldo’s social channels to generate intrigue and excitement.

After viewing the teaser, fans were directed to the Nike Football app as the exclusive place to watch the full film, and of course, order themselves a pair of boots. 

In addition to the online film, a giant meteor-landing site in a busy square in Madrid was revealed to bring our digital story crashing into the real world. 

For more information about the Mercurial Superfly CR7, please click here.

New work from W+K London and Tesco Bank: ‘Win Win’

Win when you spend, win when you don’t. That’s the idea behind Wieden+Kennedy Londons new Tesco Bank ‘Win Win’ campaign celebrating all the benefits the bank’s customers experience by choosing its current account.

Tesco Bank current account customers can collect Clubcard points on almost everything they purchase with their debit card and even earn extra points on your shopping at Tesco when they spend. When they don’t, their current account balance earns interest – hence the campaign's name, 'Win Win'.

Wieden+Kennedy London created a pair of TV spots which play on the contrast between two alternate scenarios to echo the win-win experience. Comparing the thrill of a family day out at the aquarium with a budding amateur biologist's rather less extravagant fascination with his pet goldfish, and the glamour of a pastel-hued dog grooming parlour with the hands-on fun of the DIY version, the films capture the bright side of very different experiences. An accompanying print and outdoor campaign also uses the juxtaposition of alternate sides of familiar objects to articulate the campaign message in a clear and simple way.

Read more about the new current account here.


Arla Foods’ main brand, Arla®, has launched a new campaign which aims to unite the Arla brand across different markets and introduces a new brand platform of ‘Natural Goodness’ with the line: Let in the goodness.

The global re-launch campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, will form the basis of local campaigns in several markets, led by Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. The campaign seeks to communicate the Let in the goodness message in an emotional way, encouraging the public to make the most of the day, whatever it may hold.

The new platform launches with a TV commercial, directed by Mark Molloy, and a print campaign shot by photographer and food writer, Stephanie Congdon Barnes of The print campaign features Congdon Barnes’ own friends and family captured in an un-staged, journalistic style.

Watch the TVC here.

The campaign is based on extensive research into the unique role dairy products play in consumers’ everyday lives, nourishing both body and soul. Whether it’s slurping an overflowing glass of milk or munching on buttered toast, the campaign highlights dairy as the thread of natural goodness that runs through life and prepares us for greatness each and every day. The work celebrates Arla’s reputation for producing and exporting natural and healthy dairy products.

The lead TV spot gives a glimpse into the morning routines of a broad cast of characters, juxtaposing familiar moments with a rousing voiceover that echoes the rhetoric of historical speeches.

Several product-focused campaigns have also been developed by Wieden+Kennedy London across the ‘Natural Goodness’ platform, starting with Arla Kærgarden butter in Germany and a campaign supporting Arla Finland’s commitment to sourcing local milk. These will be followed later in 2014 by work supporting Arla Buko cream cheese and the Arla Ko breakfast range in Germany and Sweden respectively.

Watch the Arla Kærgarden TVC here.


Hot on the heels of the recently released Other Side of Honda campaign introducing the Civic Type R Concept, Honda Motor Europe and Wieden+Kennedy London are back with a new pan-European, multi-channel campaign celebrating the Civic range and Honda’s unparalleled dedication to thorough testing.

The campaign is based on the idea that ‘there’s testing, then there’s Honda testing’, showcasing the dramatic lengths the manufacturer will go to when testing their vehicles, specifically the Civic model. At Honda’s European manufacturing plant in Swindon UK, cars are tested to the extreme in a specially controlled climate chamber from -30’c to +80’c conditions.

The campaign launches with a 30” film directed by Johnny Hardstaff, supported by print executions and rich media ad, which will feature an interactive version of the film, allowing the user to change the temperature of the ad and watch the environment change in response.

W+K launches first campaign for Chambord, #BecauseNoReason

Do this, don't do that, follow the rules, post a selfie. Why do we bend to social pressures? Why can’t we just do what we like, for no other reason than we like to?

This summer, Chambord is giving the public a new reason to do what they want and follow their own rules: whether it's staying in, going out or turning an everyday moment into a special occasion, Chambord wants us to do what we like because no reason.

The first campaign created by London agency Wieden+Kennedy since being awarded the global Chambord business introduces women to a new ally in the age of overwhelming pressure to look the right way, do the right thing, take the right pictures and say the right things – meet the Chambord woman. Just like Chambord, she's French, she's got her own style, and she’s a little bit different. Surrounded by a surreal pastel-coloured world where flamingoes roam indoors and normal rules don’t apply, Chambord's newest ambassador perfectly embodies the 'because no reason' attitude.

The campaign launches with a 30″ TV spot directed by Nick Gordon, giving the French black raspberry liqueur brand a playful new voice. The film is supported by 10” TV executions.

Throughout the summer, a social campaign that will promote the ‘because no reason’ attitude at key moments when people are most vulnerable to bowing to social pressures – festivals, fashion shows, that crucial Saturday night go-out-or-stay-in moment. Fans will be given bright and witty doses of encouragement across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in Chambord’s ‘absurd logic’ language. 

Pour Chambord into a flute glass.
Top with the fizz of your choosing.
And finish with a raspberry.
Cheers, my petite cabbage.

The campaign seeks to reposition the brand amongst a wider consumer base. The TV spots will run at key moments where dual screen viewer behavior is at a peak, seeing the conversation continue from the TV screen to the internet.

Do it, don't do it, but whatever you choose, do it #becausenoreason.

Alexander Sneen, Global Marketing Director – Vodka and Chambord, Brown-Forman, said: “We are excited to bring a step change to Chambord with Because No Reason. We wanted to give one of our iconic brands a playful new voice to appeal to a broader range of consumers, and this campaign does just that. It’s memorable, fun and beautifully crafted, and embraces the way our audience consumes media online.”

Scott Dungate, Creative Director on the Chambord account at W+K London said: “It’s rare to get the opportunity to start from scratch and reinvent a heritage brand like Chambord. While we wanted to tip our hat to Chambord’s ‘Frenchness’, we wanted to make it modern, exciting and unpredictable. We wanted to give Chambord a personality that would thrive in social and beyond- not just make nice ads. With the line and attitude of ‘because no reason’, we can literally write executions for whatever and forever. While the simple, iconic art direction lets us turn around ideas fast and elegantly’.

W+K’s new campaign for Three ‘Feel at Home’

This month, Three Mobile launched its 'Feel at Home' campaign, allowing customers to use their UK mobile allowance to call, text and use data abroad at no extra cost.

A great idea – so great in fact, that it opened the floodgates to holiday photo sharing. Plane wings, sunsets, palm trees, beach feet, cocktails the list goes on…before we knew it, the UK was in full #holidayspam crisis mode.

So Wieden+Kennedy London created a campaign to help Three take responsibility and apologise for all this #holidayspam. 

A 60” TV spot 'We’re Sorry' is supported by online films such as a 30″ inflight  and a whole host of activity including a suite of OOH and DOOH executions in major sites around the UK, including airports, roadside sites, the BFI IMAX site and the new Waterloo motion screen

Additionally, the microsite provides updates on the current holiday spam situation.

‘Roar’ Celebrates Other Side of Honda

Honda Motor Europe and Wieden+Kennedy London have launched a new campaign to introduce the concept model of the forthcoming Civic Type R, ahead of the production car’s highly anticipated European launch in 2015.

The ‘Roar’ campaign celebrates a different side of Honda; the challenging, winning, racing side. The side that will see Honda return to Formula 1 and launch a new version of its NSX supercar in 2015. The side that sees Honda compete on both four and two wheels in more races than any other company in the world. Dubbed a ‘racing car for the road’ and promising to be the most extreme yet, the new Type R serves as the perfect hero for the campaign.

‘Roar’ leads with a 30 second film in which the new Type R Concept ‘breaks through’ the Civic upon which it is based. As the roar of the revving engine builds, the car morphs from a standard white Civic in a high-end art gallery space into the trademark red Type R Concept in a racing garage ready to take to the track. With the transition complete and with peace restored, the film concludes with the strapline ‘The Other Side of Honda’.

The ‘Roar’ film has debuted on Honda’s Youtube channel supported by a print and online banner campaign. A larger interactive and integrated campaign celebrating this ‘other side’ of Honda is currently in development for launch this autumn.

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing for Honda Motor Europe comments: “With the anticipation of new Type R continuing to build, this is the first step in several months of activity aiming to excite and engage Civic and Type R fans ahead of the highly-anticipated launch of the car next year. The audible roar of the engine in this film brilliantly captures the spirit of Type R and the experience it promises to deliver.”

Scott Dungate, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London comments: “There are two sides to Honda. The rational side it is famous for; quality reliability, and clever engineering. Then there’s the other side; Honda’s racing alter ego, its challenging spirit, its passion for winning. This film begins the celebration of 'The Other Side of Honda’, and marks a shift in tone from what we might expect of the brand.”