W+K and Arla launch new campaign

W+K have teamed up with Arla to unveil a colorful new campaign to launch Arla Best of Both (BOB): the UK’s first fat free skimmed milk that tastes as good as semi-skimmed.

To distinguish BOB in the milk aisle, it’s packaged with a bright yellow top that sets it apart from the traditionally blue, green and red topped milk.

The campaign kicks off with a 30 second TVC spot entitled ‘Welcome to Compromise.’ The ad revolves around the inhabitants of a town called Compromise who have been living in a joyless world of restraint until their lives are changed forever from the day of BOB’s unexpected appearance. The ad is a tongue in cheek celebration of what it means to bring a “Best of Both” promise to milk drinkers who compromise with their milk choices.

Bold splashes of yellow are brought to the town when an unexpected parcel arrives. Inside are neatly packed rows of BOB in ice boxes, which goes against everything the town has ever known. Word spreads as taste, texture and colour energise glasses of milk, cups of tea and bowls of muesli across the town of Compromise. A true transformation takes place. With people everywhere now wearing yellow outfits, Compromise has indeed gone yellow doolally.

Sarah Baldwin, Vice President, Marketing, Arla Foods UK, comments: “According to our research, 49% of semi-skimmed buyers say they would buy skimmed but don’t like the texture and 33% would buy skimmed but don’t like the taste. Our new ad celebrates the fact that we’re bringing a completely new “Best of Both” promise to milk drinkers: compromise in the milk aisle is a thing of the past.”

Sophie Bodoh, a Creative at Wieden+Kennedy, commented: “The milk aisle is a place of autopilot where people tend to just reach for their usual red, green or blue top. We needed people to notice this new yellow top milk. So we hit them with a big, bright burst of yellow and made that the focus of our story.”

The TV ad is part of an integrated marketing campaign featuring, shopper, outdoor 48 sheets, six sheets, press, digital and social media.

W+K launches new campaign for Halls

Wieden+Kennedy London and Halls have teamed up to launch a new campaign in North America and Canada that aims to be the first to take care of its audience when they’re not feeling great.

Promoting the strong and gentle variants of Halls cough drops, the campaign plays on the truth that people like two types of love when they’re under the weather: ‘Tough Love’ – for a motivational no-nonsense approach to care, or ‘Soft Love’ – for those who prefer to be hugged and pampered when sick.

The spot opens from a first-person perspective of 'you' sick in bed. Turning 'your' head left receives tough care and then right receives soft care. As the spot progresses, the care from both sides ramps up as each character tries to offer alternatives to make you feel better and out-do the other.

The campaign is brought to life by John C McGinley of ‘Platoon’ and ‘Scrubs’ fame. He looks after you as ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Soft Love’ characters in eleven pieces of film content that’ll leave you feeling better.

WWF and W+K’s #EndangeredEmoji Turns Tweets to Donations

WWF and W+K London launch the first emoji-based fundraising campaign to help support the organisation’s work to protect precious species and their habitats, ahead of Endangered Species Day on Friday 15 May.

The idea for the global #EndangeredEmoji campaign, which is run entirely through Twitter, was sparked by the discovery that 17 characters in the emoji alphabet represent endangered species. WWF is seeking to translate the popularity of these characters into donations. Emoji have been used over 202 million times on Twitter since they were integrated into the platform in April 2014 and the number is increasing daily.

#EndangeredEmoji will be run through the official @WWF Twitter account and at www.endangeredemoji.com

Here’s how it works:

  • @WWF tweet an image showing all 17 Endangered Emoji. To take part in the campaign, all twitter users need to do is retweet the image.
  • For every Endangered Emoji the user then tweets, WWF will add the local currency equivalent of €0.10 to a voluntary monthly donation.
  • At the end of each month, users will receive a summary of their Endangered Emoji use, and can then choose how much to donate.

Adrian Cockle, Digital Innovation Manager at WWF International said: “When it comes to fundraising, giving people a simple way to donate is key. By using one of the world’s biggest social platforms to highlight endangered species, we’re hoping to raise vital funds for their conservation as well as raising awareness globally.”

The emoji alphabet contains the following characters representing endangered species:

Spider monkey
Giant panda
Asian elephant
Galapagos penguin
Antiguan Racer snake
Bactrian camel
Sumatran tiger
Green turtle
Amur leopard
Siamese crocodile
Bluefin tuna
Blue whale
Western gray whale
African wild dog
Lemur leaf frog
Maui’s dolphin
This campaign launched a month after WWF Global Ambassador Andy Murray used emoji to celebrate his wedding to Kim Sears, receiving more than 14,000 retweets.

Influential digital supporters will publicize the campaign by retweeting the original image to their followers, including Xavier Di Petta, creator of @EarthPix and @HistoryInPics. He comments, “Emoji is the first global language and I love that people all over the world can get involved in protecting our planet and the animals we share it with.”

The campaign was developed with technical partner Cohaesus.

Arla and W+K Bring Skyr to British Shores

Arla and Wieden+Kennedy have created a multichannel campaign this spring to introduce Iceland’s traditional and nutritious yogurt, Skyr.

Arla Skyr is made from skimmed cow's milk and is carefully made following traditional Icelandic methods, which results in a delicious, silky texture that is low in fat, reduced in sugar and naturally high in protein. Known for their strength and courage, Icelandic people through the centuries have at least one thing in common: they’re all powered by Skyr. And now, it’s set to conquer British shores.

Launched in the UK with a 90” film directed by Dougal Wilson through Blink, the TV spot is set in the 1960s and tells a story laced with Icelandic pluck and, of course, plenty of Skyr. A young telephone exchange messenger goes to extraordinary lengths to keep his community connected to the world, and each other, via the only telephone in their remote village. Naturally, bowl after bowl of Skyr keeps him going; whether the message he’s delivering is difficult to swallow or a little more mundane, no obstacle is too big and no news too small for the young hero.

In the coming months, outdoor executions will support the TVC, heralding the arrival of Iceland’s super yogurt, photographed by British photographer Andy Sewell.

Campaign activity will continue online, with a series of three short documentary films, 'Skyr Guides' launching in late April, featuring modern day Icelanders. From the doorman at the oldest bar in Reykjavik to one of Iceland’s toughest female cyclists, the friendly locals help viewers become more familiar with Skyr, the dairy product they grew up on. The films, ranging from one minute to shorter cutdowns tailored for different platforms, will be shared on Arla’s social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine, as well as YouTube prerolls.

Sam Dolan, Senior Brand Manager, Yogurt, Arla comments, “we are thrilled with how the campaign is looking and the TV spot is an amazing way to launch our wonderful Skyr Icelandic style yogurt. Thanks to Wiedens and Dougal for delivering another great ad for Arla.”

Larry Seftel, Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy London, says “In their long illustrious history Icelanders have been sailing the oceans, producing world beating strongmen, chess champions and, as the story of our ad tells, a young boy capable of hand delivering phone messages to people all over an often cold and forbidding Island. Now that Skyr is available in the UK we have an inkling of what their secret might be.”

New Lurpak campaign inspires cooks to freestyle

Arla Foods and Wieden+Kennedy London are encouraging Britain to go 'freestyle' with a new campaign promoting Lurpak's soft straight-from-the-fridge butter, Lurpak Spreadable. 

The campaign aims to inspire cooks to loosen up, get creative and embrace the more spontaneous side of food. Casual kitchen dabblers and adventurous cooks alike know that sometimes, the most wonderful creations happen in the kitchen when inspiration strikes and instinct takes over. Whipping up a spot of lunch can turn into a delicious experiment when there’s no recipe, no plan, no carefully measured ingredients. Just a little bit of this, a pinch of that and a drizzle of the other.

Directed by Juan Cabral, the film captures the beautiful, rhythmic chaos of freestyling in the kitchen and takes viewers on a journey of flavour experimentation and explosive taste sensations. Cooks throw unusual and enticing dishes together to a rip-roaring jazz soundtrack, whilst the voice of Lurpak, Rutger Hauer, steers the show like the leader of the band. Energetic cuts coupled with expressive movements, choreographed by New York dancer, Storyboard P, bring a dynamic feel to the film; depicting the beautiful frenzy that freestyle cooking creates. 

Delicious and inspiring bread creations were captured for print and outdoor executions by Gustav Almestål. Coupled with bold statements, the ads invite cooks to re-evaluate their sandwich endeavours and embrace the art of going freestyle.

W+K launches first brand campaign for Finish

RB and Wieden+Kennedy are embarking on a category redefining mission with leading dishwasher detergent brand Finish* this spring, beginning with the launch of a new marketing campaign. Premiering with a 40” TV spot, ‘Dishes,’ the brand repositioning campaign aims to shake up the household detergent category by focusing on the central role of dishes in people’s lives.

In a market dominated by product promotion and functional messaging, Finish is seeking to communicate to the public through the more meaningful language of real life in all its glory.

The film views life, and dirty dishes, through Finish’s dish obsessed lens, aiming to open viewers’ eyes to the dishes they’re surrounded by every day, especially the surprising dishes people don't notice, but Finish does. There's almost no activity in life that doesn't generate a dirty dish, but Finish has it covered.

Beginning with simple, obvious scenarios, as the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey from the mundane to the unexpected, all the way from an egg breakfast to existence itself. In each scene, dishes appear to float magically in formation, positioned just as they would be when stacked inside a dishwasher.

The campaign is the first to be developed by Wieden+Kennedy London since being awarded the Finish account by RB in 2014. The ‘Dishes’ film is supported by a product centric ‘Glasses’ spot, which promotes Finish’s Shine & Protect innovation, which helps protect glasses from corrosion. Focusing on a single glass, the film brings to life the diverse experiences its protagonist goes through in everyday life. The viewer's focus is held on the glass, which remains centred on the screen from scene to scene.

Both films were produced through Riff Raff with award winning directing collective Megaforce.

The new brand campaign aims to establish a new point of view for Finish, forming part of an integrated campaign.

Ethical Creative Agency Nice and Serious Debuts a New Brand Identity, created with W+K London

Working together with Wieden+Kennedy, ethical creative agency Nice and Serious has launched a new brand identity. Designed to be an adaptable and sustainable identity that can react in response to new developments in the field and work across all brand communications, the rebrand reflects the company’s nice and serious values: creating beautiful things to solve serious issues.

The new brand system, which encompasses a new logo and identity concept, will be applied across the company’s website, social media channels, end frames, signage and stationery, and carried through to the brand’s tone of voice.

The new brand identity system creates a simple and flexible visual connection between Nice and Serious’ values and each project’s narrative. This identity represents the nice and the serious, and the relationship between the two. Whilst the typography stays constant, the central area, where the two elements overlap, is an ever-changing window, a live area allowing Nice and Serious to visually showcase what the company is all about. It’s a space to tell a story through illustration, showcase a piece of work, or educate people in the form of a beautiful infographic.

In a continuing collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy, Nice and Serious’ rebrand will extend to the physical space as well, with the two companies collaborating on the design of the company’s offices.

Wieden+Kennedy and Three launch ‘Prepare Yourself’ for Feel at Home

Wieden+Kennedy and Three are back on the nation's screens and outdoor sites promoting Three's generous Feel At Home service, which lets customers use their phones abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations (including Spain and New Zealand, from April onwards).

The new campaign follows Three's 'Sorry for the holiday spam' campaign last year. Since then, over one million Three customers have been getting in on the action and sharing holiday spam from abroad.

Now, Three wants to help people prepare themselves for even more holiday spam. This year, even more of its customers will be using their phones in even more destinations.

The campaign launches with a 60″ TV spot, featuring buddies Chris, Max and Ronnie, who were able to spam everyone back home with the details of their life changing Bondi surf trip. Constantly.

The TV spot is supported suite of executions including cinema, VOD, press, social and radio; OOH and DOOH sites across the country make an example of holiday spammers, urging people to prepare themselves for more.

This Christmas, give them what they really want. 365 days of you.

Three hit on the insight that self-indulgence is big at Christmas, but that doesn't stop people wanting to treat their loved ones too. That’s where Three’s festive promotion came in: customers can buy that shiny new gadget for themselves and Three will give them a discount on a gift for someone special.

To celebrate the fact that everyone gets to treat their loved ones at Christmas by treating themselves at the same time, Three and Wieden+Kennedy London created a specially designed app, CalendarMe. The web-based app uses colour-matched image replacement technology to insert users’ faces into the most self indulgent thing of all, their very own celebrity calendar.

By visiting www.three.co.uk/CalendarMe, users can create a fabulous official 2015 calendar all about them, as a gift for their loved ones. By simply taking a snap with their webcams or uploading a photo, thanks to the interactive wizardry of production company Unit9, their face is inserted into a digital, downloadable and infinitely shareable calendar. Their lucky calendar recipients will be treated to a whole year of the user posing as a mechanic, as an astronaut, as a long-haired rock band frontman and more. Not only that, but 10,000 lucky, randomly chosen calendar-smiths will even get a printed calendar of themselves through their letter box.

Tesco Christmas 2014: Every Little Helps Make Christmas

Gathering the family around the table, the anticipation of switching on the Christmas lights for the first time, the cosy winter atmosphere…it’s not just about getting the turkey on the table – Christmas is about all the little things that come together to make it so special. 

Wieden+Kennedy's new Tesco Christmas campaign celebrates the festive spirit we all love. It aims to show that Tesco is just as excited about Christmas as we all are, helping us prepare for the festive season in lots of fun and useful ways.

The campaign kicked off this weekend with a TV spot directed by Guy Manwaring. Accompanied by a brass band cover of Irene Cara’s ‘What a Feeling,’ the film shows families gathering to decorate their homes, while Tesco colleagues get ready to spread the Christmas cheer in stores. And then comes the magic moment: switching on the lights in homes and in Tesco stores across the nation.

The festive light show at the end is inspired by a Tesco customer, Claire Hannah, who last year tweeted her disappointment that her local store didn’t have a green hat. In response, Tesco created a winter wonderland at the store and invited Claire and over 800 local residents to enjoy the fun and switch on the Christmas lights. All one million of them.

Getting the team behind the London 2012 Olympic light show to make Wigan sparkle is just one example of all the unexpected things Tesco is doing to help customers have a brilliant Christmas, in whatever way it can, big or small.

And look out for the green hat, which will appear on over 700 Tesco stores across the country this year – more than ever before.