D&AD New Blood work shop: How to get into a creative department without getting arrested

Ah, D&AD New Blood season. When Shoreditch fills with bright young things showing off their wares and trying everything and anything to get a job. 

As any creative knows, getting that all-important first foot in the door is bloody difficult. That’s why Jason and Joris, who look after our placement scheme, thought they’d do a talk that shows students that there are other ways to grab the attention of prospective employers. Thus “How to get into a creative department without getting arrested” was born.

It all kicked off with a chat from Iain Tait about advertising’s constant struggle to create the “world’s first”, no matter how ridiculous that world’s first is. He said that instead of looking at the newest tech, we should be looking a little further back at more mainstream tech and using it in smarter ways. 

Which (sort of) neatly segued into Jason and Joris’ talk. They showed smart student projects that had caught their eye, and then talked about other clever ways that people had gotten their portfolios in front of prospective employers. 

Saving the best until last, they finished with urban legends of people going to extreme lengths to land a job. Examples of ‘what not to do’ included everything from dogs testicles being posted to us here at Wieden+Kennedy (that one’s true – please don’t try it), to chickens being let loose in an office with CVs attached to their necks (again, also true) and even a team who had an agency’s logo tattooed on themselves (100% definitely true)*.

* If you’re reading this and thinking “oooh, that was me”, what were you thinking?! 


Such was the excitement that we forgot to take our own photo.

Going Freestyle with Lurpak Spreadable

We encouraged Britain to go 'freestyle' this weekend, with the launch of our new campaign promoting Lurpak's soft straight-from-the-fridge butter, Lurpak Spreadable. It's the perfect product for freestyling in the kitchen.

We wanted to inspire cooks to loosen up, get creative and embrace the more spontaneous side of food. Casual kitchen dabblers and adventurous cooks alike know that sometimes, the most wonderful creations happen in the kitchen when inspiration strikes and instinct takes over. Whipping up a spot of lunch can turn into a delicious experiment when there’s no recipe, no plan, no carefully measured ingredients. Just a little bit of this, a pinch of that and a drizzle of the other.

We kicked things off with a 30” TV spot (watch the glorious 60" version here) on Saturday during Britain’s Got Talent. Directed by the ever so talented Juan Cabral, the film captures the beautiful, rhythmic chaos of freestyling in the kitchen and takes viewers on a journey of flavour experimentation and explosive taste sensations.

We see cooks throw unusual and enticing dishes together to a rip-roaring jazz soundtrack, whilst the voice of Lurpak, Rutger Hauer, steers the show like the leader of the band. We were lucky enough to work with New York dancer, Storyboard P, on the choreography, which brings a dynamic feel to the film, echoing the beautiful frenzy that freestyle cooking creates.


Gustav Almestål captured delicious and inspiring bread creations for print and outdoor executions. Coupled with bold statements, the ads invite cooks to re-evaluate their sandwich endeavours and embrace the art of going freestyle.


Hungry? Go freestyle. 

Purveyors of sensual confusion

Bompas and Parr gave WK Platform an interesting talk on their methods and inspiration just before christmas. It was an early start, but that was no excuse for us not to try a new type of liquor they were working on. It was extremely strong, very tasty and very top secret. Alcohol out of the way!

The jelly-mongering juxtapositionists then spoke about the challenges and delights faced whilst staging their extravagant projects. From a Courvoisier punch lake and a drinkable, yet potentially explosive gin cloud to Wonka-esque flavour-evolving chewing gum and ziggurat citrus clouds with Fairtrade. Bompas and Parr are trying to push our senses in new directions.

We discussed the essence and main drivers behind their ideas. It would appear that the post-digital age has created a growing demand for sensual engagement. This desire and delight for taste and smell is spawning very real and exciting opportunities for story telling. So what does this mean for the WK Platfomers? Well part of the Platform brief is to investigate the future of story telling. B+P's interpretation of this challenge utilises sensual amplification and juxtaposition to manufacture synaesthesia. The theatre of food's a great way an experience can be enhanced. Investigating this area is not only fascinating, but also delicious. Many thanks to B+P for their time.

Platform Experiment 1.0 – Twitter Controlled Gameboy

Can we create a new gaming interface?

Unlike music production where there are many different interfaces to create music, in gaming there is only one. So, we decided to hack a Nintendo Gameboy and create a new gaming interface via twitter, so that people could play Mario as an MMO game.

We chose a prominent moment in digital culture by launching it in the middle of ‘Internet Week’ and ‘Mario’s 25th anniversary.’
The results we’ve got via twitter and email suggest that it’s an interesting idea, but this didn’t translate into playing time.
We got about 600 visits in 2 days.  Around 20 – 30 people tried it. Only 3 or 4 engaged with the game, tweeting a few times trying to achieve something and not just sending things randomly. But lots of people deleted the tweets after sending them.  

Vdzg4h 69hldv
From that behaviour, our conclusion is that one of the big obstacles for people to investigate and understand the game through trial and error is the spamming effect on their followers. For a lot of people, twitter is the platform they use to show to the world how interesting and insightful they are in very few words. Therefore, sending “nonsense” to hundreds of people is not very appealing.

A technical fact, is when we reached the pick of 15 people at once (a bit lame for a pick, I know) looking at the game (few of them tweeting), twitter behaved quite unresponsively. So this probably frustrated the few of them trying to play the game.


Having said that we think online cooperative experiences have a bright future. Watch this space for more MMO hacking experiments.


The Ministry needed us. And we responded, interactively.

Platform writes:

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 21.09.37

The Ministry of Stories is an organisation dedicated to the creation of stories by a new storytelling generation.

Inspired by Dave Eggers' 826 Valencia, founded by author Nick Hornby and co-directors Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne, hidden away at the back of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies store, the Ministry of Stories provides a free space for fresh writing by young people. Here in Hoxton they provide workshops and one-to-one mentoring. The services are provided by volunteers: local writers, artists and teachers, all giving their time and talent for free. The MoS is inspired by young people, and aims to inspire them to transform their lives through writing. They work closely with schools, supporting the work of teachers, but their great benefit is that they provide one-to-one mentoring for young people to enjoy imaginative stories, improve language skills, increase abilities in communication, add to social and educational confidence.

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 21.16.43

Wieden + Kennedy Platform was approached by the MoS to design and fabricate an interactive installation for one of the shelves in their Monster Supplies store.

Following an initial visit to the store we arrived at the idea of sourcing some live, free-range snacks for monsters in need of something to complement the store's existing range of tinned and jarred produce. 

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 21.21.41

Six hours, some sacking, and a few cuddly toys later, we had managed to capture and package some exotic creatures ready for delivery to the store in preparation for their Friday grand opening.  

The final installation included a collection of packages, some of which were automated in order to provoke and engender a reaction from customers who trigger the installation should they get too close! 

Preparing ingredients….
At least it's not a cat…..
Packaged produce ready for installation
Final installation in the dark recesses of the store….

Wieden + Kennedy Platform Season 2 – call for submissions.

Platform season two is upon us! We are seeking talent to take part in Wieden + Kennedy London’s Research & Development lab experiment.

Platform season two is upon us! We are seeking talent to take part in Wieden + Kennedy London’s Research & Development lab experiment.

Picture 2
Platform season two is upon us! We are seeking
talent to take part in Wieden + Kennedy London's Research & Development lab

We are looking for people from technology and
anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide W+K and
our clients with new ways for brands to engage and interact with people in the
We need super-smart people who are keen to explore the future through themes
such as play, sustainability, mobile and story-telling. They will need to be proven in their specialist
field, and be free for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 months, to
work on multiple projects.The specific areas of skills we are looking for include physical computing,
social media, augmented reality, gaming and interaction design. NB: we're not
looking for budding designers, art directors or copywriters as part of this
There is no deadline for entries, as we are
running a rolling recruitment program. However, we are ready to start, so if
you apply now you have a better chance of getting in.

the deal: £350 per week, space in our office, royalty share of profit for
successful ideas and a link
to W+K's worldwide creative network.
All candidates will need
to be
in the EU or have a valid work visa for the UK.
Apply now by sending your portfolio to
sam.brookes@wk.com, or contact her for further info.

We’d also like you to send an outline of
an R&D project that you’d like to carry out at W+K Platform.

For more info on Platform and to see some of what happened in season one, have a look at the Platform blog.


It's not all just drinking beer and sleeping on the terrace.

Platform 2



ball of chalk

The phrase ‘ball of chalk’ is apparently cockney rhyming slang for ‘walk’. It is also the name of a newspaper put together by Wieden + Kennedy’s creative incubator Platform , in conjunction with Newspaper Club.

The phrase ‘ball of chalk’ is apparently cockney rhyming slang for ‘walk’. It is also the name of a newspaper put together by Wieden + Kennedy’s creative incubator Platform , in conjunction with Newspaper Club.
Platform paper

The phrase 'ball of chalk' is apparently cockney rhyming slang for 'walk'. It is also the name of a newspaper put together by Wieden + Kennedy's creative incubator Platform , in conjunction with Newspaper Club.

The 'ball of chalk' paper takes the form of an analogue augmented reality tour round London's East End – our, er, 'manor'. Here's how it works:

OldHanbury Street

Paper in use
Paper in use 2
Paper in use 3
You can pick up your free copy of Ball of Chalk from our reception at 16 Hanbury Street, while stocks last.