An exceedingly impressive W+K moustache:

Meet Rajesh Bhargava:


If you are growing a moustache this Movember, look no further than Delhi for inspiration. Rajesh is Head of Production in our Delhi office, and he's currently setting global standards in the W+K Moustache Competition. To keep up with more news from the W+K Delhi, you can read their blog here.

The 1st ever annual fully International W+K Moustache Growing Competition

The first ever fully annual W+K Moustache growing competition poster is now officially official. We even have our own poster.

After some early design experiments…

MC Poster Test.4

We are happy to land here:

W+K Moustache Comp 09 Poster A3

As you can clearly see it's a competition, for growing moustaches, and it's been going since the beginning of the month. The closing date for top lip growth is Monday 30th Movember. The comp is open to folk from all our offices, and there's reports of some impressive top lips already in existence around the global network. We're stoked to have Evan Dumas from our Portland office on board acting as our official sponsor. In his spare time he runs a Moustache Wax company with a friend on called 'Man's Face Stuff'. There's currently a couple of tubs on their way to each office in time for the closing date.

W+K London is proving to be a significantly hairier place than usual this Movember.