Could you be one of The Kennedys?

Kennedys Poster
Calling all those creatively minded who would like to walk in Dave Kennedy's shoes. Our W+K co-founder Dave is a larger than life spirit known for his left-field thought tinkering, insightful art direction, and signature shaggy beard. In the spirit of this fearlessness, W+K London and W+K Amsterdam are each searching for six of today's brightest young creatives.

The Kennedys — not to be confused with the sitcom of the same name! — is a creative incubator program hosted here in our W+K London agency for the first time this year — and now for the sixth consecutive year in our Amsterdam office. Our very own Executive Creative Director, Tony Davidson, aptly describes it as a "crash course in creative chaos" — a chance to dive into the deep end of our cultural pool. From June to the end of the year, the chosen candidates will work as a 'shop-in-shop,' tackling real agency assignments and briefs under the guidance of our innovative, driven team.

It's an opportunity for movers, doers, thinkers, schemers, and plotters of all persuasions — from animators to tech developers and everyone in between — to grow and flourish at our agency and produce tangible work. In our search, we're widening the proverbial net: the final six may not have any agency experience, or have worked in a communications role in the past. It's vision and a unique point-of-view we're after, allowing us to cultivate the freshest new talent while learning from them at the same time.

Entries for The Kennedys are open now until 15 March to candidates eligible to live and work in Europe. Think you fit the bill, or know someone who does? Visit for more information, and to apply.

welcome to optimism ranked world’s #1 ad blog! (sort of)

Screen shot 2012-07-08 at 12.00.42

Business Insider is kind enough to rank this here site as number one in their list of the world's most influential advertising blogs. (To be fair, it's not clear that the list is ranked with any intended hierarchy, but we are named first out of 22.)

They say:

Wieden + Kennedy London's parent office was the Cannes Lions' agency of the year. This blog takes you inside their London outpost: their campaigns, their flasks, and their British cupcakes honoring July 4th. There are a lot of agency blogs. Most are self-serving and rarely updated, this is an exception.

Thanks, Business Insider.

W+K Shanghai's Rib Campbell also makes the list with his blog The Musings of an Opinionated Sod. He comments:

So I’ve just found out that Business Insider – an organisation that I previously always assumed was smart and insightful – have put this blog in their article Meet the 22 Most Influential Advertising Bloggers.

I know … I know … saying any 42 year old, Birkenstock-wearing Queen fan is anything other than tragic, is utter madness.

That said, as much as I’d like to act all casual about it, I feel ridiculously chuffed about it – mainly because I know I shouldn’t be there and I feel I’ve just bagged a night with a young Angelina Jolie who has mistaken me for some big shot movie producer.

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you could be our millionth lucky visitor!

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Picture 4

According to our 'stats', very soon Welcome to Optimism will clock up its ONE MILLIONTH page view. To celebrate this momentous event, we will be offering to our lucky one millionth page-viewer:

– the opportunity to invest in a Nigerian property scheme backed by a wrongfully imprisoned aristocrat
– a lifetime supply of drugs to make you thin and enlarge your genitals
– entry into a lottery with a major cash prize

For the chance to win, just enter your bank account details and password in the comments.

whither agency blogs?

Ben at Lunar has announced his withdrawal from blogging.
And now Scamp's blog seems to have been suspended. According to the site it's for 'violation of Blogger's terms of service'.
It's a real shame that two of the industry's liveliest (or bitchiest, depending on your POV) fora for debate (and slagging) have shut up shop within a couple of weeks of each other.
Anyone out there know what's happened to Scamp? Has he failed to pay his subs to the site host? Or has The Man shut him down?

embracing the W+K way of life


Ted’s blog, Let’s be human beings, (this is his personal blog and not to be confused with the official Innocent blog, to which he contributes in a professional capacity) has a post about how he found himself inspired, nay compelled, to do the above W+K-themed shopping trip. If we keep this up he’ll find himself popping out to get a litre of Cravendale and coming home in a new Honda.

corporate blogging


Ashley’s Vista is a blog about corporate blogs (I think). It says this about us.

‘I have occasionally been reading Wieden + Kennedy’s blog, "Welcome to Optimism" every now and then just to see what’s new in the agency with a bunch of very talented advertisers, and according to one person who I met that works at the agency, describes it as "The shit." ‘

I think it’s very possible that the writer misheard and that the person just described us as ‘shit’. Apparently, as you can also see from the chart above…

‘The purpose of corporate blogging is to create a distribution/syndication platform that helps to build brand identity, support marketing and public relations objectives, and most importantly from a public relations standpoint, to build mutually beneficial relationships with the client and the agent.’
And here we were thinking this was just a bunch of random rubbish about what we’re up to at the moment.

blog review

A review of this blog from an article at Ryan Kerr Diary.

Wieden Kennedy’s blog “Welcome to Optimism” is a good example of this (type of blog). They keep write-ups of pitches they have done, new work just released, company nights out, late nights at work, new hires, and really show what it’s like to work with this extremely talented group of advertising people. It therefore serves as a recruitment tool but also showcases work to clients and prospects alike. A new prospective client gets an extremely good view of the agency and gains valuable information as to whether this is a team that they want to work with. The question though in these circumstances is whether clients really want to know what it is really like to work inside an agency or whether this is more truth than they can handle. Wieden Kennedy’s growth for the year seems to indicate that this isn’t the case and the rest of the personality of the agency is clear for all to see whilst the industry reads their blog hoping to pick up some tips on how they produce the excellent work they do.

The secret is in the magic beans.