Dave’s Election Night Special


In case you haven't heard, today is the day the UK takes to the polls for our general election. Not only that, but Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, is running in this year's election, and UKTV's Dave channel has documented the whole campaign for our viewing pleasure.  

Airing tonight at 10pm, as the polls close, Dave's Election Night Special follows The Pub Landlord as he seeks election to parliament in the hotly contested Kent constituency of South Thanet, which is also the target of UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

To promote the show, we commissioned a political cartoonist, Bob Moran, to illustrate a set of posters for outdoor sites, showing the rather recognisable pair facing off at the bar. 

Make sure to tune in to Dave at 10pm for an alternative perspective on the general election as the first results start to roll in. It has everything: run-ins with voters and rival candidates, behind-closed-doors meetings with The Guv's most trusted political advisors, and all the inevitable personal highs and lows of a rollercoaster campaign. Must-watch TV, we reckon. 

Utter trash or pure gold? Guess what’s #UnderTheTarp with Storage Hunters

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference. Especially difficult when the item in question is hidden under a tarp. 

This conundrum is something fans of US hit show Storage Hunters are all too familiar with – have the intrepid bidders hit the jackpot in the abandoned storage auction, or will it just be junk?

Starting tonight at 8pm, UKTV's Dave is bringing the first UK series of the addictive show to our screens. And fans of the US show will be pleased to hear that Dave has also brought Sean Kelly, stand up comic, auctioneer and enigmatic Storage Hunters compere, along for the ride. 

Last Friday, we launched our multi-channel campaign to promote the show. Vine videos released each day via Twitter showcased items hidden under tarps. Sean encourages fans to get guessing and enter via #UnderTheTarp, and a lucky – or not-so-lucky – winner has been chosen each evening as the mysterious objects have been revealed. Check out days one to four below:  

Think you see a familiar shape in the Vine below? Could this be the bonanza you've been waiting for? Then take a guess with #UnderTheTarp on the Dave page or on Twitter here, and tune in for the first episode of Storage Hunters at 8pm tonight on Dave, to find out what's under tarp 5. All will be revealed in the first commercial break.

our ads for Dave Gorman are goodish

Over the past week, you may be forgiven for thinking Dave Gorman is stalking you. He’s been popping up outdoors, on screens and in the press, telling you in not-so-subtle ways to watch the second series of his new show, Modern Life is Goodish. And he’s rather spot-on in his targeting, isn’t he? 

DAVEGORMAN_Loodoor_3 (3)

UKTV briefed us to create a campaign to promote his new TV series, starting on Dave at 10pm tonight. Together, we wanted to challenge the norm in marketing just like the witty comic challenges the norm in his critically acclaimed show.

From popping up in your Facebook feeds and honing in on your Twitter chat, to disrupting the tried and true grid system of a magazine layout just because he can, the comedian is reaching new and existing fans by exposing the quirks of ad placement and social media targeting.  


Taking cues from the series, which points out life’s absurdities by making viewers think twice about the humour in everyday moments, the print, digital and OOH campaign pokes fun at the smoke and mirrors techniques used in advertising.

On Facebook, Dave highlights the eerily specific targeted ads that pop up on users’ newsfeeds. Promoted ads address users with playful graphics mirroring their own profiles, speaking directly to curiously specific groups including Scottish men interested in cooking and frequent travellers interested in home appliances.  



On Twitter, Dave is spooking twitter users by tweeting images directly at users based on the keywords they use. 


And online, he’s exposing the elaborate labels digital ad targeting applies to us. Energetic optimist? Sure. We'll take that one. 


Keep an eye out for more of Dave Gorman interrupting your thoroughly modern life, and make sure to tune in for the first episode of Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish tonight on Dave at 10pm. 

our first campaign for UKTV: 24 Hours to Go Broke

Earlier this year we announced that we've been appointed to UKTV's roster of agencies, and as we're in the business of telly (not to mention that we watch rather a lot of it for fun work), we were pretty excited to get cracking. On Monday night, our first campaign for the digital TV network launched, promoting the new Dave series 24 Hours to Go Broke.
In the show, celebs including some of the country's favourite funnymen (well, that's what they call themselves), TV personalities (any daytime TV fans out there?) and sportsmen (pub quiz boffins may recognise 'em), are paired up and sent off to a faraway land with a suitcase full of cash to spend. Think comic David Baddiel, who was named 'the world's Sixth Sexiest Jew', 'proud metrosexual' cricket chap Phil Tufnell and Countdown's 'queen of numbers' Rachel Riley. But there's a catch – they can't own anything at the end of it, their dough can only be spent on experiences. Surprisingly difficult, it turns out!
[from episode 1 – Baddiel and Herring in Armenia]
For our campaign we reached beyond telly to the world of all things social. Echoing the concept of the show, we hatched a plan to spend a suitcase full of marketing budget cash and pay the public to promote the show. Leading up to the show's premiere, we traded cash for a variety of weird and wonderful promotional activities including:
making a t-shirt for a rat
getting a "reverse" busker to pay his audience to listen
changing the name of a fish n' chip shop
sponsoring the UK's worst football team
 and getting a farmer to paint a living neon ad on his cows. 
In a first for us as an agency, we also paid the good men of Shoreditch for their facial hair, which we then turned it into an ad. That's right. An ad made of beard.
Fans followed the activity on Dave's social channels (@Join_Dave) and could even participate in the activity via Twitter – we asked the budding admen of the public to take their best shot at advertising and create their own DIY ad. The entries were judged by Maureen, Dave's tea lady, and money awarded on the basis of how much each submission tickled her fancy. Harsh critic, that Maureen, but we think you'll agree she's pretty generous. Here are some of her favourites:
[by @Pippa_d1]
All round, we had a lot of fun working with UKTV on this madcap campaign, and we think it went pretty well based solely on the enthusiastic number of DIY ads we received. Thanks to everyone involved for their time and effort (live editing footage of men shaving their beards off into a bucket takes a strong disposition).
Look out for our next UKTV campaign soon. We can't wait.

meet our newest client: UKTV

UKTV_logo_2013 small

We have some very exciting news to start off the New Year: we're delighted to announce that we've been appointed to UKTV's agency roster for creative communications after initially meeting with UKTV in December through Oystercatchers. UKTV reaches over 42 million viewers per month through a portfolio of ten distinctive TV channels including Dave, Watch, Alibi, Gold, Good Food and Yesterday. 

Our MD Neil Christie says, "We're delighted to be working with the team at UKTV. We spent all of Christmas watching telly in preparation." 

Simon Michaelides, Marketing Director at UKTV says, “I'm very excited to be adding W+K to our roster of agencies. With such an outstanding creative record, they're ideally placed to help unlock the full potential of our key brands and shows, and maintain UKTV's consistent track record of growth in an increasingly competitive environment."

We're looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting started on some work with our newest creative partners, whose industry has such close ties to our own.

We'll be in front of the magic box if you need us – all in the name of a research, of course.