Introducing Tworganize, a filing system for Twitter

Lovers of (a) Twitter and (b) all things well organised, rejoice! A small team of W+Kers present and past is behind the launch of app bringing order and efficiency into our (online) social lives.

The brainchild of Joseph Ernst, Jonny Plackett, and Jon Matthews, with design by Kelly Satchell, the app is called Tworganize, and we think it's set to revolutionise the way we engage with Twitter. 


In the team's own words:

In the beginning, web browsers introduced bookmarks: a personal way of storing and organising all the incredible content we find on the web. Then came Youtube, with channels and playlists, to organise not just your own content, but content you find and like and want to share. Then came Pinterest: a visual way of storing, organising and sharing all the incredible images we find on the net.

But the fastest growing social network has no archival system at all. Twitter has no system which allows you to archive and organise your favourite, most relevant or most memorable tweets.

Until now.

Tworganize is a simple drag and drop filing system for Twitter. It allows you to store your favourite tweets in different boxes, which can be kept for reference, or shared with your friends.

Screen Shot homepage 3

Try it out for yourself: Simply visit or download the app from the Chrome Store and follow the simple instructions. Then log in to your twitter account to start. Once you have logged in to your Twitter account, you simply drag your favourite tweets into one of the customisable boxes on the left.

Screen Shot boxScreen Shot about

The team would love to hear any questions, comments or thoughts. Drop them a note at or follow them on their (neatly organised) Twitter @tworganizeApp.