Tesco thanks the nation for largest ever Neighbourhood Food Collection

After the enormous success of their two previous drives, Tesco brought back their Neighbourhood Food Collection once again this December to help get food to those who need it most at Christmas. Once again, Tesco asked customers to donate food items in each of its 2,500-plus stores nationwide and online, and generously added 30% on top of the total amount collected by the public. 


In just three days, enough food was collected to provide a 4.3 million meals. To help Tesco thank the nation for its generosity, we made a short animation and a series of print ads which ran nationally, as well as regional executions that ran in local press, continuing the Food Collection iconography in a seasonal colour scheme. 


Featuring a famous landmark from cities including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle, the ads were designed to thank Tesco customers on a local level and speak directly to the communities that came together to help those in need.

a time for giving

For some people, this Christmas isn't all about presents, decorations and trees, it's about getting enough food on the table. So Tesco is asking customers to help make Christmas that little bit better for everyone by donating food in store this weekend, 29th November to 1st December.

We helped Tesco launch its first National Food Collection last year with a new identity for the scheme and an animated TV spot. The collection was so successful that it was brought back again in July, with over 3.5 million meals collected in two days and over 5.9 million since the collection launched, and now it's back again in time for Christmas. 

The initiativer returns under the new name of Neighbourhood Food Collection, putting the emphasis on the community aspect of the scheme.

Customers can donate food in store or online via the giving tree this weekend (from 29th November to 1st December). The donated food will be distributed to two charities, Trussell Trust and FareShare, as well as local food banks. Tesco has once again made a big promise to top up the public's donations, adding an extra 30% on top of the total amount collected. 

So if you find yourself in Tesco this weekend, put an extra tin in your basket and help those in need. Christmas is a time for giving, after all. 

more from our Tesco Christmas campaign

Now that the winter chill has arrived and the high streets of Britain are aglow with Christmas lights, Christmas is well and truly in the air. Which means the countdown has officially begun to one of our favourite things about the season: the food.

Our new ad for Tesco's Christmas campaign is on screens now, with the majestic Tesco finest* Bronze Turkey as its centrepiece. 

 You'll also spot two new seasonal print executions of our finest* work in the press, heroing the Bronze Turkey and its fellow Christmas dinner star, the Christmas pudding. 

Finest Xmas Print_Turkey_FINAL

Finest Xmas Print_Pudding_FINAL

there’s nothing better than Christmas

When it comes to giving gifts at Christmas, it really is the thought that counts. There's nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they open a gift that is just perfect for them. It doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant, the gifts we remember through the years are always the most thoughtful ones.

Following on from the brand film that launched Tesco's Christmas campaign last weekend, our latest spot promoting the brilliant gifting range at Tesco takes viewers on another journey through the decades (and at the same time reminds us that some fashion trends really are best left in the past – fishing hats, anyone?). 


The campaign will continue to roll out over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, you can get stuck in to all things Christmas on Tesco's dedicated site: www.christmas.tesco.com

the making of Christmas

On Friday, we launched the new Tesco Christmas campaign with a brand film that celebrates the enduring brilliance of Christmas. Here's a refresher:


Capturing one family's Christmases over six decades takes a special kind of time travel, powered by a stellar team of make up artists, props specialists and costume designers.

Curious to see how it was done? Check out the little 'making of' film we made:


We also have a little treat for Downton fans this evening: keep your eyes peeled for the full 90" version of the ad during tonight's episode on ITV. It's a corker. 

a family Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and for everyone behind the scenes at Tesco and our own W+K Tesco team, we’re excited. We're thrilled to say that our new Christmas ad will at last be hitting the nation’s screens tonight, launching with a suitable bang the new campaign we’ve been working hard on together for so long. The 60" film airs tonight, but you can see the full 90" version right here, right now:

With this campaign, Tesco want to invite viewers to celebrate the enduring brilliance of Christmas. Forget Scrooge and those picture-perfect Christmases you so often see on TV – we want the real stuff. We want the good stuff, the silly stuff, the rough-around-the-edges stuff. The tinsel strewn memories lodged in all our heads just waiting to be unleashed. We want Christmas in all its glory: dancing in paper hats whilst doing the washing up, wrestling with wrapping paper and playing football in the snow.

Christmas isn't about the stuff we have, it's about the spirit we enter into, the memories we make and the ones we carry with us, year after year. Together, wanted to show that when we embrace it and really go for it, there's nothing better than Christmas.


This is a campaign particularly close to our hearts. Inspired by true Christmas stories of staff, friends and families, our film sums up everything Christmas means to all of us and we hope you'll see a little bit of your own Christmases in it too.

You can read more about the campaign on Tesco’s blog: https://www.tescoplc.com/talkingshop

There's much more to come from us all as the season draws closer, so get that wine mulling and stay tuned.

flour and water, from the hills to the bread basket

Last weekend, we introduced you to the Tummey family and their Grimsby smokehouse, and this weekend we revealed our second film for the relaunch of the Tesco finest* range. We sent our team to the northern wilds of a different coutry altogether to meet the friendly faces behind another finest* product: Italy's Piedmont region, where humble flour and water are transformed into delicious Grissini breadsticks. 


As the Italians say: mangiare! 

Grimsby likes our new Tesco Finest smoked haddock ad

The people of Grimsby seem to be generally pleased with our new ad for the Tesco Finest range, featuring a tradtional Grimsby smokehouse which supplies Tesco Finest smoked haddock.

Here's an article from the Grimsby Telegraph.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 08.30.33

They say:

SMOKED haddock, the Dock Tower and the Pontoon Stand are among the icons of Grimsby starring in a new national TV advert.
Supermarket giant Tesco has chosen the town for its latest advert which promotes its Tesco Finest range.

The 30-second film features footage of haddock being cured in one of the town's smokehouses, Grimsby Town fans cheering their side on at Blundell Park and a view across Grimsby Docks at dusk – set to the sound of chanting from the Pontoon.
It also shows customers in a cafe tucking into the fish, which is prepared for Tesco at Seachill's smokehouse, Russells, in Riby Street.

The new advert has been praised by both the town's MP and mayor and has delighted those connected with Grimsby's seafood industry and its football club.
Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell said: "I think it's brilliant. It tells the world what we already know – that Grimsby is best for fish. It makes me feel so hungry I want to have some smoked haddock right now!"
Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Peggy Elliott, said: "I think it's great. It shows the traditions of smoking fish being passed down the generations and the crowd yelling at the football. My husband Steve thought he could hear himself in the crowd. It is very atmospheric and it shows Grimsby in a positive light."

Steve Norton, chief executive of the Grimsby Fish Merchant's Association, which is spearheading the Traditionally Smoked Fish project, said: "To have someone like Tesco behind it clearly demonstrates that it's a good product, and it's something that the public are interested in. Hopefully it will heighten the awareness of traditional smoked fish, which is what we have been trying to do with this project. The advert talks about the tradition and the technique. It's only a brief clip, but it does capture the essence of the natural method of curing. Anything that's going to be a positive message for our industry or a niche part of it has got to be good news."
John Fenty, Grimsby Town FC director and former owner of Five Star Fish, said: "Having been lucky enough to earn my living from the fish industry it's great to see Grimsby and the club again on national adverts like this. The last I recall was Young's on national TV when they really flew the flag for Grimsby.
"In this case, the club is well and truly embedded in the video, which highlights Harry the Haddock, the Pontoon and in the background the singing faithful in full voice, all topped off by pictures of the iconic Dock Tower.
"The advertisement represents the best fish in the world in my opinion – haddock bearing the infamous finger and thumb prints where Jesus plucked one from the sea to feed the many, and Grimsby is still doing the same today."
The advert has particular resonance for Mariners' fan Robert Smith, as it features the "Fish!" chant he is credited with initiating at an away game at Rotherham almost 14 years ago.
He said: "I thought it was quite inspiring. It has all the Grimsby icons. It's nice they are focusing on some of the positive aspects. People from outside the area don't realise what a pleasant place Grimsby is.
"I won't be retiring from the day job. I do shop in Tesco so some extra club card points would have been nice!"

I didn't realise that Jesus had been involved in the Grimsby haddock trade, or that Robert Smith was responsible for the Grimsby 'fish' chant as well as such pop-goth standards as 'A Forest' and 'The Lovecats' but it's nice to get a positive reponse from the local community. Here's the TV spot again:

the very finest* stories of passion for food

15 years ago, Tesco introduced their finest* range to customers, raising the bar for premium food in supermarkets with a focus on quality and taste. This year, they have relaunched the range to reflect how customers’ tastes have evolved over the years. Provenance, sustainability, ingredients, freshness and seasonality. That's what counts.  

Our campaign supporting the relaunch focuses on the stories of the producers behind the range.


These are stories of people with a real passion for food, people doing incredible things to make their products truly special. We wanted to celebrate every bit of passion, craft and love that goes into making the products selected for the finest* range, painting a rich portrait of the elements that come together to make each one unique: the people, the surroundings, the ingredients. 

Two 30” films, directed by Kim Gehrig, tell the unique stories of the suppliers behind two finest* products. For the first film, we sent our team to Lincolnshire to capture the atmosphere of the Tummey family’s 100 year old Grimsby smokehouse, where traditionally smoked haddock gets its intense smoky flavour. 


Print and OOH executions, shot by photographer Tessa Traeger, feature Mr Lea-Wilson and his finest* Anglesey Sea Salt, Mr Fraser and his finest* Wild Mushrooms and Mr Bertolini and his finest* Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. 


To find out more about the range, visit Tesco's finest* microsite http://realfood.tesco.com/our-food/tesco-finest-range.html

Tesco Christmas 2012 wins World Retail Award


Having long since entered the season of turkey and crackers here at 16 Hanbury Street, we're especially pleased to say that the fine folks at the World Retail Awards chose our Tesco Christmas 2012 campaign for their Retail Advertising Campaign of the Year, amongst some pretty stiff competition.

The World Retail Awards describe themselves as a "global platform that recognises and promotes retail excellence" – a rather nice early Christmas gift for Tesco and our team. Congratuations everyone!

Here's a refresher:


Read more about the awards here: www.worldretailawards.com