Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (10)

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, here in London.  And because of the bank holiday yesterday, it’s a short working week.  Yay.  So I imagine there will be less need for blues pooh-poohing today.

But here’s the 10th (and final) podcast of positively positive positivity anyway.  It’s been fun.  Thanks so much for all the e-mails and comments.  Especially the nice ones.

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Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (8)


What a miserable Monday morning in London.  Like living inside leaky tupperware.

So here’s this week’s podcast with restorative designs above its ramshackle station:

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Fans of The Smiths may be a bit offended.  Heaven knows they’ll be (even more) miserable after listening to part of this.

Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (7)


Here’s this week’s podcast.  It’s a day late this week, which I’m sure has resulted in Wieden + Kennedy’s switchboard being jammed with complaints (note to self… sarcasm isn’t easy to carry off in written form).

I’ve just got back from The Big Chill.  More big than chill.

Anyway, this week sees the return of some Eddie Izzard and a guilty pleasure or two.

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Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (6)


Here’s this week’s Monday morning podcast of flapdoodle and frippery.  Listen out for an example of ‘Dirty Fan Male’ – somebody reading out real letters sent to porn stars.  All a bit strange.  There’s the odd explicit word, here and there, so sorry about that.  But mainly the word ‘bum’.  Not in an American homeless person sense.

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Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (5)


Another Monday morning heatwave here in London.  A cabbie over the weekend said to me, "it’s gonna be mental ‘ere when this global warming thing kicks off".  Well quite.

Anyway, here’s this week’s half-arsed, half-baked, half-hearted attempt to deliver us from the evil of Monday morning mopery and melancholia: Download stu_poohpoohs_the_blues_5.mp3

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Tra la la.

Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues (3)

Here’s this week’s Monday morning podcast of fluffy inconsequence:

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It’s a big file this week – does anyone know how to compress mp4/mp3 files without compromising the sound quality too much?  As soon as I go to 64kps it sounds rubbish.  You may argue that it would sound rubbish anyway.  Fair enough. 

Stu Pooh-Poohs the Blues Two

If you’re an England fan, this is a particularly don’t-look-at-me-or-talk-to-me Monday morning.

This won’t get Rooney’s red rescinded, but here’s the second instalment of

Stu Pooh-Poohs The Blues,

a weekly podcast of bouncy inconsequence:

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Stu Pooh-Poohs the Blues

Monday mornings can be a tiny bit massively miserable.


Here’s a silly thing that probably won’t change that at all in any way under any circumstances whatsoever at all:

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It’s my new weekly podcast called Stu Pooh-Pooh the Blues.


iTunes it, iPod it or iGnore it.


It’s an hour’s worth of no worth.  A random collection of aural bric-a-brac, to hopefully get the week going with marginally less self-harming.  Or to kill some time until the pubs open.  At 11.