SHOUT! for Stride

When we were developing our latest Stride campaign, we started thinking: ads are expensive, so why don't we get people to make some noise about the brand for free?

Together, we decided to shun traditional media and take Stride's mad intense approach to marketing up a few notches. How? By bribing teens into shouting about Stride's gum. You could say we've taken the concept of “word of mouth” advertising quite literally…

So earlier this week, we made some mischief in Minneapolis by unveiling the ridiculous Shout for Stride vending machine, which dished out freebie packs in exchange for some gutsy behaviour and serious volume. 

Stride Influencers2

Not only that, but we drafted in three major online influencers (Brandon Bowen, Marcus Johns and AlliCattt, L-R above) to control the machine and share some behind-the-scenes clips of the ensuing mayhem on Vine and Snapchat with their millions of followers. 

All people had to do to get a free pack of Stride was shout awkward phrases displayed on the machine’s screen into its giant green ear. Teens queued up to holler at the machine, shouting things like ‘I WISH MY TONGUE WAS GUM’ and ‘STORM MY CASTLE AND BRING ME STRIDE’ and the boldest and loudest were rewarded with packs of Stride's minty gum. 

Hundreds of people gathered for the grand finale at one Minneapolis’ most famous landmarks, the Mall of America, to see the influencers in person and gather for one huge group shout. A shout so loud it sent the machine into overload, showering gum over the whole crowd. 

Check out Marcus Johns and Brandon Bowen's Snapchat stories (search usernames "mxjx" and "brandonfromvine" in the Snapchat app) to see more from the day. 

Stride Marcus Johns2

Even More Madly Intense

In a follow-up to last year's Mad Intense campaign, Stride Gum has released another five mini films, fronted by their megalomanic Marketing Director, Donald. Donald's always banging on about how Mad Intense Stride gum is, and this year is no different. He says and does things no other marketing director would dare, all in the name of his gum.
In this new series of vignettes, Donald shamelessly promotes the new Stride watermelon Sour Patch Kids flavour, as well as the mint range that contains the "legal powder" he coined as Cooling Dust. 
Watch the films to see him in action – whether he's exploding a watermelon on his head, plucking a penguin out of the North Pole, or yelling at a performer dressed as a watermelon. Nothing can come in the way of Donald and his Mad Intense Stride Gum. 
Time to get chewing. 

we hired the world’s best lawyer to celebrate Stride’s mad intensity

Get ready, things are about to get MAD INTENSE across the pond.

Our fresh new Stride campaign hits the internet today, making regular gum intensity look seriously dull in comparison. How? By daring to do things other brands shouldn’t, wouldn’t and couldn't.

And by hiring the world's best lawyer.

To introduce the concept of mad intensity, we packed all the shouldn'ts, wouldn'ts and couldn'ts of marketing into a series of online films. Two new Stride spokesmen are front and centre: Donald, the megalomaniac marketing director of Stride Gum who we revived from Stride’s early days, and Doug, the world’s best lawyer hired by Donald to allow him to say and do whatever he wants.

Whether it’s offering to give away bazookas with every pack, claiming famous dead people chew it, swearing or using a famous track as his theme tune without asking the artist’s permission… Donald wants to do it all, just to convey how mad intense his gum is.

The series includes a long form film, three 20’ films and one short, sharp and madly intense 8’ film aimed at mobile social sharing. There's also a whole load of other activity supporting the films, including display and online media, OOH and social activity across Stride’s channels.  


The question is… can you ever go too far?

(Yes. According to Doug. Yes, you can.)

Help Gumulon win the SXSW People’s Choice Award

For one night only, Ace, our alien space-mining friend, gets to put down his pickaxe and hit the red carpet.

Yes, Gumulon, Stride’s chewing-controlled game, is a finalist in the People’s Choice Awards at SXSWi (a small, not widely discussed festival in America).

Tonight is Ace’s big night and, if you happen to be in Austin, he needs your help. If you’re heading to the ceremony download the voting app and choose Ace’s colour when the time comes:

Google Play:


Go on, what has a space-mining alien ever asked of you?


Gumulon shortlisted for SXSW Interactive Awards


Gumulon, the intergalactic, chew-controlled mobile game we created for Stridge gum, has been shortlisted for the SXSW Interactive Awards. Gumulon made it into a list of five finalists in the Experimental category, which highlights "cutting-edge and trend-setting works pushing the envelope and challenging our perceptions of what’s possible". As you can imagine, we're geeking out over here. 


We're Texas-bound again in a few weeks' time, so be sure to tune in here for a lowdown on the good, the bad and the Barley of interactive, the pretty ugly of design and let's face it, quite a bit of BBQ talk. 

Gumulon in the Telegraph

Our digital strategist Matt Simpson talks about the chew-controlled app we created for Stride gum, Gumulon, in a special report on smartphone games as brand promotion tools in the Telegraph's business technology supplement this weekend. 



The supplement is avilable to view online here:

Chewing the future for Metro

This morning, Metro readers across the UK were greeted by the story of Gumulon, the chew-controlled iOS game we created for Stride gum.  

The Behind The Idea feature was written by our creative technologist and "face to watch" Will Hooke, accompanied by a striking rendering of Gumulon by illustrator Elliott Batten

Click on the image to read the piece in full.


Wieden+Kennedy, Gumulon and Stride at the IAB Awards

Post by young work experience lady, Vicki: 

Last Wednesday, after a worryingly slow
taxi journey through central London, W+K digital strategist Matt Simpson and I made it to the Internet
Advertising Bureau HQ with a few minutes to spare before the start of the
Creative Showcase Award seminar. Matt had been invited to collect an award for
Stride Gum’s new chew-controlled iPhone game, Gumulon, created by Wieden+Kennedy. As the seminar was
celebrating four months' worth of creative campaign winners and runners up, as
selected by a team of senior creative judges, I was lucky enough to see
presentations on some of the best digital advertising of 2013.

Matt gave an animated presentation that
explained the three main stages of the process of creating Gumulon. The
presentation was very well received by the audience, except one member who
caused a bit of a stir by interrupting Matt to ask what the readership of
Stride was…’Umm, it’s a gum…’


Having downloaded the game and played it several times, which involved chewing my gum extremely vigorously on the tube
home, I particularly enjoyed Matt’s demonstration of how the game works (on a
non-existent phone) and seeing how silly I must look when I play it. But that’s
the point that Matt made about the brand; it celebrates people who boldly do
their own thing, and Gumulon definitely lives up to this value. 

Matt was presenting alongside three other
award winners: Glue Isobar’s new Pringles ‘Fan vs. Flavour’ campaign, R/GA
London’s new Getty Images ‘The Feed’ campaign, and Maxus’s new Mercedes
‘#Youdrive’ campaign. My personal favourite out of these three was the Pringles
campaign as I think it best captured the essence of the Pringles brand value of
‘unexpected fun’.

All in all, attending the seminar was a
really interesting experience that gave me a great insight into the production
of creative campaigns. 

Download Gumulon here and try chew-controlled gaming for yourself.

Gumulon wins July IAB Creative Showcase Award

Fridays are always pretty cheerful days, but today just got even better. The chew-controlled game we created for Stride gum, Gumulon, has won first place in the Internet Advertising Bureau's Creative Showcase Awards for July. 

The Creative Showcase Awards celebrate creativity and innovation in digital advertising in the UK, choosing a winner and two runners up each month.


Kristin Brewe, IAB Director of Marketing & Communications, said: “Wieden+Kennedy’s terrific Gumulon campaign for Stride represents some ‘out of this world’ creative thinking by immersing players in the amazing adventures of Ace. This is a great example of rewarding product engagement through mobile apps and social sharing, something any brand should ‘chew on’ when evaluating how to work well in two of consumers’ favourite engagement channels—mobile and social.” Read more here.

Thanks, IAB!

Oh and if you haven't given Gumulon a spin yet, head on over to the App Store and download it for FREE.

chew the future! download our FREE gumulon game for Stride


Hey all! The iTunes store has been open 5 years and has seen 50 Billion downloads of its ~900,000 apps and paid out $10B to developers.

But forget that, because only one app matters today: W+K London's Stride "Gumulon" game!

Want a game that's rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in the iTunes store (with 150 reviews to date)?
Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 08.56.52
Got an iPhone or iPad, and know how to download an application?

Download it today from here!