fashion meets Snapchat with SON and Miss Crofton


For the launch of her new lingerie collection, local designer Miss Crofton has teamed up with directors SON to release her new collection through Snapchat. One half of SON and W+K Creative, Katie Harrison writes:

The insight that underwear is only ever seen for a few seconds and the voyeuristic behaviour that Snapchat offers its users gave us the perfect opportunity to explore and experiment on this untapped platform. We wanted to upturn the platform’s notorious use for sending anonymous dick pics, (we’ve all had them), in favour of curated, beautiful and relevant content. As well as showcasing the new collection, each clip playfully subverts the representation of pornography in a social generation, empowering women to feel comfortable in their skins and embrace their sexiness.


Constantly challenging the representation of women in the social world, SON have already successfully turned their hands to Vine with their music promo for Rhosyn. However, it is the live element of Snapchat that has allowed SON to make content relevant in their audiences’ lives, from the day of the week to social commentary. The use of offers and giveaways is the icing on the (very pink and provocative) top.

The campaign runs over the next month, so make sure you are following misscrofton on Snapchat and they might just give you a sneak peak into the bedroom. 

SON & Joseph Ernst at LSFF


For film lovers, there's nothing better than the thrill of discovering new talent at a well curated film festival. All this week, London Short Film Festival is bringing the best voices in independent film to screens around the capital, and we're very excited to see two of our own talented people amongst the filmmakers featured in tonight's 'Music and Video' programme.


When she's not applying her brilliant brain to work for our clients, W+K creative Katie Harrison makes music videos through collective SON with directing partner Charlotte Freeston. Their video for Rhosyn 'Birds' was amongst the first music videos to exploit the freshly launched Vine platform (and to beautiful effect).


'Londoners' is a short film directed by Joseph Ernst, a long serving creative whose fingerprints are on much of W+K London's best work. The film is a documentary mixing modern London with cinema history – it was filmed entirely on a 100 year old wooden hand-cranked 35mm camera.

Both films will be shown at this evening's sold out screening at the Roxy, but you can find out more about the festival and standby tickets on LSFF's site.

Reach for the sky

If you missed this week's meteorite shower, we
have a new outer world experience for you with the arrival of SON's latest video.


Founded by W+K creative Katie Harrison and artist Charlotte Freeston, SON explores technology and cultural commentary to
create music promos.

Arts & culture website Art Wednesday said of the pair, “SON Films make conceptual videos for musicians which tend to stray from the norms laid down by the VEVO generation. There’s not much twerkin’ in them, put it that way.” 

Previously, the girls have shot on Vine, locked teenagers
in cupboards and made plants dance. This time, they’ve been looking to the
skies and exploring UFOs and the human desire to believe that there is more
out there. 

This idea is at the heart of their music video for 'Wanderlust' by the band Limbo Kids, which is premiering now on Art Wednesday here.


SON also released a short teaser, which racked up over 1000 views in a few days, cleverly validating
their point that people forever remain hopeful.

SON: Adam Gnade – You Got Mean

After their provocative video shot on Vine, our very own
creative Katie Harrison and directing partner Charlotte Freeston are back with
an equally titillating teaser for American musician Adam Gnade.

Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars – You Got Mean from SON on Vimeo

Based on the game ‘seven minutes in heaven’ where two teenagers are dared to make out
in a cupboard, SON show us the darker side of human instincts. Primitive
psychological urges drive the teenagers as animal instincts are slowly
highlighted in their behaviour. SON hint at power of the ‘id’ in human psychology as a wilder force than our egos, and its
mirroring of the animal inside all of us. They also touch upon the vulnerable
side of being human, often something which can force our survival instincts to
the surface.

‘Of course human psychology is a pretty vast terrain, but through a fragment of it we wanted to create a playful, no-holds-barred video, where we explored the drive of the id, seeing our narcissistic, survival and primitive impulses at play.’ Charlotte 

You Got Mean 1

Through the intimacy captured in the video SON
have "managed to satisfy the human urge to play the voyeur, as well as creating a
space both intimate and awkward, personal and completely revealing, which
speaks to us as human beings. Sensing the actual tension, passion and violence
in the video is made possible by its truly up-close and personal nature".

You Got Mean_2

able to call upon friends in our community to make our shoots possible is
something we feel is very important, allowing us to capture things which are
very real and intimate, and something that this video embodies wholly.


The video premiered on the 405 last week and can currently be viewed over on Promo