Shacklewell School film premieres at W+K London

Katherine writes:

For the last couple of months we've been working with Shacklewell School, a local primary school in Hackney and Save the Children on a project for the G20 in April.

Here are two of the team, Zac and Charlie:

2.Charlie and Zac B

The kids, aged between 8 and 11 years old have created a charter of children's rights to tell all the important world leaders what kids around the world all need. The Global Charter is part of a campaign that StC are running to target the G20 leaders at this year's big meeting in April in London.
Here's a picture of Kate from Save the Children talking to the group:

3.Kate briefing B 

The children have spent the past few weeks thinking about what they would ask world leaders for; what they think all kids around the world deserve – from clean water to a greener place to live, to celebrating their birthdays. We then worked with them to create a film that encapsulated all their 'wishes', to become a Global Children's Charter.
4.artwork B
And yesterday the film premiere was held here at W+K London.
All the kids, their wonderful teacher Jodie Carris, their headmaster David Bridson, some lovely people from Save the Children and a number of very special guests arrived for lunch and then the first ever film showing. And it was brilliant! Everyone was thoroughly impressed and delighted with the children's work- not least the kids themselves. 

6.the whole room B  7.hands up B
They are such a brilliant bunch of kids, and we have loved every minute of working with them. They are surprising, funny, loud, kind, clever, enthusiastic and honest, very, very honest.

At the end of the screening, we asked the kids what their favourite bit of the project was, these are some of their answers.  There was a clear theme:
Making the film
The food
The table football
The lunch
The acting
The food
Working with Save the Children
The lunch
Learning about kids around the world
The cakes
Getting to watch the film
Making something important
Who is this Widen and Kennedy?
The lunch
At the end, Lucy, Nev, Sam and I were all presented with a fabulous, big thank you card and some glorious flower arrangements all made by the kids. Thank you all.
 8.Flowers B 

And here is the film! Please visit Save the Children to add your support for their G20 campaign.

save the children – burma


Save the Children were the first aid
agency to be active on the ground in Burma. They’ve already helped over
50,000 children. But that’s only 10% of  the 500,000 that are homeless
as a result of Saturday’s cyclone.

They need your money. And fast.

So please get your credit card out and save some kids. Every little helps.


save the children


Our new campaign for Save the Children gets a positive response in Campaign’s Private View section today. Trevor Beattie says:


Hmmm. That scan’s a bit hard to read, sorry. Trev says, "A beautiful story. Simply presented. And worthy of our time, admiration and money. Today, I offer all three. It saves the children, don’t you know. Will you?"

Mike Figgis says:


"By the end of it, I learned something new. I cared. I felt I could make a difference. Ten out of ten."

Here’s one of the TV ads.

Steve Wright helps Save the Children


Steve Wright’s (that’s him with Alice, above) BBC Radio 2 show gave a boost to Wieden + Kennedy’s current campaign for Save The Children when they named our work ‘website of the week’. (Steve says it’s ‘genius’.) The campaign calls all Gordon Browns across the


to support Save The Children’s ‘Free Healthcare’ initiative for all children across sub-Saharan


. You can listen to an excerpt from the show from the link below.

Download gordon_brown_campaign_on_bbc_radio2.mp3


Gordon Brown MP already knows the importance of free healthcare for children living in sub-Saharan


, but we want him to influence the G8 to put healthcare at the top of the agenda in June. 800 children could be saved every day if healthcare was free, so we want Gordon Brown MP to get the G8 to commit to helping African countries abolish healthcare fees for children. 

So we have been travelling the country videoing Gordon Browns, asking them to support the campaign. If all the other Gordon Browns in the UK say ‘yes’ to free healthcare, so should Gordon Brown the MP… 

Visit to learn more about the campaign. 

being gordon brown



The Sun today picks up on our ‘Are you Gordon Brown?’ campaign for Save the Children, as previously posted about here. Not huge visibility for Save the Children in the article but I guess it all helps. (Though the death penalty headline is as random as they come.) Visit the ‘Are you Gordon?’ website, created by Wieden + Kennedy to highlight the issue of free children’s healthcare in Africa on behalf of the Save the Children… here.