Our first ever portfolio night

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On Thursday we held the final of our first live placement brief in partnership with the Young Creative Council, and what an epic night it was. After a chaotic start, the top nine laid out their books and took it in turns to pitch their ideas to our creative department. Just like their entries, their presentations were awesome. Nobody showed a single shred of nerves, despite standing up in front of 50-odd strangers. One team even marched around the crowd handing out homemade signs like a punk band. Pretty rad.


Next, everyone mingled for a few minutes while the votes were cast and the Creatives pored over portfolios, umming and awwing. The conversation died out. Tension filled the air. Someone spilled some wine. The crisp bowl emptied. And we finally announced the winners. It was very X-factor.


In the end, The Howling Desmond won the placement by a single vote for their virtual bath, which had the room in stitches. In fact it was so close that we gave a second placement to team NoOne, for their very clever ‘Index of Good’. We’re looking forward to both of them coming to hang out with us on Hanbury Street.

To be honest, all the entries were so strong that we’ll definitely stay in touch with those that came by. Even the ballsy team from Lincoln uni who crept in and put their book amongst the winners, getting a lot of feedback and a few free drinks for their bravery*.

After the back-patting and high-fives we all moved on The Golden Heart for a few well earned drinks and some City High on the jukebox. Despite next morning’s creative department hangover, everybody is excited for the second one.

For those that are interested in references for what we were looking for, here are the entries:

*Note to the team thinking of trying it again next time; it’s been done now. Find a new way in.