As we have mentioned before the platformers have been experimenting with Binaural audio and narrative. So, Richard Buchanan, Karl Sadler and Andy Cameron met with Martyn Ware yesterday. If you don't know much about Martyn, well shame on you. He is widely recognised as the one of the founding members of both "The human league" and "Heaven 17" and is generally regarded as one of the UK's best producers. This is one of his hits:

Most recently though he has been working with his company illustrious and their 3D sound system around the globe. Martyn has worked with 3D audio for almost a decade and is well versed in the pros and the cons. Yesterday, he schooled us on the main concepts and gave us some amazing insights into the way that humans hear sound. Martyn told us that a sound is something that exists both outside and inside the human mind. Firstly, he told us a fascinating thing: when producing a soundscape, he doesn't try to reproduce the sound as it is recorded. He tries to reproduce the sound as it is heard in the minds of people. A punch doesn't actually sound like a punch. I asked him how this was possible and he said it comes from experience and having a "deep vocab for sound". You can read all about this here. The idea that the sound in your head is not the actual sound you are hearing is an interesting concept….

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