pizza hut in the british museum


We’ve had a call from the British Museum.

They’re planning to feature our Lunchtime Revolution campaign for Pizza Hut in one of their exhibitions. I think that’s a first for us.

They’re looking at Chinese revolutionary art through the decades and how in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s it’s had the political sting taken out of it and artists and even big brands are now being inspired by it. The curator told us:

The appropriation of revolutionary imagery by such a ‘Western’ global organisation like Pizza Hut is quite striking – it mirrors the ‘Great Criticism’ works by Chinese artist Wang Guangyi (who juxtaposed images from Chinese propaganda posters with Coca Cola, Nikon and other big brand names).’ 

lunchtime revolution

It’s been a bumper award week for Pizza Hut. 

Every few months, Metro select "ads from
the paper that stand out from the rest".  Apparently they look for
"innovative creative that successfully communicates with our urbanite
audience".  Our own resident urbanites, Mark and Richard, were this
month’s recipients for their Lunchtime Revolution campaign for Pizza
Hut.  Pictured with Mark and Rich enjoying the spoils in a classic
"it’s Friday afternoon in an ad agency, it must be champagne time"
moment, are Jo (who seamlessly produced the campaign), David (who
account managed it all smoothly)  and Rebecca (who’s never far when
there’s champagne around).




Creative people get awards. Planners occasionally get awards. But account people never get awards. Well, almost never. Pizza Hut created a special ‘Marketing Pride’ award for account director Rebecca Tickle, for service above and beyond the call. Nice job. I bumped into Darryl from Pizza Hut in our reception as he gave Rebecca the award (cuddly lion on plinth) and persuaded the pair of them to pose for a commemorative photo.

Note to any advertisers out there – this is the kind of surprising and thoughtful gesture that really does mean a lot to the team at your agency.