Meet BOB

Bringing a sunny splash to the dairy aisle

The fridges at W+K London have been stocked with a sunny crop of yellow-topped milk containers lately —  a departure from the expected blue, green, and red versions we’re used to choosing from for our midday cuppa. This splashy new addition promises BOB (“Best of Both”): a fat-free milk with all the taste of semi-skimmed. Who says you can’t have it all?

Arla BOB TVC Still02

W+K’s newest 30” TVC for Arla celebrates BOB and a radiant new outlook on dairy shopping. Taking place in a town called “Compromise,” the ad follows the transformation of its inhabitants after they’re introduced to BOB.

Arla BOB TVC Still04

Once drab, grey, and restrained, Compromise starts to look luminous and energised with the dazzling new dairy option to brighten up every bowl of cereal across town.

Arla BOB TVC Still05

In addition to bringing a sweet smile to viewers’ faces, the launch of BOB is part of Arla’s drive to support farmer owners and innovate through its products. Give it a watch and keep an eye out for the yellow tops in your nearest supermarket. Compromise in the milk aisle is a thing of the past, and the world is sunnier for it!


Tough love or soft love?

Winter has truly kicked in. Seems everyone is coughing and spluttering all over the place. Well don’t fret as we’ve launched a new campaign for Halls which aims to be the first ever to take care of people when they’re not feeling great.


The work dials up the strong and gentle variants of Halls cough drops, and plays on the truth that some of us react to tough love (think motivational, no-nonsense approach to illness) whilst others just prefer to be hugged and pampered. You know, soft love.


We featured John C McGinley as the face of both ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Soft Love’. Best known for his roles in ‘Platoon’ and ‘Scrubs’, he portrays both Halls characters in the eleven pieces of film content which’ll leave you feeling better.



Animal buzz

Our WWF #EndangeredEmoji campaign picked up two awards last night at The Drum Social Buzz awards. 



EndangeredEmoji is a first of a kind Twitter-based fundraising campaign launched by WWF. Its objective is to help raise awareness of and protect endangered species around the world. There were some strong contenders for the Best Use Of Twitter and the Best Charity/Not-for-profit Strategy categories but we were honoured to win both for WWF.


Here is one of the awards being safely transported home.

View the full list of winners here.

Some fashionable new business

It was a true ​Summer of fun for us getting to know the team at TK Maxx. ​From a store based briefing where we jumped into their buyers' hot seat​s, through to a hotly contested​ final round creative shoot out last month, our new friends at TK Maxx have been a delight to work with.

​All of which is exciting news as we will be seeing a lot more of them now as we take up the reigns as ​their ​lead strategic and creative agency. Our scope will cover all the European countries where TK ​Maxx ​currently retail and we will work with them to launch in new markets as their business develops.

We are incredibly excited about the work we pitched and are already underway to creating the Spring 2016 campaign across Europe. This is how TK broke the exciting need to us.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.03.43

And this is how we responded. Spot Paul Colman mortified at the the all agency shot.


We are all off to find ourselves even ​more big labels for small prices to celebrate over the weekend… 

Our Clio haul

Honda's The Other Side picked up even more gold last night. This time for Branded Entertainment, Digital and Digital Technique / Sound Design at the 2015 Clio Awards in New York. Plus a silver for Film Technique / Sounds Design. Not bad at all. 
Enough? No. There was more. A silver and two bronze for our 'Freestyle' campaign for Lurpak; a silver for Honda's 'Feeling' for Film Technique for Sound Design; a bronze for Finish's 'Dishes' in the 30-60 second commercials category; Nice. 
Kudos to all our lovely people who worked so hard on these campaigns – and a big congratulations to our clients and production partners. Come on, the awards look like Oscars, indulge us in a little acceptance speech, won't you…?


As a brand, Honda continually takes on some pretty daring engineering projects. From Formula 1 through to aviation and humanoid robotics, Honda’s challenging spirit runs through everything it does, and we think there’s no other car company quite like it.


This is set to be a big year for Honda. During 2015, every model within Honda’s automobile line-up is new or refreshed, including the new HR-V and the hotly anticipated Civic Type R. This year has also seen the Honda Jet make its first commercial flight and Honda’s return to Formula 1.

We wanted to create an out-of-this-world brand campaign that would reflect this daring ambition, capturing Honda’s philosophy with the inspiring campaign line: “Dare to do the things others only dream of.”


Inspired by Honda’s daring spirit, the film pays homage to one of the boldest expressions of human curiosity and engineering endeavour; space flight.


Opening on Honda’s humanoid robot, ASIMO, the camera reveals a line-up of Honda products arranged on an impressive runway. The sky and sun are reflected in the road surface and the water below. Viewed from above, the formation mimics the familiar shape of a space shuttle or rocket.


From the NSX’s driver captured with a picture of an original 1991 NSX held in his hand to space travel-inspired iconography and cinematic details, the film aims to capture viewers’ imaginations. Eagle eyed viewers will even spot a very special cameo from McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button and recognise the voice of the late, great Ayrton Senna.


Ignition was shot on location on the Podilsko-Voskresenskyi bridge, Kiev, Ukraine by Aoife McArdle through Somesuch. Local production was supplied by Radioaktive. The film’s epic cinematic look was enhanced through SFX and post production by The Mill, and sound design was crafted by Factory. The film’s score was designed by science fiction film composer Walter Mair through SIREN, and features segments from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and Mozart’s Queen of the Night Aria; 2 tracks that feature on the Golden Record that Voyager took into outer space in 1977. Media was handled by Starcom MediaVest Group.


The film is additionally supported online through Honda’s websites, where deeper stories on the ambition and challenges of the fleet can be found.

If daring to do things others only dream of looks this good, we’re definitely on board.


More new business. Sweet!



We won’t let the constant rain dampen our mood as we have some exciting news to share, Mondelēz International has named us lead creative agency for its UK Maynards and Bassett’s accounts.

We were awarded the business after a competitive pitch and it builds on our strong existing relationship with Mondelēz, whose North American Stride and Trident accounts we’ve held since 2011 and 2014 respectively, as well as the global Halls business since 2013 and Trebor in the UK since 2014.

The brands that were awarded to us include Jelly Babies, Liquorice Allsorts and Wine Gums. Work will begin immediately across various ATL media channels, for release in 2016.

We’re really excited to do some great work for two great brands we’ve all grown up with. Not to mention even more treats to add to our sweetie jar.

clean is clean

We’ve been trying to be more thoughtful here at W+K recently and we’ve even gone so far as to think about the welfare of our poor, overused dishwashers. Our new campaign for Finish’s Dishwasher Cleaner product kicks off with a 30” TV spot and asks, 'Who Cleans The Cleaner?'.


Let's admit it, we all take our dishwashers for granted. We throw rather a lot at them day after day, season after season. But cleaning dishes is a dirty business, and when you think about it, our dishwashers need cleaning too.


Our new campaign aims to make consumers think (for the first time) about the cleanliness – or indeed the dirtiness – of their machines by reminding them of the amount of dirty, greasy, sticky dishes they throw at their dishwashers, day in, day out.


The ‘Who Cleans The Cleaner?’ film launched today and is our second campaign for Finish since we won the account in 2014. With this new campaign, we wanted to continue the unique, dish-obsessed voice and playful visual style we established with our first Finish brand campaign, ‘Dishes.’ 


The film imagines what a year of dirty dishes looks like for a dishwasher. From the point of view of the machine, the same kitchen setting repeatedly glides towards viewers. Each time, they meet the same family, loading the machine with dirty dishes at different moments throughout the year… from mucky breakfast plates in January, right through to sticky cake bowls at Christmas. The story was brought to life by directing duo RBG6 through Friend, with the VFX wizards at Time Based Arts stitching the whole thing together seamlessly. 

The moral of the story? Spare a thought for your poor dishwashers, friends, and clean your cleaner! 

pigs might fly

We don't know about you, but we've clocked quite a few hours over the years firing flightless birds at green piggies, in an attempt to conquer the addictive and massively popular mobile game that is Angry Birds. So imagine our joy when Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, asked us to help promote the release of the game's long-anticipated sequel and recruit players. We've certainly done our research! 

W+K - AB2 - Taking of Piggy Island 2

Today, the smug pigs and their feisty feathered enemies are back in players’ hands. Angry Birds 2 is here! And it's bigger, badder and birdier. Our launch campaign is led by a 60”, fun, over-the-top live action film, directed by François Rousselet through Riff Raff.


Set on Piggy Island, the film transports viewers to a luxurious and delightfully surreal paradise, where happy pigs frolic in the sunshine and swim in crystal clear waters. But Piggy Island is soon revealed to be the setting of an attack by a furious squad of Angry Birds, who have been plotting to take their revenge on their arch enemy, the sneaky, flightless egg-thieving creatures who share the island with them.

  W+K - AB2 - Taking of Piggy Island 3

Shot in the lush real-life surroundings of Pig Island, also known as the “Home of the Swimming Pigs” or Big Major Cay, in the Bahamas, the film imagines a real-world adaptation of the game’s narrative, weaving fantastic imagery into the familiar world of Angry Birds. 

W+K - AB2 - Taking of Piggy Island 8

We teamed up with cinematographer Martin Ruhe, known for his work on feature films such as ‘The American’ and ‘Harry Brown’, who lent the film an epic, cinematic look while post-production was completed by the visual wizards at The Mill. 

W+K - AB2 - Taking of Piggy Island 6

On Instagram, a “smug pigs of Instagram” account (a play on the famously gauche ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ account) gives fans a taste of what life is like for the lucky pigs living the good life on Piggy Island. Activity on Angry Birds’ social channels features posters in the visual style of propaganda with a playful Angry Birds twist, counting down to the launch and helping to recruit players, as well as a bespoke poster commissioned by prominent online artist Paul Shipper.

There's loads more fun stuff to come from this campaign. Keep your eyes peeled!