W+K London features twice in YouTube top 5 ads

YouTube has announced the ten most viewed ads of 2015. Those most watched by millions around the world which make up YouTube's UK 2015 leaderboard.

Wieden+Kennedy London is the only UK agency with two ads featured in the top five. Three 'Make It Right' hit number three and Honda 'Ignition' reached number four.

InstaNapzzz – Glasses for napping!

Are you constantly tired? Overworked? Unhappy? Do you like napping but don’t, because you are a normal working adult?

We’ve got you covered!

Introducing… InstaNapzzz! The glasses that make you look awake even when you’re not.

Napping is scientifically proven to improve productivity, but people don’t take naps in fear of being seen as lazy. So W+K creatives Sabine and Claire (creative placement team) and Sam Part (placement designer) wanted to help find a way to get away with a 40-wink productivity boost by making it possible for people to sleep with their eyes wide open.

InstaNapzzz are personalized glasses printed with each user’s own eyes. Thanks to InstaNapzzz, anyone can subtly nod off wherever they desire. And everybody wins: employees feel less tired, their employers get a more productive workforce.

These glasses, far from being a revolutionary innovation, are a playful statement on a bigger issue: raising awareness around napping at work.

Want to get your own free pair? Visit our window installation, designed to echo the visual style of TV infomercials, at our offices between March 30th and April 10th, to make your own InstaNapzzz.

Share your secret snoozes with the world via Instagram using the hashtag #instanapzzz. You may just end up on this very live feed of the best snaps.

‘excellent’ Campaign school report for W+K

Campaign Magazine gives Wieden+Kennedy London a score of 8 out of 9 in its annual 'School Report' for the second year in a row, which equates to a rating of 'excellent

Campaign writes:

A lot of creative agencies like to say they are all about the work. But with Wieden & Kennedy London this year, there is very little else to talk about – except perhaps the shop hiring more people to do the work.

Staff numbers were up 34 per cent to 190 in 2013. That’s two more than Wieden & Kennedy had in 2010 before Nokia – then its largest client – took its custom elsewhere, and the agency was forced to axe more than a third of its employees.

The creative duo Paul Knott and Tim Vance joined from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in August, while the creative directors Dave Day and Larry Seftel joined from Mother in November. Later that same month, Christen Brestrup and Bertie Scrase joined from Crispin Porter & Bogusky, where they had been responsible for some of the best Paddy Power ads. The agency must have felt a certain delight in nicking Brestrup and Scrase, given that the CP&B creative directors were former Wieden & Kennedy stars who jumped ship.

Wieden & Kennedy set the bar high early on in terms of work. Its “the pony” spot for Three, released in February, was a genuine viral smash and easily the 2013 highlight. That said, its spots for Honda and Lurpak would make anyone’s highlight reel for the year too.

The horsemeat scandal that engulfed Tesco gave Wieden & Kennedy the chance to flex a different set of muscles: drafting the supermarket’s apology. The newspaper ads made headlines in their own right, but were later banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for stating that meat standards were an issue for the entire food industry. It seems that the agency has yet to fully stretch itself on the Tesco account.

In addition to wheeling out ancient long-copy skills, Wieden & Kennedy showed off its tech credentials, creating an app for Stride gum that was controlled by chewing motions – it won an award from the Internet Advertising Bureau.

In short, 2013 was a good year for an agency that seemed to be enjoying itself once again.

Elsewhere in the same issue, Campaign has published its latest 'top 100' league table of agencies by billings. W+K London has moved up seven places from number 20 to number 13, with a reported rise of 25%, which according to Campaign makes W+K London the fastest growing agency in the UK top 20 last year.

W+K Christmas Chocolate Coin Factory turns good deeds into chocolate

Wieden+Kennedy is giving the local East London community a sweet treat in exchange for a good deed via a Chocolate Coin Factory installed in our Hanbury Street office window space. The machine, named Dan & Dave's Chocolate Coin Factory after W+K founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, magically transforms a £1 coin into pure optimism – a traditional Christmas chocolate coin with a special W+K twist. 

When a £1 coin is inserted into a slot, the peculiar copper and brass machine comes to life in a symphony of hoots, stamping and whirling wheels, and a specially designed Wieden+Kennedy gold chocolate coin pops out at the other end. All proceeds from the installation will go towards a new playground for Millfields Community School, a primary school in East London with the smallest outdoor space despite being one of the largest schools in the borough.

W+K creative team Toby Treyer-Evans and Laurie Howell collaborated with sculptor Ben Hughes, artist Joshua T Howell, sound design company String and Tins and cinematographer Henry Lockyer to create the installation, and the film was given an extra dose of visual warmth and polish by colourist Houmam Abdallah at Electric Theatre Collective.


Wieden + Kennedy joins UK top 20 with 100% rise in billings

Latest figures released by Nielsen and reported in Campaign show that Wieden + Kennedy has climbed to 19th place in the UK’s top 30 agencies by billings, with a rise of over 100% to £121 million in 2012. This result was achieved through a series of new business wins over the year including Schweppes, Finlandia vodka, FUZE Tea, Southern Comfort and Tesco.