orange christmas


To support our Christmas campaign for Oraneg Romania, Orange’s local agency in Bucharest built snowmen of
the two animated characters from our campaign: Millidge & Doig. Images will be used in various media for a competition they’re
running over the next few weeks.
It was our concept (Vicki & Pete) to build the snowmen,
and we approved the location they’ve used to build them in.
Hooray – so cute!


Akon in Romania


Last week Orange Romania put on a massive free Akon concert on Mamaia’s H2O beach for 25,000 people as part of their Pre-Pay Music party series.  That’s a big crowd. The choice of artist was driven by the fact we’d chosen him to soundtrack one of our Orange prepay ads.


Our ad, with Millidge and Doig miming to Akon’s song was played on the big screen at the beginning.


Here what Doina of Orange said about it…

Pete’s choice of Akon was great – the whole summer it played non-stop on the radio and with the campaign Universal did separately on the artist, we noticed how things build up when you follow a line. Therefore we thought it would be very good if we manage to bring him – initially it didn’t seem to be enough time as he was booked and if it was not in August it would have been too late afterwards – but we were lucky – we had just 3 weeks of promotion still loads of people showed up