W+K hails the modern man in Style magazine

Last week, The Sunday Times Style magazine asked us to contribute to an article. The subject matter? Britain's modern man.

A topic close to many of our hearts so, with a second thought, we jumped into action.


The article had been sparked by Diane Abbott's comments late last month about the crisis men face in today's society.

Here on Hanbury Street, we wanted to defend masculinity 2.0. To flag some of the pressures on today's male. To highlight the expectations on his shoulders.

Our Wieden's words of wisdom ran in today's edition so, for those of you who who didn't pick up a copy or who don't subscribe online, here's our little snippet.


And for those of you, man or woman, without sensational eyesight, here are our words in regular-sized type:

"Grit and wit. Fit. Good with I.T."

Today's men wobble the same exhilarating, exhausting cultural tightrope trod by their mothers, the plate-spinning 1990s superwomen who had it all. Modern masculinity seems to mean being damn brilliant at everything. All the time. Serenely. The pressure to earn a crust may well be shared, but ditto housework and childcare. He must also ooze style, run ultramarathons, text back promptly, marinate, marvel at Strictly, open jars, crack funnies, know cool music, smell good, work tech devices, pick up his socks and, if necessary, chop wood. Let's hear it for modern man. Never has more been expected.

Calling all modern men: if after reading this piece, which was effortlessly penned by Beth Bentley, you identify with our thoughts, then we salute you.

And, if you're wondering who personifies this modern man for all seasons, well isn't it obvious?

Wieden + Kennedy reminds critics why we are in this business

Private view
Campaign magazine has a 'Private View' section where people in what we laughingly refer to as 'the industry' appraise current campaigns. This week, amongst other things, they review our new Lurpak TV ad and a couple of new spots by Wieden + Kennedy Portland for Old Spice.


Jonathan Burley of CHI says:

Campaign 2

Back to Katrien:
Campaign 3
So, W+K has surpassed itself, made the critics happy and reminded them why they work in advertising. Our work here is done.

Shots success!

An advertising award which shares its name with a style of an alcoholic drink! Sounds good to us. So when our brethren in Portland couldn't be there in person to collect their Shots prize, we saw it as our duty to step into the breech. W+K Portland were tucking into their Thanksgiving Turkeys when Karyn and Alex from the London office popped down to W1 to wave the W+K flag.

The accolade was given for Agency of the Year and PDX beat off stiff competition to win the gong. There was a shout out, too, for shortlisted W+K New York.

As the cherry on the cake, there was an additional award for Portland on the night. In recognition of the interactive excellence of the Old Spice Muscle Music game which launched in August. Congrats on your double whammy, PDX.

The evening of glory:


The morning after the night before – awards ready for transatlantic transit: 


feel the power of old spice muscle music

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 21.44.25

Friends, people of the internet, co-workers, lovers, former lovers, random people who have come to this site by mistake, it is with great pride and excitement
that we introduce the technological and pectoral breakthrough that is
Old Spice Muscle Music, featuring Terry Crews, muscle-laden star of The Expendendables II. Never has so much stupidity and technological
breakthrough been combined into one thingy. It's the first ever fully
interactive and sharable music video/player on Vimeo (or YouTube for
that matter).

A lot of people in the W+K Portland office worked really hard on this. Well done, them. Please take a
minute to enjoy its funny stupidness and then feel free to send
it to everyone you know on the internet so they can enjoy its funny

Try it here: http://vimeo.com/47875656

Meanwhile, Terry Crews is answering questions on Reddit.

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 21.53.51
Handy keyboard guide for the Muscle Music player:
OS Muscle Music Keyboard Key,jpg

Wieden + Kennedy goes for its Gunns

The Gunn Report is an annual survey that collates data from the world’s major creative awards shows to create rankings of the year’s biggest winners.

The 2011 report has just been published and there’s a piece about the results in this week’s Campaign magazine by Donald Gunn, the compiler of the report.

Campaign says, “If The Gunn Report 2011 shows us one thing, it’s that W&K needs a new trophy cabinet after its Nike and Old Spice awards haul.”


(Actually, we don’t have a trophy cabinet. Awards tend to be left lying around all over the place. I took the pic above to illustrate this point. I chose it because it happens to be the shelf near my desk, but looking more closely, I think these are actually D&AD pencils we won for Nike ‘Write the Future’.)

 Gunn points out that it was a very successful year awards-wise for Wieden + Kennedy.

“Perhaps it’s not surprising that Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ campaign topped this year’s film table. But what’s really interesting is that the ad scored the highest total of points in the history of The Gunn Report. So that’s more than ‘cog’ (also by W+K), more than ‘surfer’.  A new record has been set.”

“It follows, then that Nike was always going to do well in the advertisers table. Top of the pack, it scored the highest points total for 12 years…

“The man your man could smell like” was one of the best-known and best-loved campaigns of 2010, conquering in the film category last time round. In 2011, the Old Spice “response campaign” by W+K Portland took the top spot in the digital table.” (Old Spice also came first equal in the integrated/innovative category.)


Gunn continues, “One and the same network took the first two places in our agencies table – the first time this has ever happened. And it was a network with 20 times fewer offices than the rest. Number one was W+K (Amsterdam) and number two was W+K (Portland, New York). W+K in London and Tokyo also made the top 50. Imagine if W+K had 20 offices.”

Gunn tables

W+K also came fourth in the digital agencies table and fifth in the agency network table.  (BBDO topped that table with 180 points across its 289 offices.)