Welcome to the internet: 9th May.


Click 4 internet.

From cat's running into doors to girls getting hit over the head with shovels – there's a frightening trend of 'girl fighting' on Vine at the moment – the internet has been busy this week. There's also rogue word that's been rising through the image searches due to a mention on Channel 4's Gogglebox. Google it if you dare, you have been warned…


Welcome to the internet: 11th April.


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Oh hi there. How are you? Has anybody told you that you look wonderful today? Well, they should have. Because you look fantastic. Just remember that. 

I'm starting to think that I should always start these with a compliment. That way, you'll be slightly more forgiving if the content disappoints. And I'm not saying that this week's jammy filling to the internet sandwich is off this week. If anything, it's a little too sweet. A gooey, oozing treat of fruity viral goodness*. *Not really that sure about that last analogy but I'm going to roll with it. Yolo.

This week has actually tossed up two of my favourite YouTubes of the year so far. I know, bold claim to make. But I'm willing to stick my neck out there and say they're likely to be sniffing around the best of lists at the end of 2014. Trust me. They feature a future winner of America's Got Talent belting out a song about social media (I feel like she just gets me) as well a family band who have penned the feel good hit of the summer. Screw Pharrell. Screw the robots. Screw Get Lucky. It's summertime and isn't it great.


Click my friend.

Welcome to the internet: 7th February.


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Morning everyone.

Several key questions answered this week:

Yes, the internet is still working. I managed to keep it on track despite a massive power cut here yesterday. Somebody bloody had to.

Yes, people have done some more funnies.

Yes, Flappy Bird is still making me want to smash my phone every two seconds.

Yes, neknomination is still rife. Now the media have picked up on it and have decided it's the worst thing to happen to the youth of Britain since Meow Meow. 

As you were.

Welcome to the internet: 31st January


Some internet.

If you're going to do one thing today.

Other than read the internet round up.


Download Flappy Bird. 

It's a hideously addictive game which has taken the internet by storm.

Although I can't be responsible for how angry it may make you.

You have been warned.


What's interesting though is that it's been available on the App Store since May.

Yet now it's topping charts and having it's time in the spotlight.

Gladwell etc.

The internet is a funny place.

But there's a lesson to be learnt.

As much as the internet likes shiny new things.

I like shiny new things.

Everything and anything can have it's time.

So never write anything off.

Because it may still have its day in the sun.