watch out 2014, Powell is breaking through

W+K planner Oscar Powell is a man of many talents. When he's not shaping groundbreaking campaigns for our clients, he devotes his time to making music as Powell and running his own record label, Diagonal Records.


In today's Guardian, Powell has been named as one of their "music stars that will break through in 2014". Ben Beaumont-Thomas writes: 

"The dominant sound in techno today is one that goes back to the genre's grubbiest roots: the clank of 80s industrial and the sooty, angry Birmingham sound of Surgeon and friends. The tracks made by 30-year-old Londoner Oscar Powell sweat with the effort of trudging labour rather than the abandon of dance – but there is still a seam of funk running through the coalface, on cuts such as A Band or Body Music. Like Factory Floor, he also nods towards post-punk bands including Mars and Ike Yard, recreating their clatter and space with looped samples of live instrumentation. The coming year will see new tracks made with Birmingham legend Regis and electronic aggressor Russell Haswell get a release on Powell's own label Diagonal, all around his day job as an ad man; a little like PiL-era John Lydon, he's groomed yet subversive."

Here's a taste of the Powell sound:

and here's 'Fizz', a Powell track released through Mute's new label, Liberation Technologies:


If you like the sound of Powell and other Diagonal artists such as Russell Haswell, Shit and Shine, Death Comet Crew and the likes, keep an eye on Diagonal's site and Twitter to find out when they'll be bringing some "groomed yet subversive" noise to a venue near you. 

SON: Adam Gnade – You Got Mean

After their provocative video shot on Vine, our very own
creative Katie Harrison and directing partner Charlotte Freeston are back with
an equally titillating teaser for American musician Adam Gnade.

Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars – You Got Mean from SON on Vimeo

Based on the game ‘seven minutes in heaven’ where two teenagers are dared to make out
in a cupboard, SON show us the darker side of human instincts. Primitive
psychological urges drive the teenagers as animal instincts are slowly
highlighted in their behaviour. SON hint at power of the ‘id’ in human psychology as a wilder force than our egos, and its
mirroring of the animal inside all of us. They also touch upon the vulnerable
side of being human, often something which can force our survival instincts to
the surface.

‘Of course human psychology is a pretty vast terrain, but through a fragment of it we wanted to create a playful, no-holds-barred video, where we explored the drive of the id, seeing our narcissistic, survival and primitive impulses at play.’ Charlotte 

You Got Mean 1

Through the intimacy captured in the video SON
have "managed to satisfy the human urge to play the voyeur, as well as creating a
space both intimate and awkward, personal and completely revealing, which
speaks to us as human beings. Sensing the actual tension, passion and violence
in the video is made possible by its truly up-close and personal nature".

You Got Mean_2

able to call upon friends in our community to make our shoots possible is
something we feel is very important, allowing us to capture things which are
very real and intimate, and something that this video embodies wholly.


The video premiered on the 405 last week and can currently be viewed over on Promo

Kaiser Chiefs – a vote for progress

Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience by Wieden+Kennedy London

It's no secret that the music industry is having a tumultuous time as it tries to work out how to survive the digital evolution. So when one of our creatives hatched a plan with the Kaiser Chiefs to allow fans to create bespoke versions of new album The Future Is Medieval we were rather excited.

The Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience (catchy eh?) has already won August's IAB Creative Showcase award. Hopefully the first of many – and that's where you come in…

The winners of the ever-so-prestigious Adobe Max Awards are determined by public vote. Wonderfully democratic, just as the internet should be. And as our Kaiser Chiefs project is a finalist in the Disruptive Design category, we need YOUR votes to win.

It only takes a couple of seconds. So go on: vote for progress, vote to save the music industry!

The case study film can be seen here. And if you want to take a look at a simulated version of the experience, you can have a play here (thanks to our friends at Special Moves).