50 years young

We held a little celebration in our basement last night in honour of Tony's 50th birthday. Of course, we thought a near-life-sized cake sculpted in Tony's likeness was appropriate for the occasion (thanks Fancy Nancy!). 


Staying true to his ECD nature, Tony critiqued the cake in front of the entire agency. Apparently the waxy ears are spot on, but he's not quite sure about "that much grey hair". Sure, Tony. We also put together a book of everyone's favourite stories about Tony over the years to mark the occasion. Boy are there some gems in there…


It was also W+K creative Freddie's birthday, so Tony kindly let Freddie behead him before proceeding to stab himself in the back and dig out chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy. Well, we have always thought he was a bit soft on the inside…

Happy birthday Tony and Freddie!

pot luck lunching: part 1


Yesterday a group of hungry early adopters took part in the inaugural W+K Pot Luck lunch. It’s a pretty simple concept. Bring a plate of food from home to share. Alternatively, rush out to Tesco five minutes beforehand if you’ve forgotten. Then take 30 minutes or so to break bread and catch up with your colleagues.

The result was delicious. We ate everything from Ben’s cucumber salad (complete with home-grown chillies) and Joe’s leftover lasagne to a classic NZ bacon and egg pie, Tesco Finest Moroccan couscous (a Cheryl staple) and even koeksisters from Nico. For the uninitiated non-South Africans out there, koeksisters are a sort of deep fried donut braid left to soak in sugar syrup until one bite makes your molars want to fall out. Awesome.

It was definitely a huge success and after a wee nap and some exercise, we're all looking forward to Pot Luck: part 2.

L Gallery Halloween special from Cakes & Crunk

Halloween Special at The L Gallery from Cakes & Crunk

This Halloween, Gemma Pharo has transformed the L Gallery in W+K's reception into a ‘cosmic cake’ display case suitable for the most psychedelic bakery in town. Inspired by her love of Mexican art and Day of the Dead paraphernalia, she has imagined a colourful collection of cakes including a wrestler's mask, ‘catty four eyes’, medusa’s head and eyeball cupcakes. Having previously studied at Central St Martin’s and Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Gemma has found the perfect way of fusing her creative talents with her love of baking.

Sadly these tricky treats are specially preserved (and stuffed with newspaper) for display so are unsuitable for human consumption. Luckily for us, Gemma came in on Friday to wish us Happy Halloween along with her real deal, edible psychedelic sponges for us.  I must say they were delicious.

Cakes & Crunk are a young business, founded by Gemma and friends, working to turn your wildest fantasies into sugary sponges, designing bespoke cakes for birthdays, parties and celebrations of all kinds. To find out more about Cakes & Crunk and ask Gemma to help you design your perfect cake, take a look here: http://flavors.me/cakesandcrunk#540/flickr


agency muff-off


For today's agency meeting, lots of people had baked and brought in muffins. (It's nice, it boosts morale and it saves catering costs. Everyone wins.)


Laura Vent's apple crumble muffins were voted overall winners for both taste and aesthetic appeal. Laura Day's white chocolate and strawberry came a strong second.

Personally, I liked the bacon and cheese muffins, but others were narrow-minded about savoury muffin options.

In other news at the meeting, major business issues were discussed and massive new initiatives announced.