Have you been naughty or nice?

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas. Especially in our Hanbury Street window. 
It's that time of the year when Santa is finalising his lists. You know, the naughty one, the nice one. And because babies are booming and there are more of us than ever, how is the big guy meant to keep track of us all? 
So of course Santa came to us to ask for our help. And who are we to say no? Introducing: the NAUGHTY-OR-NICE-O-METER. The only machine in the world that scans your body, reviews your year and tells you if you've been NAUGHTY or NICE. 
For those of you passing the agency between now and when Santa sets off on his worldwide tour this Christmas Eve, come take a sneak peek at which list he's put you on. It's never too late to influence his decision. Maybe. 
Merry Christmas, one and all.

Autumn Leaves

Winter is on the way and we’re feeling grey and drizzly in London. But the autumn leaves are ready to play and a big pile of them are inside our very own Hanbury Street window, waiting to be sent spinning into the air by people passing by.


We’ve filled the window with thousands of colourful paper leaves (and yes, each leaf had to be folded then stapled…).
To bring them to life, we used Kinect sensorspressure padsbetter pressure pads, good old motion sensors linked to small fansbig fansmore big fans, "really big fans imported from Germany".
Just step on the ground in front of the window and watch the leaves dance in a gust of autumn wind. Whoooooooosh!
The more you move outside, the harder it blows inside.

The window will be open for the next two weeks. Hurry please, the leaves are waiting to feel the breeze!

Massive thanks to all the people involved, Studio Boo for the friendly paper leaves and for some really cool ideas that we couldn't afford to make, and Karmer, the set designers for building/changing/fixing/changing again the whole thing.

make some noise

Looking out from W+K Towers today it's pretty dreary, drizzly and dark. But looking in? Well there's plenty of light radiating from our W+K window… Today we launch our latest installation in collaboration with the annual London Design Festival: we're hosting local designer Anna Burns' interior textile collection. 


The festival kicked off over the weekend promoting our capital’s creativity. We're proud to sit within the designated 'Shoreditch Design Triangle' – one of the many 'Design Districts' set up all over London hosting a series of events easily accessible by foot. Local Art Director Anna Burns felt like a perfect partner for us and we're incredibly proud to showcase and support her work. 


Anna Burns Object is an interiors brand specialising in textiles and home accessories and this, ‘Occhio Di Marmo’ is her first textile collection.

Inspiration comes from cult Italian movie thrillers from the 60s and 70s. The geometric prints reference old movie sets and include jewel-coloured textures taken from various resources. 


But it's not just pretty to look at! The interactive installation invites passers-by to control how much noise goes on inside the topsy turvy room. By activating the textile on the pavement outside W+K, you can open different doors around the 'room', each with different levels of sound. 


The London Design Festival runs until 27 September so if you're passing, come make some noise. 

Be Brainwashed!

A few weeks ago, our friends from the super local East End Film Festival got in touch to chat about a collaboration to coincide with the festival. We're big fans of the EEFF and their dedication to helping develop new filmmaking talent and give people in our local area access to a rich cultural programme. So naturally, we jumped at the chance. 

We put our thinking caps on and, flicking through the programme, discovered director-in-residence Noaz Desche's 'DEPROGRAMME' series of films about brainwashing and cult behaviour. It seemed like the perfect fit. After all, we in the advertising industry are accused of brainwashing people all the time, so why not use it to help spread the word about a great cultural event?

The result of our collaboration is a window installation in our Hanbury Street window space, where we regularly host self-initiated projects and collaborations with interesting creative people and companies. 


The idea of the window is simple: show people how easy it is to influence their thoughts and how they see the world. Quite literally. Using an optical illusion technique called 'after image,' we found a way to make sure visitors to the window would take an EEFF-themed impression away with them. 

Strong, propaganda-themed visuals on the window grab the attention of passers by and invite them to approach the window. When they put their eyes against the goggles and activate the installation by placing their hands on the sensors, a short abstract film plays. During the video, a bright camera flash magically leaves the EEFF's logo temporarily imprinted on their vision, whenever they close their eyes for a couple of minutes after the film ends. 


It's perfectly safe – trust us, we've tried it many, many times. But we do hope our experiment will make people think twice about how easily they accept the information that is fed to them on a daily basis. And we also think it's pretty cool.

If you're in the area, come and see how weak your mind is.


You can visit the festival until 12th July – more information here: www.eastendfilmfestival.com.

Big thanks to our everyone at East End Film Festival and to our guinea pigs (we mean, the team) here at W+K. 


Is it nap time yet?

We like throwing our creative placement teams in at the deep end, and we want them to have fun too… so we gave placement team Sabine & Claire and placement designer Sam a brief to create an interactive installation for our Hanbury Street window space. They came up with a wonderfully odd (and surprisingly practical) productivity boosting tool and gave it a brilliant infomercial-style visual identity.

Read on for a few words from the team behind InstaNapzzz: 


Are you constantly tired? Overworked? Unhappy?

Do you like napping but don’t, because you’re a normal working adult?

We’ve got you covered!

Introducing InstaNapzzz! The personalized, recyclable, revolutionary glasses that will make you look awake even when you’re not.


And they’re recyclable!! You’re in luck… Napping actually makes you more productive. That’s right!

No need to keep worrying about nodding off at work. InstaNapzzz will change your life! By simply taking a picture of your eyes and printing it on paper glasses, no one will notice a thing! InstaNapzzz will take care of everything, all you need to do is wear them. 


Just come to Wieden+Kennedy's offices now, follow three simple steps and get your personalized pair of InstaNapzzz FOR FREE!

So easy.

So whether you’re in a meeting, with your step mum, in a meeting, on a date or in a meeting, just wear your InstaNapzzz and have your sneaky little snooze, any time you choose!

Goodbye missing out on naps, hello InstaNapzzz!

8Head down to 16 Hanbury Street between March 30th to April 10th, and you can make your own personalized pair of InstaNapzzz FOR FREE.    

Be sure to share your best InstaNapzzz snaps using the #instanapzzz hashtag. We're collecting all the best ones on a gallery on our site, here

Offer exclusively available at the Wieden+Kennedy London window. No purchase necessary.
Conditions apply: Please use responsibly. Do not use while driving. Do not machine wash.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. You’ve made the world a better place.

And now, excuse us, it's naptime…

Play More Games

W+K placement team Adam & Will were given a brief to create a new window installation for our office. Since it’s autumn and all, they decided to bring back everyone’s favourite schoolyard game (conkers!) with a deliciously retro twist. They write:

Do you remember the good old days? When games came with bruises. When everything was in black and white. And everyone wore a hat.

Do you remember the old school days? When games came with joysticks. When the killer app was a Filofax. And the Tories were selling off everything (for the first time).

No, neither do we. But that hasn’t stopped us enjoying our new window installation. We’ve updated the classic British school game of conkers for the modern age (well the 1980s at least), turning the window of our Hanbury Street office into a celebration of an old game and old school gaming.

We’ve taken the hard work out of it and strung hundreds of conkers up on ribbons, ready for passers by to claim. No hunting around in the woods, no wrestling with squirrels; these conkers are ready for war.

There's no downloadable app, augmented reality quirk or projection mapped widget thingy, just good old-fashioned conkers with dashes of 80’s 8-bit glory. Ok, there's also a hashtag #conkerking, but that's only there to help you share your Conker King conquests on conker aficionado forums (and Twitter).


If you’re in our neighbourhood, come down to our office on Hanbury Street and play a game. Feel the energy and exhilaration in every hit, experience the terrible emptiness of near misses, and live every moment on the edge of Conker King glory, knowing defeat is a conker crack away.

Conker_Window_72dpi 2



The window is open for the next two weeks. Grab a friend, an enemy, or even a safe-looking stranger and get out there and play Conker King.

Play more games.


Massive thanks to all involved. Thanks Iain and Tony for believing in the power of conkers. Thanks Miles Niblett, Victoria Kochowski and David Brodie for pushing 8-bit design to the limit. Thanks Mike Wineck for cornering the eBay conker market and generally just making it happen with the help of new producer Will Smith. Thanks Jason Scott and Joris Philippart for getting us in here to make the thing. 

360° Design Magazine Likes Our Space

When Chinese design magazine 360 Design got in touch about featuring the W+K London HQ in their Designer at Work issue earlier this year, they took a particular shine to our Real Life at Work window from last year. Thanks to the talent of photographer Paul Barbera, who captured our office on camera earlier this year, our real-life office also manages to scrub up pretty well.

A beautifully bound tome landed on our desks this week. Good to see Blender Man made it in there too.

Design 360 Real Life at Work_Page_1

Design 360 Real Life at Work_Page_2

Design 360 Real Life at Work_Page_3 Design 360 Real Life at Work_Page_4Design 360 Real Life at Work_Page_5


You may not have yet noticed (REALLY?!) but the World Cup is on. Yes, it's kicked off in South America with the beautiful game back in Brazil. To mark this month of footie, we've gone all Brasileno. 

W+K has created a sporting twist on the traditional Brazilian wish ribbon – the Senhor de Bonfim de Bahia* for those of you in the know.

An installation of over 3000 ribbons, each carrying the wish of a football fan, marking their hopes and aspirations for the tournament. 


I wish it was 1966 again. 

I was Scotland had qualified. 

I wish Ronaldo were single. 

I wish this face paint would wash off.

I wish my hands were as big as Buffon's.


If you're passing the agency, come have a rummage to see more of what fans are rooting for. 


Or tweet your wish with the hashtag #WorldCupWishes and you may find your own message on display. 

Plus the fun doesn't stop there. There'll be reaction to each of the games as the action heats up on the pitch. 

I wish the ref wasn't a Brazilian in disguise.

* Statto fact: Each ribbon measures exactly 47cm in length, the same length as the tiny statue of Christ himself outside the Church of Bomfim in Bahia, Brazil.

win every time with LUCKY JUICE!

Hello gamblers! It's time to get your fix.
Our new LUCKY JUICE bar is NOW OPEN!
We've installed a giant fruit machine in our window space that lets you gamble for juice.
For the next month, Lucky Juice will be giving you 'sexy fresh life changing juice' on Hanbury Street.
It's £3 A PLAY (so you don't need to be a high roller), and you WIN EVERY TIME.
But like all good fruities, it's a gamble what you get…
It's simple: Cash in, watch the ingredients line up and DING-DING-DING! Its your juice hit for the day.
Ali Baba Juice + Matcha of Peckham fame are powering the machine, so all the juice is fresh, healthy and 100% delicious. The fruity visuals were designed by illustrator Sam Coldy, the films and photography are courtesy of Oskar Proctor, the sweet sound design by Wave and the animations were the handiwork of Hans Lo. Big up to the W+K Lucky Juice crew of Laura Barker, Toby Treyer-Evans and Laurie Howell for giving us a healthy antidote to all that Easter chocolate. 
Come on down to 16 Hanbury Street and take a spin, and spread the word on Twitter and Instgram: @wkluckyjuice #wkluckyjuice
Here's what W+K creatives and window curators Toby & Laurie had to say about the whole thing, "Round here, just like gambling, buying a juice can cost you your life’s savings. So we wanted to make the addiction healthy by creating a fruit machine that, for a few quid, makes getting seriously good juice a big game of chance – pushing people’s taste buds and giving them something to talk about. Our pals Lady Luck and Ali Baba Juice +Matcha couldn’t have been better companions…"
And here's a sweet little bit from Chris Abitbol and Sienna Murdoch, the brains behind Ali Baba Juice: “We're so stoked to be collaborating with W+K as we share a vision of fun and flavourful juice vibes – not just health, cleansing and alkalise – yadda yadda. The idea of fruity gambling paired with Sam's rad illustrations totally hit the nail on the head."