world cup wishes

By now, the emotional rollercoaster that is the World Cup feels like it's been going on forever, but boy are we going to miss all the fun after this weekend's final. 

Back at the start of the tournament, in the heady days before goalpocalypse (yes, that semi final shocker of a score), we unveiled a thematic window installation titled World Cup Wishes. It features 3000 traditional Brazilian 'Senhor de Bonfim de Bahia' wish ribbons with a sporty twist arrnaged to spell 'football' in Portuguese, with each ribbon carrying the wish of a football fan or a reaction to the latest drama on the pitch.

The window – much like the tournament – is still going strong, with crowds of curious passers by and football fanatics stopping by throughout to grab their own wishes. 

We made a video that captures the whole thing. Enjoy!


Don't forget, you can still tweet your wish with the hashtag #WorldCupWishes, and you may find your own message on display in time for the final.  

sod the stereotypes

When we're not making Shetland ponies dance for Three or helping Tesco celebrate the joy of food, we love getting stuck in to some cultural experiments. So a little while ago, when ELLE magazine approached us with an intriguing project for their November issue, we jumped at the chance.


They invited three agencies (Brave, our fellow 'ditch buddies Mother and yours truly) to collaborate with three feminist figures on a brief to rebrand feminism.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.45.57

We partnered up with Vagenda, a witty and incisive feminist blog founded by Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett out of frustration with the way women are portrayed in – and expected to conform to – stupid and outdated stereotypes. We'd like to think we know a little bit about the modern woman too, especially through our work with Nike, and together we wanted to do more than just give feminism a shiny new identity. We wanted to turn the issue over to ELLE's readers and open up a debate. 

Our idea is simple: led by Vagenda's Sod The Stereotypes manifesto, our call to action encourages readers of the magazine to tear out the corresponding page and write their own statement declaring how they define themselves as a woman, take a snap and spread the word using the #imawomanand hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. The benefits are twofold – readers have an opportunity to state their point of view on an important issue and ELLE has a chance to learn a little more about its readers and their interests.


The conversation also translates to our interactive window display here at 16 Hanbury Street, which naturally features a giant apple. It's inspired by the first line of the manifesto: "I'm not an apple shape…". When users outside the window tweet #imawomanand followed by their statement, they receive a fruit label inspired sticker with their tweet printed on it (thanks to a bit of magic by our creative technologist, Will Hooke), which they're invited to stick to the window, take home, use to change the world – it's up to them. Our installation will run throughout October, while the November issue of ELLE will be on shelves.

A huge thank you to everyone at ELLE, Vagenda and the W+K team: Sanam Petri, Beth Bentley, Karen Jane, Kelly Satchell, Amy Leach, Katie Harrison and Will Hooke.


Ladies: get ELLE, get your marker pens, get down to our window and get involved.

Tell us, who are you?

Real life at work at W+K

Have you ever wondered what we really do all day long at W+K HQ, other than shuffling bikes around in our lobby and enjoying alfresco lunches with our clients? 

Well now you can see it for yourself through the gloriously monochromatic lens of our latest window installation, Real Life at Work

Our Hello Neighbour team Karen Jane, Maya Roberts and Amy Leach have collaborated with graphic artist Emily Forgot and Laurie D to create Real Life at Work, a new living, breathing workspace specially created for our window to give the outside world a look at the way we work.

Window Installation

Emily says of the project "I'd been wanting to get a cheese plant into my work for a while so W+K's window proposal provided the perfect opportunity … which office doesn't have a cheese plant! That aside, I enjoy playing with scale and pattern in my work as well making the mundane slightly surreal, so its was nice to incorporate all my aesthetic leanings into the brief. It was also fun to work with Laurie D who not only brought mechanical elements to the mix but collaborated with me on bringing the space to life. "

Check out Mr Tony D, our 'agency runner', coming up with some pure creative gold in the window.

Tony - window

You can keep an eye on who's working in the window on our live video feed over at, made possible by the industrious Will Hooke, who can be seen here in a very accurate portrayal of the office at the moment – enjoying an ice cream.


If something particularly entertaining catches your eye in our window, take a little snap or a screengrab and think of your wittiest caption, tagging your Tweet with #helloneighbour. The best caption each week will win something truly special: the chance to say you've worked at W+K London (well, at least in our window).

Hello Neighbour is a creative initiative in which W+K extends a friendly handshake to our infinitely inspiring creative community. We regularly collaborate with local talent to create inspiring, jubilant and occasionally spine-chilling installations in our Hanbury Street window. 

If you work or live within a one-mile radius of the agency and would like to collaborate with us, the Hello Neighbour team would love to meet you. Email


Our friends, and now partners, at D&AD

We live at 16 Hanbury Street. Just down the road, at number 68, you'll find the home of D&AD – the education-led organisation for the creative and design community. Last month they knocked on our door asking for a cup of sugar. We invited them in, put the kettle on and decided to collaborate on promoting their services.

This appointment sees us responsible for repackaging what D&AD stands for, boosting their membership, increasing interest and entries into their next awards scheme and building the D&AD brand around the world.

We're excited to get under the skin of what the brand is all about and to help as many people as possible fall in love with the organization for all it gives to the creative community, beyond just the awards.

Tim Lindsey, Chief Exec of D&AD, is excited to work with us: "Their smart strategic advice and brilliant creative will help D&AD continue to provide better and better services to our community."

And we're looking forward to discovering more about the formula to winning those black pencils of theirs…

farewell, neighbour

Sadly, it's time to take down our most recent HELLO NEIGHBOUR installation. This was our collaboration with the team at Inventory Studio and in partnership with the Truman Brewery. For those of you who didn't get to see the marvelous fusion of balance and typography in action, here is a little 'making of' film, made for us by James Ward.


So, what happens to the installation now?

Well, each letter will be returned to the source of its inspiration: In January we'll present each establishment whose typeface we have used with the foam letter itself. It really is great when things come together.

In the meantime you can still download The Truman Brick Face font. For free. From here

Thanks again to all involved.

when things come together

Oh hi, Hello Neighbour here. You may have seen we’re back again. Yet another pop-up. With another visual treat in our Hanbury Street window.

This time we’ve partnered with local design studio Inventory to celebrate the variety of typography under our neighbourhood noses. The installation showcases, through balance and design, how great it is WHEN THINGS COME TOGETHER.

Spelling out this phrase, Inventory sought out twenty-two letter forms – all visible within a one mile radius of Wieden + Kennedy. They feature on local shop facades, building fronts, pubs and street signs. Some are hand-painted, others made in plastic or carved in stone. In our mobile sculpture, they are beautifully re-crafted and cleverly displayed. Just like our neighbourhood, the installation is eclectic, balanced and ever-changing. The only drawback is how difficult it is to photograph. Here's our latest attempt:


But we didn’t think that was enough. We wanted to do more. So we decided to make something that will live longer than our pop-up initiative will allow. A sort of local, typographical legacy. So Inventory created a bespoke font based on the lettering on the Truman Brewery’s 19th century chimney.


We’ve cut the typeface, Truman Brick Face, now available to all of you, free of charge. You can download it here:

The window is still live and, if you do download the font, why don’t you send us some examples of how you’ve used it. You never know, we may even post one or two on this very blog.

In addition to our Hello Neighbour agency team (KJ, Sophie, Laura, Alex and Brodie), a very special thank you goes out to Inventory Studio for their marvellous brains and beautiful handicraft and to the Truman Brewery for their wonderful letterforms.

W+K’s Hello Neighbour Project: The Ghost of 16 Hanbury Street

HELLO NEIGHBOUR is a creative initiative in which W+K
collaborates with local talent to create installations in our Hanbury Street
window. This Halloween we are launching our first spine-tingling interactive installation, inspired by East London’s dark past. 


Whitechapel was once a sprawling slum,
described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous in the whole metropolis”. To discover more,
we visited Bishopsgate Institute, which boasts a library full of wonderful
history, with insights into every corner of the area. Here we discovered that Wieden + Kennedy's building stands on the site of a former sewing school for women set up by
Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts.


When her father, founder of Coutts Bank, died in 1822
Miss Coutts become England’s wealthiest heiress. Appalled by the foul conditions
of the East End, she set her sights on improving the area. One of her first great works was to establish
the sewing school for young women who had “turned aside from a path of virtue”.
Here they could be taught, fed, and provided with work. Whilst her work was of notable success, sadly, she could not save them

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 16.47.40

The ghosts from this area have dark histories that still haunt the streets to this day. The Hello Neighbour Halloween Window evokes the atmosphere of a time much darker than ours but that can still be found, if we just look hard enough. 


Founded in 1895, Bishopsgate Institute is a hub for culture and learning. The original aims of the Institute were to provide a public library, hall and meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London. Today the Institute welcomes people with a thirst for knowledge on the local area with access to their library, collections, courses and cultural events. You can find out more HERE.

Developed in-house by our Creative Technologist Will
Hooke, the instillation is built using OpenFrameworks and uses
 sensor to track the movement of people in front of the window. Working with musician Rose Dagul of Rhosyn, we created a soundtrack to
evoke a haunting atmosphere and entice passersby. As you approach the window,
you might get a glimpse of our ghost.

Come for a closer look, if you dare. 


A huge thank you to Willam Hooke, Katie Harrison, Laura Vent, Ben
Hutton, Nico Engelbrecht, Lucy Pearson, Rose Dagul, Alex Rogers, Sophie
Bodoh, Karen Jane, Tony and Kim and all at the Bishopsgate Institute. A special thank you to our resident ghost, Chloe Roseman.


If you work or live within a one-mile radius of the
agency and would like to collaborate with us, the Hello Neighbour team would
love to meet you. Email:

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 09.59.29

Wieden + Kennedy’s Hello Neighbour project in collaboration with The Poundshop

Last night saw the launch of our latest HELLO NEIGHBOUR project in collaboration with The Poundshop!

1st piccie

HELLO NEIGHBOUR is a creative initiative that sees us partner with local talent. The concept is simple: W+K works together with creative people who live, work or operate within a one mile radius of the agency. We collaborate on something to display in our window. This could mean working with local businesses or individual craftsmen from the area; whoever we would like to showcase in our space. 

Based round the corner from our Hanbury Street offices, The Poundshop is a platform for designers to sell their goods under the strict brief that items should be sold within the affordable price bands of £1, £5 and £10. 

For the first time, The Poundshop (in its sixth incarnation) has gone digital and created a new way to window-shop by creating a physical web shop.

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 19.50.11

The physical shop is positioned on a mechanical sculpture (designed by Studio GoodOne) located in our Hanbury Street office window. Products can be bought using the Poundshop App (above). This season's crop of  designer products include BirdBox – a flat-packed bird box alarm clock by Luckybite…

4th piccie

Tropicana, a way to add a touch of tropical adventure to existing tablewear by Thorunn Arnadottir…


…and knitted animal brooches by Teresa's Mum. 

3rd piccie

The Poundshop launched in the W+K window last night and will be open until 10th October for you to purchase products directly from the W+K window through the Poundshop webshop. But don't worry if you can't make it down to the window itself: all the products can be viewed and purchased here.  

6th piccie
2nd piccie

Future 'Hello Neighbour' projects are already in the making but we are always open to new ideas. So if you work or live within a one mile radius of the agency and want to collaborate with us, Sophie and KJ invite you in for a cup of tea and a chat Just email them first on

Hello, neighbour

A while back, KJ and Sophie had a vision for the WK window.
After lots of graft, this afternoon that is an idea that has become reality. 

Today we launch HELLO NEIGHBOUR, a creative initiative which sees us partner with local talent. The concept is simple: W+K works together with creative people who live, work or operate within a one mile radius of the agency. We collaborate on something to display in our window. This could mean working with local businesses or individual craftsmen from the area; whoever we would like to showcase in our space. 

This afternoon's launch sees the first in the series of HELLO NEIGHBOUR projects. 'A little piece of the kingdom' is a mass collaboration between us and 15 talented artists from the local area, three of whom we call our own: Joe, Bowtox and Anders. The wooden Union jack installation sees each of the 15 artists own a slice of the flag that they have customized in their own way, building on the topical Jubilee moment.


A word from Hello Neighbour curators Sophie Bodoh and Karen Jane:
“We want to maximise the use of this agency space and share it with the wider community. It shouldn’t just be a window into our day-to-day world, but also a display of the great creativity in our local area. There’s no better moment to spark collaboration in the East End than when the eyes of the world look to us for Jubilee and Olympic celebrations.”



A massive thanks to all fifteen contributors:
David Samuel         
Garry Milne
Josh Stika
Marco Lawrence
Josh Sutterby   
Vibes RT
Paul Bommer  
Daniel Brereton
Michael Bow
Joseph Haigh
Anders Stake with Kerry Ryan

With very special thank you to David Samuel for his huge effort on coordination of talent. Oh, and Matt Harriman for the hours of build and install.

If you’re in the area, do pop by and take a look at the work. And if you comment online, don’t forget to say #helloneighbour.

Future projects are already in the making but we are always open to new ideas. So if you work or live within one mile's radius of the agency and want to collaborate with us, Sophie and KJ invite you in for a cup of tea and a chat. Just email them first on

Happy Jubilee from Team HELLO NEIGHBOUR
(KJ, Sophie, Ali Bobbe, Rory and Alex).