Tough love or soft love?

Winter has truly kicked in. Seems everyone is coughing and spluttering all over the place. Well don’t fret as we’ve launched a new campaign for Halls which aims to be the first ever to take care of people when they’re not feeling great.


The work dials up the strong and gentle variants of Halls cough drops, and plays on the truth that some of us react to tough love (think motivational, no-nonsense approach to illness) whilst others just prefer to be hugged and pampered. You know, soft love.


We featured John C McGinley as the face of both ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Soft Love’. Best known for his roles in ‘Platoon’ and ‘Scrubs’, he portrays both Halls characters in the eleven pieces of film content which’ll leave you feeling better.



What are you breathing?

We're still in the middle of winter over here and it's so cold you can see your breath. Timely then, that our new work for Halls just launched, challenging people to consider the air we inhale and adding an icy twist. 


Titled ‘What are you breathing?', the pan-European campaign introduces consumers to a new kind of air: Halls Air. We really liked the idea of Halls owning a better kind of air as a brand; Halls Air is beyond the regular air we breathe in every day, it’s air so invigorating to breathe it's like breathing for the first time, every time. It's for those of us who want to squeeze every last drop out of life, and invigorate the body and the mind with an icy jolt. 


20” and 10” TVCs salute the refreshing effect of Halls Air with the help of the coolest animals on the planet – the majestic polar bear. When a moustachioed motorcyclist pops a candy into his mouth, miniature moustachioed polar bears riding a cloud of Halls Air are released, capturing the powerful cooling sensation delivered by Halls in those everyday moments when you want to feel just that little bit more alive.


We're happy to say that no polar bears or moustaches were harmed during the making of this commercial.