Honda and W+K challenge viewers to ‘Keep Up’

Today sees the launch of Wieden+Kennedy's latest campaign for Honda, Keep Up, which celebrates Honda's belief that by pushing themselves, everyone can surpass their own perceived limits.

This philosophy is the foundation behind the brand: Honda is committed to finding out what its products are capable of by continually pushing its vehicles and technology to the limit.

Rather than just telling the story of Honda’s pioneering spirit and commitment to progress, the campaign challenges viewers’ reading speed, allowing them to feel the joy of improvement for themselves. A manifesto is delivered one word at a time, with the pace increasing throughout the film, intercut with glimpses of the new Honda fleet, which are all born from the company’s challenging spirit.

A 40” TV spot directed by Man Vs Machine, which will air on Sky Sports on Thursday 19th February during the UEFA Europa League match between Liverpool vs Beşiktaş, invites viewers to “keep up” with a message on screen, becoming increasingly difficult as the pace of the words increases to a crescendo. At approximately 500 words per minute, the fast-paced message proves that everyone is capable of achieving more than they initially thought. The energetic soundtrack, composed by Wah Wah with sound design by Factory, was created to further encourage the viewer to keep up.

Viewers are challenged to push themselves even further online through shorter – and even faster – executions of the film, and in cinemas, custom film-themed ads will run in partnership with Pearl & Dean.

Scott Dungate, Creative Director at W+K London, says “When you push and push yourself and reach a new level, it feels good. We wanted to give people that same feeling when they read our manifesto about Honda’s relentless improvement. So we challenged them to ‘keep up.’ “


Portland, Ore., January 10, 2013 — Leading independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) announced today two new additions to its global executive management team: Colleen DeCourcy and Mark Fitzloff, who will serve as global coexecutive creative directors. Along with these additions, partner and Global Chief Operating Officer Dave Luhr will assume the role of president, and Dan Wieden will become chairman of W+K’s global management team.

Also announced was the promotion of Joe Staples to executive creative director of W+K Portland. Staples will replace Fitzloff on the Portland management team, partnering with Susan Hoffman and Tom Blessington.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a chairman, but now I are one—albeit an active one,” said Wieden smiling. “Between Dave and Mark, we have 40 years of proven W+K experience, respect and leadership. This level of talent and experience gave me the confidence to search outside the agency to find a third global management team member with digital expertise. Colleen brings an energy and a knowledge base that is second to none. I am convinced that our next 30 years are going to be pretty damn exciting.”

In his role as president, Dave Luhr will continue to steward W+K’s commitment to outstanding creativity and independence. Luhr has been with the agency since 1986 and became managing director of the Portland office in 1992 and a partner shortly thereafter. During his tenure, Luhr has touched nearly every piece of agency business, but his deepest impact has been helping to expand the company from being just one office to the largest independent network in the world. Luhr has been responsible for implementing a consistent agency culture and commitment to great work across the W+K network that has allowed each office to have the autonomy to attract clients and manage its own bottom line.

W+K welcomes Colleen DeCourcy from Socialistic, a social media content and design shop she founded in 2010 as chief creative officer and CEO. While at Socialistic, she won coveted accounts Red Bull and Fast Company, two of the leading content marketers in the world, and led work for Showtime, Coke and GE. Prior to this role, DeCourcy was the first chief digital officer for TBWA Worldwide, setting the network’s global digital strategy and leading digital efforts for adidas and Pepsi. DeCourcy’s career has included the roles of chief experience officer at JWT NY and chief creative officer at Organic, where she led creative on Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. In 2006, she was named one of Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch.” DeCourcy is an outspoken critic of discrimination in the workplace.

Mark Fitzloff brings 13 years of leadership at W+K to his new role as global coexecutive creative director. He first joined the agency in 1999 as a copywriter, working on the AltaVista, Nike and Coca-Cola accounts. As creative director on Old Spice, he helped breathe new life into the dated, iconic American brand. In 2008, Fitzloff was appointed to the Portland management team as executive creative director, and he continues to lead work that both wins awards and pushes the clients’ bottom line. In this role, working alongside Coexecutive Creative Director Susan Hoffman and Managing Director Tom Blessington, Fitzloff’s leadership has helped transform Portland both creatively and financially, pushing the office to create some of the most beautifully honest and ambitious work in W+K history. Under the leadership of this team, W+K Portland has won accolades including distinguished agency of the year honors from a number of leading industry organizations and publications. Fitzloff and Hoffman have been the most award-winning creative directors on Creativity’s Awards Report for the past three consecutive years.

Joe Staples joined the W+K network in 2004, serving as a copywriter on the 2006 Nike World Cup campaign. Following that successful execution, he moved to W+K Portland in 2006, where he worked on Nike, Starbucks and Heineken. Prior to this promotion, Staples served as the creative director on Chrysler and Dodge.

“This agency is blessed with an abundance of amazing talent,” said Luhr. “And we only add to that talent with the hiring of Colleen DeCourcy. When you combine Mark Fitzloff’s proven creative leadership and Colleen’s digital expertise, our goal of becoming the best agency of the digital age should be that much more attainable. I look forward to teaming with Mark and Colleen and continuing the culture and heritage that this agency stands for.”

YouTube’s 20 most viewed ads of 2012

Number one in the world: Nike My Time Is Now as the most viewed commercial of 2012. The second-biggest sporting event of the year next to the Olympics was probably soccer's Euro 2012, which explains why this ad was the most viewed. The commercial is filled with big soccer stars like Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ribery or Neymar, who are challenged by group of unknown players who invade a stadium in the middle of a game between France and the Netherlands. The spot has had 20,937,432 hits.

Wieden + Kennedy had a very strong showing on the YouTube list, being responsible for a total of seven ads in the top 20. Chrysler 'Half Time in America' was at number 8, Nike Mercurial Vapor at number 9, and Old Spice spots filled numbers 13, 14, 19 and 20.

W+K also featured again in The 10 most popular ads among YouTube UK users in 2012. The number one ad for, Honda UK’s “spark” by Wieden & Kennedy London, has had had 3.8 million global views. The ad centres on a “spark of inspiration” at a Honda factory, as it passes through a series of adventures, before finally revealing the manufacturer's latest Civic model.


Wieden + Kennedy has been named Adweek Global Agency of the year 2012

Here's what they said:

(The) work on Wieden’s global reel this year represents advertising at its best—words and images that spark emotions and transcend categories. 

Even for a premiere creative agency like Wieden—Adweek’s Global Agency of the Year for 2012—this was an exceptional year. The most memorable Super Bowl ad. The Emmy (its fourth straight). The biggest campaign ever for Heineken, celebrating the brand’s global sponsorship of the James Bond flick Skyfall. A whopping 45 Lions at Cannes (including 29 out of its Portland, Ore., headquarters, making it Agency of the Year). Banner wins like Tesco, Sony, Facebook and American Express Open. New business and organic growth from existing accounts fueled a swift rebound from the loss of Nokia and Target, in 2011 and early ’12, respectively. The agency ends this year with global revenue growth of 5 percent to an estimated $294 million. 

Among its peers, independent agency Wieden, now in its 30th year, inspires both pride and envy. After all, in the past four years, Wieden has won an average of 29 Lions a year. Agency co-founder and global president Dan Wieden attributes that creative consistency to building a culture that’s “just more fun than you can believe and harder than hell. That generates ideas, great enthusiasm and new ways of looking at old issues.”

Tesco’s Matt Atkinson likes what he sees thus far in Wieden’s London office, which, led by managing director Neil Christie, beat TBWA, VCCP and JWT in July to claim one of the most coveted accounts in the U.K. The retailer, which each year produces more than 1,000 ads and spends about $175 million in media, last month broke a campaign that centers around a familiar object in England this time of year: the holiday hat. 

Wieden brings “an ability to help you express yourself in the new world,” says Atkinson, Tesco’s group marketing and chief digital officer. “That was what we were looking for.”

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W+K in top ten most respected interactive agencies

New Media Age has just released its Top 100 Most Respected Interactive Agencies Report 2012. Wieden + Kennedy has been ranked at number ten in the top 100. The table is compiled by every agency in the top 100 rating the agencies whom they most admire.

We're delighted to be recognised by our peers for the quality of our interactive work.

View the full report



Wieden + Kennedy was named Agency of the Year and Independent Agency of the Year at the 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity. W+K was also runner-up Direct Agency of the Year.

Full listing of W+K awards at Cannes this year, by office, follows below:


  • Lurpak Rainbow – Savory Foods,  BRONZE


  • Lurpak Rainbow – Editing, GOLD
  • Lurpak Rainbow – Sound Design, GOLD
  • Nokia Gulp – Animation, BRONZE


  • Kaiser Chiefs – Viral Advertising, SILVER
  • Kaiser Chiefs – Websites and Microsites, SILVER
  • Honda Experiment Game – Other Interactive Solutions / Games, BRONZE


  • Honda Cars Lightbulb – Cars, SILVER
  • Honda Cars Fish  – Cars, SILVER
  • Honda Cars Sweetcorn – Cars, SILVER



  • Agency of the year
  • Independent agency of the year
  • Runner-up direct agency of the year


  • Coke Polar Bowl – Best Use or Integration of Digital Media, BRONZE



  • P&G Best Job – Corporate Image, GOLD
  • Chrysler Halftime America – Corporate Image, SILVER
  • Old Spice Motorcycle (PDX + Sao Paulo) – Cosmetics Beauty,  BRONZE
  • Nike I Would Run to You – Clothing, Footwear & Accessories, BRONZE
  • P&G What I See – Corporate Image, BRONZE
  • Old Spice Bounce – Viral Film, BRONZE
  • Coca-Cola Polar Bowl – Interactive Film, BRONZE



  • P&G Best Job – Best Production Value, GOLD
  • P&G Best Job – Art Direction, SILVER
  • P&G Best Job – Direction, SILVER
  • P&G Best Job – Cinematography, SILVER
  • Levi's Legacy (Joint Editorial) – Editing, BRONZE
  • Nike I Would Run To You – Best Use of Music, BRONZE



  • Old Spice Devastating Explosions – Cosmetics, Beauty & Toiletries, BRONZE
  • Old Spice MANta Claus – Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaigns, BRONZE
  • Old Spice Mano a Mano en el Bano – Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaigns,  BRONZE
  • Old Spice Devastating Explosions – Best Video, BRONZE



  • Coca-Cola Polar Bowl – Fast Moving Consumer Goods, GOLD
  • Nike Back 4 the Future – Digital Response Websites, BRONZE
  • Coca-Cola Polar Bowl – Social Media & Viral Marketing, BRONZE



  • Old Spice Look – Cosmetics Beauty, GOLD
  • Old Spice Heart Tokens – Cosmetics Beauty, SILVER
  • Old Spice Windows Down, Moods Up – Cosmetics Beauty, SILVER



  • Old Spice Action Hero – Cosmetics Beauty, SILVER
  • Old Spice Rocker – Cosmetics Beauty, SILVER
  • Chrysler Born of Fire,  EFFECTIVE
  • Old Spice Response Campaign, SHORTLIST



  • Coca-Cola Polar Bowl – Best Use of Screens, SILVER
  • Old Spice Mano a Mano en el Bano – Best Use of Integrated Media, SHORTLIST



  • Old Spice Mano a Mano en el Bano, SILVER
  • Coca-Cola Polar Bowl, SHORTLIST



  • Jordan The Explosive Game – Best Use or Integration of Experiential Events, BRONZE



  • ESPN Shake On It  – Publications & Media, SILVER
  • Jordan Love the Game  – Corporate Image, BRONZE
  • ESPN The Name – Publications & Media, BRONZE



  • ESPN The Name – Script, BRONZE


  • Jordan Melo Event – Digital Outdoor, SHORTLIST




  • Heineken Legendary Making of the Date (Amsterdam) – Short Format Internet Film, SILVER

Procter & Gamble BEST JOB

Created to honour the amazing mothers behind Olympic athletes, “Best Job” shows the hard work all mums do to raise their children—a lifetime of chauffeuring their children about, washing their clothes, providing meals on the run and supporting them at practices and competitions—all to see their children succeed. The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.


Portland, Ore, December 12, 2011— Independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) announced today the appointment of four new partners: Portland Managing Director Tom Blessington, London Managing Director Neil Christie, Portland Executive Creative Director Mark Fitzloff and Global Interactive Executive Creative Director Iain Tait.

They join Dan Wieden, Dave Luhr, Susan Hoffman, Bill Davenport, John Jay, Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth as agency partners of the global Wieden+Kennedy network. This is the agency’s first partnership addition since Davidson and Papworth were appointed in 2009.

“We are very picky, very slow and deliberate when it comes to adding new partners. The truth is we have an abundance of talent throughout the network with new opportunities popping up quite regularly,” said Dan Wieden, co-founder and CEO of Wieden+Kennedy. “These four new partners bring fresh perspectives and skill sets to critical areas this agency and this industry will face in the years ahead. I am thrilled. It is like our brain and our heart just made a growth spurt.”

Tom Blessington first joined W+K in 1990 after working for Hill Holliday in Boston. Over the course of the next 12 years, he ran the Nike accounts in both W+K’s Portland and Amsterdam offices, worked as group account director for Miller Brewing Company and Coca-Cola in the Portland office, and was the first managing director of W+K’s New York office, which he expanded from a media-buying operation to a full-service creative shop. Blessington then spent four years at TBWAChiatDay in LA before returning to W+K Portland as managing director in 2006.

“Helping to lead this agency at another level is both humbling and a tremendous honor. I couldn’t be more inspired or motivated,” commented Blessington. “It took 18 years but it was worth the wait.”

Neil Christie began his career in advertising at ABM and in the 1980s helped build Yellowhammer into a top 20 agency renowned for hard-hitting work. Christie went on to work two years at BBH and eight years at TBWA, where he ran such accounts as Nissan and Cadbury and was promoted to client services director and eventually managing director. While at TBWA, the agency topped the new-business league and the awards tables and was Campaign’s runner-up agency of the year three years running. Christie began as managing director of W+K London in 2004, where he has since worked across the agency’s clients and within the agency to create an environment where people can do the best work of their lives.

About the appointment, Christie said, “I’m very proud. I hope I can live up to the honor.”

Mark Fitzloff came to W+K in 1999, working as a copywriter on the AltaVista, Nike and Coca-Cola accounts. When appointed creative director on Old Spice, Fitzloff was charged with reinvigorating “your grandfather’s deodorant.” Fitzloff helped breathe new life into the old, iconic American brand and, in doing so, helped create some of the best, most recognized work to come out of the Portland office in recent years.
In 2008, Fitzloff was appointed to the Portland management team as executive creative director and has since continued to lead work that both wins awards and pushes the client’s bottom line. For the past two years, Fitzloff and fellow Executive Creative Director Susan Hoffman were the most winning creative directors in Creativity’s Awards Report.

“It’s the best job there is in advertising,” said Fitzloff. “I’m extremely thankful to be working for a company I love.”

Iain Tait joined W+K as global interactive executive creative director in 2010. Prior to joining W+K, Tait was a founder and creative director at digital creative agency Poke, where he worked for such clients as American Express, Orange, Yahoo! and Zopa. In 2009, New Media Age magazine named Tait the year’s most influential person in new media in the UK. Tait demonstrated this influence upon starting at W+K, working on the Old Spice “Response Campaign” and forever changing the landscape of interactive advertising. He has since been included in the 2010 and 2011 Creativity 50, Ad Age’s 2010 25 Media Mavens and Fortune magazine’s 2010 40 Under 40. Tait is working to evolve W+K’s creative product and process, continuously looking for opportunities to combine great storytelling with the power and connectivity of the digital world.

Tait commented on his appointment, “It’s incredibly flattering to be invited to join the partner group. I’m hoping I can bring fresh perspective to the team and help continue to push the agency into new areas.”

W+K ‘Digital Agency Of The Year’ – Blades 2011

W+K triumphed at the pitch Awards – The Blades 2011 last night. The agency was named ‘Digital Agency Of The Year’ and also won in several other categories – across both the Digital and Advertising media.  Other awards include:

Consumer Goods / FMCG – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Outdoor – Lurpak – A Kitchen Odyssey
Digital – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
TV – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Consumer Goods / FMCG – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Transport / Automotive – Honda – This Unpredictable Life
Sport / Travel / Leisure – Nike –Nike GRID
TV / Viral – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Social Media – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Client of the Year – Ian Armstrong, Head of European Marketing, Honda
Agency of the Year – Wieden + Kennedy

The Blades 2011 – supported by Creative Review,, and Marketing Week – invites strategic agencies to showcase their talents.
It is still the only awards scheme to be judged by clients, focusing solely on the creative execution of campaigns.  The judging panel has looked through hundreds of entries to extract the most memorable creative campaigns, appraising how brilliant ideas – without always being part of that ‘big idea’ can achieve brand buzz and brand vitality.

W+K Wins at Cannes and Effies 2011

This summer, Wieden + Kennedy has been named the most creative independent agency in the world – as well as the most effective independent agency in the world.

The network picked up the ‘Independent Agency of the Year’ award at the 2011 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  Then later in June at the Effie Awards, W+K was named ‘2011 Top Ranked Most Effective Independent Agency’.

The Cannes Festival is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications.  As the most prestigious international advertising awards, more than 24,000 entries are made from all over the world are showcased and judged.

Effie Worldwide and Warc, the global marketing intelligence service, revealed the results of the inaugural Effie Effectiveness Index after analysing finalist & winner data from 40 worldwide Effie competitions.