What’s the difference between a barman and a mixologist?

Last Friday afternoon we were lucky enough to have a visit from our Finlandia Global Brand Mixologist, Pekka Pellinen. He took a break from training London bartenders, advising the Finlandia account team on seasonal serves and entertaining the Finnish Embassy to teach us W+Kers a thing or two about mixing drinks.

He started out by explaining the 4 key elements to a perfect cocktail: something sweet, something sour, a spirit and a mixer, before we were let loose to try it ourselves on the DIY bar.



We were then taught how to make a wood chip smoked bloody mary, a flaming Finlandia bottle centrepiece and to saber a bottle of champagne – definitely an afternoon to remember.



As well as being the purest vodka in the world, the Finlandia range encompasses flavoured vodkas that perfectly lend themselves to mixing. We tried a few of Pekka's delicious concoctions that use them, including the Helsinki Mule and the Fin and Tonic. Here are a couple of Pekka's recipes so you can try them yourselves (no saber necessary):

Helsinki Mule

4cl Finlandia Lime

Dash of fresh lime juice

Ginger beer

Glass: Highball

Method: Flame and build over crushed ice

Garnish: Cucumber stalk and lime wedge


Fin and Tonic

4cl Finlandia Grapefruit

Tonic Water

Glass: Highball

Method: Pour over ice cubes and stir

Garnish: Square of fresh grapefruit

Thank you Pekka for coming in! It only seems right to end this post with his favourite joke – What’s the difference between a barman and a mixologist? 


A mixologist always wears a silly hat.

A week of triumph for Lurpak’s ‘Adventure Awaits’

Our Adventure Awaits spot for Lurpak has enjoyed quite a week! 

On Thursday it was awarded first place in the March/April Thinkboxes.

And then last night it picked up two more gongs for telly: a FAB gold and a FABUOUS grand prix plate at the Food and Beverages Creative Excellence Awards




Pot Luck Lunch – Round 2

This tasty get together was instated here at W+K by our Antipodean Creative, Kirsten Rutherford. Main purposes are to eat fab food and natter. Gathering at irregular intervals, each hungry attendee brings some food and then indulges on an array of delicious nosh. Simple as that.

Round 2 brought much glorious fare. Standouts include a ham & egg pie; a macaroni (triple) cheese; a double chocolate & dulche de leche cheesecake. 

To Round 3: our tastebuds await.




pot luck lunching: part 1


Yesterday a group of hungry early adopters took part in the inaugural W+K Pot Luck lunch. It’s a pretty simple concept. Bring a plate of food from home to share. Alternatively, rush out to Tesco five minutes beforehand if you’ve forgotten. Then take 30 minutes or so to break bread and catch up with your colleagues.

The result was delicious. We ate everything from Ben’s cucumber salad (complete with home-grown chillies) and Joe’s leftover lasagne to a classic NZ bacon and egg pie, Tesco Finest Moroccan couscous (a Cheryl staple) and even koeksisters from Nico. For the uninitiated non-South Africans out there, koeksisters are a sort of deep fried donut braid left to soak in sugar syrup until one bite makes your molars want to fall out. Awesome.

It was definitely a huge success and after a wee nap and some exercise, we're all looking forward to Pot Luck: part 2.

NESTEA Start 2012

Forget about resolutions, 2012 is all about starts! As part of our Start of Something Different campaign for NESTEA we have been asking fans to tell us what that something different is that they would like to start. Inspired by the responses, we have been working with Jeremyville to bring these starts to life on our NESTEA Facebook page each day throughout January.

Screen shot 2012-01-22 at 09.41.12

Start image

Since the beginning of 2012 we’ve attracted over 25’000 new fans to our page; it seems our NESTEA fans really want to start something in 2012…



…and we’d love to keep inspiring them…


…however unusual it may appear…


Tell us what you’d start this year! Facebook.com/NesteaEurope