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We’ve been trying to be more thoughtful here at W+K recently and we’ve even gone so far as to think about the welfare of our poor, overused dishwashers. Our new campaign for Finish’s Dishwasher Cleaner product kicks off with a 30” TV spot and asks, 'Who Cleans The Cleaner?'.


Let's admit it, we all take our dishwashers for granted. We throw rather a lot at them day after day, season after season. But cleaning dishes is a dirty business, and when you think about it, our dishwashers need cleaning too.


Our new campaign aims to make consumers think (for the first time) about the cleanliness – or indeed the dirtiness – of their machines by reminding them of the amount of dirty, greasy, sticky dishes they throw at their dishwashers, day in, day out.


The ‘Who Cleans The Cleaner?’ film launched today and is our second campaign for Finish since we won the account in 2014. With this new campaign, we wanted to continue the unique, dish-obsessed voice and playful visual style we established with our first Finish brand campaign, ‘Dishes.’ 


The film imagines what a year of dirty dishes looks like for a dishwasher. From the point of view of the machine, the same kitchen setting repeatedly glides towards viewers. Each time, they meet the same family, loading the machine with dirty dishes at different moments throughout the year… from mucky breakfast plates in January, right through to sticky cake bowls at Christmas. The story was brought to life by directing duo RBG6 through Friend, with the VFX wizards at Time Based Arts stitching the whole thing together seamlessly. 

The moral of the story? Spare a thought for your poor dishwashers, friends, and clean your cleaner! 

Life = Dirty Dishes

There have been quite a few more dishes than usual piling up around in the office over the past few months – all in the name of our first campaign for RB dishwasher detergent brand Finish, which launched this weekend with a 40” TV spot, ‘Dishes.’ Directed by mega-cool Megaforce through Riff Raff, the film views life, and dirty dishes, through Finish’s dish obsessed lens, aiming to open our eyes to the dishes we’re surrounded by every day, especially the surprising dishes we may not notice, but Finish does.

W+K Finish Still 01 JPEG

Beginning with simple, obvious scenarios, as the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey from the mundane to the unexpected, all the way from an egg breakfast to something as big as existence itself. In each scene, dishes appear to float magically in formation, positioned just as they would be when stacked inside a dishwasher.

W+K Finish Still 02 JPEG

The film kicks off RB’s category brand repositioning campaign, which aims to shake up the household detergent category by focusing on the central role of dishes in people’s lives. In a market dull as dishwater dominated by product promotion and functional messaging, Finish wants to communicate to the public through a human truth: as long as people are on Earth, there will be dirty dishes to deal with.

W+K Finish Still 03 JPEG

‘Dishes’ is supported by a product focused  ‘Glasses’ spot, which promotes Finish’s Shine & Protect innovation, which helps protect glasses from corrosion. With a single glass as its hero, the film brings to life the diverse experiences its protagonist goes through in everyday life. The viewer's focus is held on the glass, which stays locked on the centre of the screen in every scene.

So if you’re in the need for some spring cleaning inspiration, take a peek, peel off the rubber gloves, and learn to love your dishwasher.

WK Finish Glasses Still 05 JPEG

please welcome Finish, our newest brand


The spring sunshine is beaming down on us here in London and bouncing off our sparkly-clean glassware, which we're raising to celebrate a lovely bit of new business. We've just welcomed a brilliant new addition to our family of brands, Finish, the leading brand in dishwashing products.

We're taking on the role of the lead global creative agency for the Finish brand after winning the business in a pitch, and we're all looking forward to getting stuck in on our first campaign. We're expecially excited to be working with a brand behind some very clever products with so many industry firsts under its belt.

Heather Allen, executive vice president global category development at parent company RB, said, "The quality of the strategic and creative thinking we have seen throughout the review has been superb. We're really excited about working with our entire roster of highly creative agencies. Creativity is at the heart of our growth strategy and we are very confident that we have the right partners to grow our brands".

Now enough about that, it's time to play the who wants to unload the dishwasher? game…