Wieden+Kennedy created three of YouTube’s top ten ads of 2013

Every year YouTube compiles a list of their top ten most viewed ads of the previous 12 months. Wieden+Kennedy topped the list in 2012, with our Honda 'spark' spot and we had a total seven ads in the top 20 of the year.

YouTube has just published its 2013 list and, in another strong showing, this year W+K has three spots in the top ten.

At number three (appropriately enough) – the moonwalking pony for Three UK.

"Three set the social media sphere buzzing this year with its moonwalking pony… The sight of the shuffling Shetland pony combined with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, spurred a torrent of positive conversation around the brand. Never underestimate the power of a dancing pony," said Marketing Week.

At number six, the Honda Hands spot, which was recently named 'best commercial of the year' at the Shots Awards.

And at number nine, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam's 'We are FIFA14' for EA Sports.

According to the report compiled by Millward Brown for YouTube there are six elements common to the success of the top ten ads.

1 Longer content works well on YouTube – 65 per cent of the 70 leaderboard ads analysed are longer than 60 seconds.

2  An emotional response is key, with all of the advertising featuring a strong response on at least one of the following: surprise, inspiration and excitement.

3 YouTube enables a different kind of storytelling, with many of the ads being part of successful long-term campaigns and featuring a strong back story. 

4 Involving, enjoyable and buzzworthy content is key to generating views.

5 Branding is not the enemy of creative success, but integrating the brand into key moments of the video is the creative challenge. 

There is no single recipe: many approaches work, with the top five themes in all the top ads involving a human presence, music, text, a call to action and being international. 

Personally I'm not sure that this analysis is very helpful as a guide to creating successful content, or as a way of explaining why some things are more successful than others. You might as well say, 'Make it really good'. Anyway, draw your own conclusions.

balls to the yanks!

Leading up to historic US vs England World Cup confrontation
on Saturday, Wieden + Kennedy is encouraging fans' banter in a whole
new way.

on both sides of the pond will be able to have their messages to
the opposition kicked over the big drink and printed on a ball that will
out on the other side.

And if you aren’t there in person (see below)
you can
add your message to the mix.

Here's how you can add your

U.S. fans can Tweet to @BallstotheBrits. People on the
ground in
LA (Universal CityWalk) can type a message on-site, have it printed on a
ball and fired from a billboard in Leicester Square, London.

can Tweet messages of, er, friendly encouragement to @BallstotheYanks. People on the ground in
Square can do the same thing and have their message printed on a ball
and shot out 
of a billboard at CityWalk.

How can you join in?

Join the
Twitter conversation
2. Spread the word

London: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=128767633807625&index=1

LA: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=133402526673815&index=1
3. Attend in
/ invite your friends

London: Leicester Square, 5p-9p BST

Universal CityWalk, 10a-2p PST

Courtesy of the wieden + kennedy portland EA team.

47m impressions for a $200K budget? Go to hell!

Wieden + Kennedy’s lanch campaign for EA’s Dante’s Inferno is one of the most complex campaigns in video-game history. It’s also a case study in surprising frugality, with a $200,000 guerrilla budget that yielded 47 million impressions of coverage.

Wieden + Kennedy’s lanch campaign for EA’s Dante’s Inferno is one of the most complex campaigns in video-game history. It’s also a case study in surprising frugality, with a $200,000 guerrilla budget that yielded 47 million impressions of coverage.
Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 22.46.23

Great post on Adfreak detailing the full story of Wieden + Kennedy's nine month campaign for the launch of EA's Dante's Inferno. They write:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Take, for example, the
marketing of Electronic Arts's blockbuster new video game, Dante's Inferno.
Last year, the company set about trying to educate the public not only
about the game but about a 14th-century literary classic and the very
nature of human morality. What ensued was one of the most complex
campaigns in video-game history, one that got EA burned for fakery and
sexism, and then—thanks to a bold change of direction—lauded for
intellect and creativity. It's also a case study in surprising
frugality, with a $200,000 guerrilla budget that yielded 47 million
impressions of coverage. Today, AdFreak walks you through the nine
circles of hell with the man who led the innovative and controversial
marketing campaign for Dante's Inferno. So, put on your asbestos gloves and get ready to descend into damnation.

Worth taking a look at the full story of the campaign here.

inner peace through outer violence



Check out some new work from W+K Amsterdam for Electronic Arts – Burnout Dominator launch campaign.

The campaign is based round the global movement, Kah Ra Shin, whose guiding principle since its origination in Tibet in the late 19th century has been one of ‘Inner peace through outer violence‘. Exploring both its founding philosophy and its current day practices, the campaign shows the role Burnout Dominator has begun to play in practitioners’ lives as the ultimate form of cathartic anger release.

Here’s what they tell me: "What everyone loves about EA’s Burnout™ Dominator is its pure and unabashed celebration of destruction. The truth is, it feels good to smash into things at high speed. And after a stressful day at the office there is something even pleasantly cathartic about it. The Worldwide global phenomenon, Kah Ra Shin, and its mantra, ‘Inner Peace Through Outer Violence’ was born from this insight."

"We realized that in these angry, stressed-out times, there’s only so much that yoga, meditation or aromatherapy can do for you. What people really need is a way to release their rage, not contain it, through controlled violence against inanimate objects. Or put more simply, ‘to smash stuff’ ". You can visit the site here to upload your own screams.