D&AD New Blood work shop: How to get into a creative department without getting arrested

Ah, D&AD New Blood season. When Shoreditch fills with bright young things showing off their wares and trying everything and anything to get a job. 

As any creative knows, getting that all-important first foot in the door is bloody difficult. That’s why Jason and Joris, who look after our placement scheme, thought they’d do a talk that shows students that there are other ways to grab the attention of prospective employers. Thus “How to get into a creative department without getting arrested” was born.

It all kicked off with a chat from Iain Tait about advertising’s constant struggle to create the “world’s first”, no matter how ridiculous that world’s first is. He said that instead of looking at the newest tech, we should be looking a little further back at more mainstream tech and using it in smarter ways. 

Which (sort of) neatly segued into Jason and Joris’ talk. They showed smart student projects that had caught their eye, and then talked about other clever ways that people had gotten their portfolios in front of prospective employers. 

Saving the best until last, they finished with urban legends of people going to extreme lengths to land a job. Examples of ‘what not to do’ included everything from dogs testicles being posted to us here at Wieden+Kennedy (that one’s true – please don’t try it), to chickens being let loose in an office with CVs attached to their necks (again, also true) and even a team who had an agency’s logo tattooed on themselves (100% definitely true)*.

* If you’re reading this and thinking “oooh, that was me”, what were you thinking?! 


Such was the excitement that we forgot to take our own photo.

Pencil case

Some of us are looking forward to a nice rest this weekend after a big evening at the D&AD awards in Battersea last night.
Honda 'The Other Side,' Chambord 'Because No Reason,' Lurpak 'Cook's Range,' and Three 'Holiday Spam' were all honoured with D&AD's coveted pencils.
'The Other Side' received an assortment of pencil-shaped goodies, including a yellow pencil for Branded Film Content & Entertainment – Online as well as two graphite pencils for Digital Marketing and Integrated & Innovative media. 
Honda 'Keep Up' won two wood pencils for Film Advertising and for Writing for Advertising.
Chambord 'Because No Reason' won a graphite for Writing for Design and a wood pencil for Animation and Illustration for Website and Digital Design.
Lurpak 'Cook's Range' won a yellow pencil for Direction for film advertising and a couple of graphites for Film Advertising – TV Commercials and Cinema Commercials.
And Three 'Holiday Spam' picked up a wood pencil for Integrated & Innovative Media.
We had a great evening and are rather chuffed with our new oversized stationery… despite a few sore heads today.
See the full list of winners here. Well done everyone! 

I wish I’d done that

A few months ago, we partnered up with D&AD to help them on their mission to champion the best and brightest talent in the creative community.


They asked us to come up with a way of highlighting the work and people behind the world’s most celebrated creative award. Today, we launched the three call for entry films we created in response, in which W+K founder Dan Wieden, Iain Tait of Google Creative Labs and designer Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister and Walsh discuss a piece of work from the past 12 months they wish they’d done.

Dan talks about the Climate Name Change Campaign by 350Action:


Digital guru Iain Tait explains the genius behind the Phillips Hue Lightbulb:


and designer Jessica Walsh talks about her love of the Whitney branding by Experimental Jetset:

In each film, awe-inspiring animations created by Nexus directors Factory Fifteen take viewers inside the iconic D&AD Yellow Pencil to reveal intricate worlds portraying design, advertising and digital. The animated intros highlight the breadth and quality of work awarded at D&AD, with plenty of details for eagle-eyed viewers referencing seminal pencil-winning pieces, including a couple of our very own campaigns (oh hi there, Old Spice guy and Honda 'Grr' engine).