w+k spreads tidings of curry joy


The 2006 festive greeting from Wieden + Kennedy London came in the form of a collection of recipes for turning christmas turkey leftovers into curries. It was enclosed in a deluxe leatherette binder and accompanied by a popadomesque CD of suitably exotic sounds, plus exclusive complimentary W+K after-dinner mints. (See above.) Given that…

a) we’re located a short stagger from London’s Brick Lane, which is the centre of the universe of curry, and

b) everyone ends up with leftover turkey after christmas…

this idea seemed geographically and seasonally relevant to us. Each recipe was presented by one of our people and related to their favourite dish from one of our many local curry houses. Here’s creative director Tony Davidson with his ‘Zag’ Aloo:


And here are chunky twosome Fat Controller Simon Summerscales and Ben ‘Tubby’ Tubby with their submissions:


Gratifying to hear that we’d been spreading the curry love when we received this email today from Sue Buckle:

I thought you might like to know that I went to the Shalimar yesterday
evening – the Indian restaurant featured in your fabulous Christmas

Ages ago, a group of us decided to visit Dennis Severs’ house in
Folgate Street (I’m assuming you’ve been and know what I’m talking
about!) and then have a curry in Brick Lane afterwards.

As I was about to file your Christmas card, I suddenly thought I’d
take it up to London instead. It seemed like a good idea to go to
Shalimar, and I left the card with the owner, who knew nothing about
it, but was terribly chuffed by the whole thing!

We had a very good and very inexpensive meal!

All that from a card.


Nice. And I guess we can consider that a recommendation for the Shalimar.