We were wooed by Alex Clare

Our beloved agency basement takes many forms. Kitchen, co-working office, client hotdesking space, meeting room foyer, and yesterday afternoon, stage to singer-songwriter Alex Clare, whose incredible voice and guitar playing put its acoustics to the test (turns out they're excellent).

Photo 1

Opening with the headliner of his new album, Three Hearts, and ending on an impromptu encore, Alex lulled us all into a mellow state of mind – the perfect note on which to end a rainy Thursday.

Photo 3

Big organisational thanks to W+K Culture Club, who have swapped surprise ice cream vans for evocative melodies (accompanied by dark & stormies) now that's it's apparently not summer any more. We can't wait to see what they bring us next!

Ice cream man on our block, courtesy of W+K Culture Club

"Ice cream man, upon my street,

I heard your truck outside, it's really neat."

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers don't work at W+K, but if they did, today they could be singing that song, because on this hot Thursday, our very own ice cream van turned up to relieve us of the heat.

Here's how it works: 1. You pick up your ticket from reception.

Photo 1

2. You go to the van.


Photo 2

3. You experience ice cream joy.

Photo 3


So who's behind all this goodness? None other than the newly founded W+K Culture Club, who chose this much appreciated stunt to announced its arrival into agency life today with the sweet sound of ice cream van chimes.

This is just the beginning though, with live music events, quizzes, a good dose of dressing up and lots of other surprises in the pipe line, the CC crew plan to add to the already infamous Founders' Day, Summer and Christmas events and see more smiles on WKers' faces all year round.
The Culture Club is open to input from all so let us know if you have an amazing idea and if it rocks, we'll make it happen.